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Analyst says white iPhone 4 out next month

Deep Tank

This is news???

C'mon Reg - this has got to be the best tech site in the world, but to report on a NEW COLOUR of a goddamn phone is just taking the piss.

Apple forced to pull misleading UK iPhone ad

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Jobs Horns

So... what else is new...?

Apple have put out a bullsh1t ad. Not the first - nor the last time, I would guess.

Gary Owen's "mactardian jobfelcher" had me in stiches though... Nice one! :-)

Google fixes world's most stupid bug

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How damn funny is that!!! All those developers, testers, groupies and a bug like that got through... My ribs are killing me...

Another day, another iPhone fix

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This is sooooooooo funny...

Well, what the hell do you people expect from a company that places looks over functionality! Not so much a Jesus Phone as just "Oh Jesus, what a pile of shite..."

iPhone 3G isn't necessarily

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Let's stick to the facts...

Regardless of how 3G works (and many thanks for the various explanations) the fact remains that the iPhone seems to struggle more than others. Therefore it follows that it is not as good. End of strory.

Sony touts weird multi-sensor handheld gadget tech

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Jerome, Jerome, Jerome...

The pixels mentioned are called 'physical', not 'digital'. ALL pixels are digital, you tool.

But all's well, you don't have to buy one when it sees the light of day.

Redmond puts key Vista update on ice

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Gates Halo

Vista STILL running just fine...

Yes, eight months down, no crashes, freezes, conflicts... Just happy PC using.

Go figure.

Apple's record Q1 no match for pessimism over economy

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Heh, heh...

Apple will NEVER get even close to challenging Window$ for any kind of decent market share. And that's all there is to it.

Gates kicks off farewell tour in Vegas

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Thumb Up

Settel down people...

OK, so Bill plyed a pioneering role in the development of home and business computers for the last 30-odd years, Then he set up a charitable foundation, which is the biggest in the world.

What's there to bitch about, you ungrateful short-sighted morons? What have YOU done lately?

Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires

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What a tool.

No furter comment required.

Ugly view mars Windows Vista birthday

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I must be doing something wrong...?

Jeez, I must be pretty clumsy. I've been using Vista Business since July this year and it's been solid, fast and totally responsive - and it looks/feels great.

Even though I use 'Business' version this is my home laptop and just came with it pre-installed. VAIO SZ-Series, 2.2.GHz Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, 160BG 5400rpm.

Flies like the proverbial off a shovel and behaves itself 100%.

I work in network security and of course realise that for networked business use for enterprise, gov't, health etc. there's still some work to do.

There are some software apps I'd like to use that don't run under Vista yet, but I can only hope these roll our pretty quick. I remember when Apple went from OS9 to OSX and while OSX was well received some apps didn't get ported for a couple of years. Some just disappeared.