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Start using Modern Auth now for Exchange Online

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Re: IMAP and SMPT Support

One reason I normally use a VPN is for the consistent end point IP address to reduce this stupidity.

But then many sites piss me off with CAPATCHAs as they see a lot of 'unusual traffic', so typically I boycott them if possible.

China is trolling rare-earth miners online and the Pentagon isn't happy

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Re: What a weird influence campaign

Depends on who is paying them. It might be a Chinese gov plan to do this, or it might be the Chinese mining companies. Yes, that is a subtle difference in ownership...

Running DOS on 64-bit Windows and Linux: Just because you can

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Re: support was removed by AMD

Sort of. The 32-bit mode (i.e. 386 and stuff natively) has the vm86 instruction that provides a lot of the 16-bit mode emulation, but when AMD made the 64-bit chip they never thought this level of backward compatibility would be needed, hence no vm86 in 64-bit mode.

Some VMs support the 16-bit mode through emulation but some of the dirty hardware/CPU bits are not so simple and some, like MS, just gave up as they also don't want to support DOS or 16-bit Windows apps, however useful some still are.

Paul Crawford Silver badge

One less-obvious loss with 64-bit dosemu was the lack of interrupt-passing, which relied on the vm86 instruction. There was talk of "fixing" that via complicated emulation but I don't know if it has happened. We needed that for a DOS program that used interrupts from special hardware, so those machines are stuck on 32-bit OS host.

Another less-obvious attribute of dosemu is you can set the "clock" to be either really DOS-like (counting interrupts, time can be set, not very accurate) or you can have it report the host OS time instead, giving ntp-levels of long term accuracy when the host has its clock disciplined from external time standards.

Cisco compresses Catalyst switches to compact size

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Yes, now BackCatFlaps

Will Lenovo ever think beyond hardware?

Paul Crawford Silver badge

He argues that there are plenty of datacenter operators interested in moving to a subscription model

Really? I suspect it is the sellers of cloud systems that want a subscription based model.

Misguided call for a 7-Zip boycott brings attention to FOSS archiving tools

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Re: I like 7Zip.

Well said.

The behaviour of the Russian* government/military may be despicable but it should not justify xenophobia (or worse) against individuals who happen to by born of that country.

Individuals supporting said government action should be called out, but there is no evidence here of that.

[*] Also see China, Iran, etc.

Trouble hiring? Consider loosening your remote work policy

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Pay me for the work I complete not for the fact you can see me

<= This.

If you need to employ someone you must have a job/tasks for them to be doing, and presumably (if you are not totally dumb) some means of checking they are being done at reasonable and sustainable speeds. Unless it involves local interaction with customers and/or hardware then allow it remote work as desired by the worker.

Amazon shows off robot warehouse workers that won't complain, quit, unionize...

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Re: The robots can take out a whole warehouse

An employee with a bad back back or muscle strain is unlikely to set the whole warehouse on fire.

Oh I am sure if they had a lighter or similar they could.

Bipolar transistors made from organic materials for the first time

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Re: Gatekeeping

My old department (I no longer work there) at a Scottish university used to have semi fabrication labs that used stuff donated when commercial fabs gave up their kit due to upgrades (this was 90s so small beans compared to modern $B fabs) and it did have a fire.

And the fire brigade did let it burn down.

Not just the hydrofluoric acid that is nasty, but also the cylinders of doping gases such as phosgene (as used in WW1 for chemical weapon) and arsine (same idea, but arsenic instead of phosphorous) which no one wanted to be anywhere near if they exploded.

Yodel becomes the latest victim of a cyber 'incident'

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Lets hope the attackers don't check who owns them..

You might want to look at their behaviour first before judging that comment:


UK govt considers invoking national security in Arm IPO saga

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Fish and Chips

Ah but they want to show some Brexit dividend, even if it is done by forcing them to be listed in the UK on the back of bogus national security claims.

Microsoft pulls Windows 10/11 installation websites in Russia

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Updates.

You mean like they regularly do to the west as part of piss-poor QA?

CISA and friends raise alarm on critical flaws in industrial equipment, infrastructure

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Additionally, the security shop recommends isolating OT and industrial control systems' networks from corporate networks and the internet when possible.

Should that not have been the case from day #0?

Teeth marks yield clue to widespread internet outage in Canada

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: First time on the internet...

Bravo sir! You slipped that one in magnificently!

Cisco EVP: We need to lift everyone above the cybersecurity poverty line

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Ultimately the real cost of security is people. Skilled people.

China 'must seize TSMC' if the US were to impose sanctions

Paul Crawford Silver badge

The irony is that China, had it gone down the democratic road and not done Tienanmen Square and more recently the Hong Kong suppression, would have had a very good chance for peaceful reunification. Or at least an open borders policy like the EU members enjoy, and no sabres need be rattled.

It is not the Chinese people, or Chinese culture, that is the problem. It is all down to the CCP.

Dear Europe, here again are the reasons why scanning devices for unlawful files is not going to fly

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Re: Wrong question answered

And the feature-creep. Remember when ISP-level network blocking was only for CSAM sites? Then it was re-used for copyright enforcement? Then for anti-terror?

What next we wonder...disputed elections? Corrupt politicians martial being exposed?

France levels up local video game slang with list of French terms to replace foreign words

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Re: E-sports professionals?

Darts - one of the few sports where the viewers are often fitter than the contestants!

Thanks, I will have my 7 pints now =>

Salesforce staff back an end to its relationship with NRA

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Re: How do we protect our 2nd amendment & our kids at the same time?

Ah yes, the 2nd amendment that was drafted in the days of rod-loaded muskets that you would struggle to hit someone 100 feet away, and mass shootings would involve folks sitting around for a minute between reloads for each and every shot?

Shanghai lockdowns to end, perhaps easing tech supply chain woes

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Re: Hooray! The lockdowns are ending...

If we have a speedy recovery it's better off for everyone

Well, everyone but those who died of it obviously.

Revealed: The semi-secret list of techs Beijing really really wishes it didn't have to import

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Another problem the translated documents describe is that Chinese companies act in their own interest, rather than the national interest. That means some buy components from trusted foreign sources rather than Chinese sources.

In related news Western companies act in their own interest, rather than the national interest. That means some whore themselves to cheap foreign labour with controlling JV arrangements rather than using trusted Western factories.

Google says it would release its photorealistic DALL-E 2 rival – but this AI is too prejudiced for you to use

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: uncovered a wide range of inappropriate content

Ore view it in Lego recreations:


Indian stock markets given ten day deadline to file infosec report, secure board signoff

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Can the Indian government respond in any meaningful way to its citizens in 10 days?

China-linked Twisted Panda caught spying on Russian defense R&D

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Re: How?

You are Vladimir Putin and I claim my 5 roubles!

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Yes, but they did not run what was inside the document.

It's time to kick China off social media, says tech governance expert

Paul Crawford Silver badge

For a price, my dear boy! Everyone is accessible for a price.

What is sad is how low it is in some cases.

Infusion of $3.5bn not enough to revive Terra's 'stablecoin'

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Re: And People Still Fall For This?

A friend of mine goes diving and he has little time for the claims of waterproof watches, most are only short term static pressure proof at best.

So '50m' really means it is OK to shower with it on. Though quite why you would not normally take it off is a mystery to me, I would rather be clean underneath!

Oracle really does owe HPE $3b after Supreme Court snub

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Really, just how expensive is it to support a CPU on the database software? How much is (or indeed should be) written in assembly or anything so low-level that you need teams of expensive and specialist programmers to make sure the build & test process works on all architectures? Can't be anything like $3B, in fact, probably less than one Oracle license...

China reveals its top five sources of online fraud

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Re: Way to go China...

I was going to mention contraception, but then I would not put it past the CCP to interfere with the availability or functionality of it should they deem not having a child to be seditious activity.

Seditious; adj.

1. of, like, or causing sedition

2. inclined to or taking part in sedition

3. anything that Winnie-the-Pooh feels unhappy with

RISC-V needs more than an open architecture to compete

Paul Crawford Silver badge

I think you are failing to factor in the geopolitical aspect, there may well be a lot of companies that chose to use RISC-V, or are forced to by their governments, to avoid the risk of future sanctions.

We can bend the laws of physics for your super-yacht, but we can't break them

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Out of cheese error?

How Intel and AMD hope to win the cloud security game

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Hmm, given the secretive nature of the x86 (and other) management engines, and the fundamentally unknowable status of a someone else's running machine you start execution on, I don't think you can really have "secure" cloud computing in any real sense. Those in charge of the hardware always have means of subverting you.

Yes, it might help with cross-load snooping and stuff like encrypted data at rest helps with preserving security on disposed of (or stolen) hardware, but just how secure is it against the cloud company country of operation's spooks?

User-built low-code apps tipped to dominate analytics by 2025

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Then, in 2030

So, basically we are talking Office macros with more Clippy?

Only Microsoft can give open-source the gift of NTFS. Only Microsoft needs to

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Designed "universal" standards

Indeed. While developing a USB device many years ago I managed not only to crash the XP host with my microcontroller's code, but also to wipe the boot disk MBR FFS!

Had to get the local folks to re-image that machine to continue (I was not permitted any admin rights on their test network, etc).

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Designed "universal" standards

Then there are things like USB (why is it bad?)

Many reasons:

Stupid naming of different speeds

Early versions had no useful interrupt/DMA capability

Excess complexity compared to RS232 for most jobs

Implementations made the "oh I have found X device, lets run it! Oh bugger that was a trick, we are screwed"

OpenVMS on x86-64 reaches production status with v9.2

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: I wonder how many people still remember how to use it?

I remember that as well, we had to change some software/scripts to delete a small file instead of repeatedly overwriting it as after a while it chocked the disk up due to all those past versions!

Also remember the Alpha machines as stupendous in their day, just a shame they were dropped for the Itanic

Biden deal with ISPs: Low to no cost internet for 40% of US

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Reality

Wow, fuck me, how did I ever manage to serve a college of 1000 napster-downloading students with just four T1's bonded together?

Before each and every web page had MB of JavaScript & CSS blobs?

Paul Crawford Silver badge

while Spectrum doubled the speed of its $30 a month plan from 50Mbps to 100Mbps, the minimum speed which the ACP classifies as high-speed internet.

Do you really think the users will see their real-world speed doubled?

We need (globally) an end to the "up to" crap as acceptable, so at least folks get to see their real-world performance statistics without running (probably gamed) speed tests and if the ISP is delivering on claimed performance,

I noticed by VM connection was really slow on one app that was reporting the download speed, but when I went to run a speedtest on my phone (wifi to same router) miraculously the overall speed increased!

Europe's GDPR coincides with dramatic drop in Android apps

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Echoes of Brexiteer arguments

To be fair the glow-in-the-dark fries are a less invasive option for illumination than many torch apps for Android.

Pyramid Analytics receives $120m in VC funding for 'decision intelligence'

Paul Crawford Silver badge

But is it all really a pyramid scheme?

Google Docs crashed when fed 'And. And. And. And. And.'

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Spam?

Trying to spam them? After all Spam is a trademark so should be capitalised.

Shareholders turn the screws on IBM and its gag orders

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Seems a lot of it about

Starlink's Portability mode lets you take your sat broadband dish anywhere*

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Hmmm

Now, now, Twitter doesn't just buy itself you know!

Eggheads demo how to fool share-trading bots with carefully crafted retweets

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Maybe Musk's takeover reasons for Twitter are revealed?

Biden orders new quantum push to ensure encryption isn't cracked by rivals

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: "In 2020, Chinese physicist Pan Jianwei claimed to have left the US in the dust"

Some calculations are very asymmetric so you can go one way very easily, inverting it very hard.

For example public key cryptography should be sub-millisecond for those with the keys, and aeons for those without. So if your aeon -> proper tea brewing time improvement is working, just try a few known keys as if you did not know them.

Critical vulnerabilities found in 'millions of Aruba and Avaya switches'

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Well there's your problem

Very true, why bother with Hanlon's razor?

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: No longer just a 'consumer' and SOHO problem any more

Probably less, if you have flashed your home one with OpenWRT or similar.

US judge dismisses Republican efforts to block release of Salesforce emails

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: One option

Surely you mean like Bush's prior example?


India seizes $725 million of Xiaomi's cash

Paul Crawford Silver badge

Re: Everyone does it

At the end of the day, all taxes on companies are paid for by the end consumer.

True, but where the taxes are collected and spent makes a difference to how worthwhile they are to the consumers.


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