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'iPhone 6' survives FRENZIED STABBING. Truly, it is the JESUS Phone



Really good post, thankyou

Keeping warm in winter the el Reg way: Setting a NAS box ON FIRE


Thanks for this, made my day.

For your next assignment... Do you think you could borrow a cattle prod and test it with that.. Just curious :D

Mystery of Guardian mobos and graphics cards which 'held Snowden files'



Time to brush up on the old party line ...


You want the Cloud? You can't have proper copyright, then


@ Gannon -Thank you

That was well put.

So often these days we are told that some thing has a copy right

on it and there fore it cannot be used or recycled. It's not true,

never has been

As far as I under stand it, copy right is a system of asking some

one else to protect your idea for a certain amount of time so you

can gain from it. Part of that protection allows others to use that

idea or copy righted material for there own usage without stopping

you from gaining from it. Fair usage is just that, using some one

else idea / material with out impinging on the copy right holders

right to gain.

Cloud computing, it's existed for century's and longer. Lie on a bit of

meadow, look at the sky and and wonder what that cloud looks like :)

other than that cloud computing is just another network.

Nandos 'village bike' ad not sexist, rules ASA


Now that oput a smile on my face

Class comment Miss Bee :p

Sony Ericsson demos Walkman would-be N96 knobbler


Looks Damned nice

I'll keep this on in mind for when I upgrade my N95 :)

Never had a SE phone but that looks like it would fill my current requirements nicely!

The menu's looked pretty slick to :)

Boffins: Blue light kills MRSA 'superbugs'



Another use for Blue lighting ... making it harder to see veins in public toilets, so hampers people shooting up ... http://architectures.danlockton.co.uk/2006/10/28/a-vein-attempt/

I hope that's taken into account if they decide to introduce this into hospitals :p

Nigerian car thief turns into sheep



I'll gets my coat :)

Street View vehicle kills Bambi


The waste...

Why didn't they take it to a roadkill cafe?

US doc demands $1.5m for donated organ


scrap away ...

Kinda feel sorry for the lot of them as it's all turned so nasty...

We only have one side of the story (prob less than half of one side) and taking the kids away and denying access doesn't usually sound like some thing some one would do with out good reason.

If she doesn't have good reason then I hope he gets to access to the kids. As for the 1.5 ... Yeah right, bluff and bluster.. (theres my knee jerk reaction to the story :) )

Onto other things ...

Now, it's Friday, it's lunch time and my coffee mug is full. I needs a new Keyboard, monitor and a reason to get the Reg to buy them for me.... So ... Where the hell is the "Bastard Operator From Hell" ?? It's the first (hopefully for most) Working Friday of the year.. Some poor sods have done a full 5 day week... they need there shots! We need to know How long the BOFH will last in this years attempt being nice to Luser!!

And on a side note, in an attempt at humour... We all know the BOFH would have put a remote on / off swich on the kidney involved O.o

German beaver escapes from Dartmoor


ahh you can see the next stories title...

"Cornwall invaded by beaver bother'ers"

"Cornwall's beaver threatened by badger"

"Botched up beaver escaping escapades" >.<

etc etc ...

There should be a competition ...

Sand storm menaces Scottish Highlands


Oh gods ...

/me awaits the comments on the beavers being sent to sandstorm country >.<

Scotland Mountain Rescue turns on Ofcom


Only ofcom...

Could seriously go after life saving charities.. Utter Twits

Send the BOFH to work at ofcoms head quarters for a week

German court bans VoiP on iPhone



What about other voip apps on other phones / services?

I just cannot quite see 'the whole picture' being taken into the courts point of view here ...

Concrete-jet 'printers' to build houses, Moonbases in hours


the pdf is good

As AC said above.


Quite a bit about the process in there, including the reinforcements methods and domes etc. Worth a read :)

I do like the idea of printing to the wrong printer or print jobs getting stuck in the Q ;p

Wasn't there a usb device that would fabricate you a mug or some such thing? What was that called?

Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility


good article :)

Cheers for that Ted

Maybe the good (google) OS and Chrome are going to converge?!?

As to the OS/app argument - keep going guys, tis amusing, it's only a pity I cannot see the effects that it has on your blood pressure :)

Oh and amanfrommars is starting to make sense again.. lack of dried frog pills.. or maybe a crush on Sarah... ?? :p

hmm.. and I don't feel the need to use an explicative O.o

I'll just swear out load instead :)

Police quiz BT on secret Phorm trials


I hope they don't get away with this...

I so hope that BT do not get away with this. Why should BT have powers the police need to request?

VPN security - if you want it, come and get it



Hmm I don't think the author is suggesting that you vpn to each website .. more if you are 'out and about' using other peoples wifi hotspots or networks and you don't want your unencrypted data to be easily monitored, then you would setup some form of vpn back to you own secure 'vpn server' and then go out to the internet that way. Centralizing the point of risk I suppose.

I agree however that the final connection from the remote end of the tunnel to the internet also needs to be hardened and no.. there not likely to let you setup VPN's to each website... But I guess you somewhat more protected whether it's a form of vpn, remote desktop or ssh (putty is great)

Of course the alternative is to harden your computer and use your phone as a modem or buy a laptop with a built in sim, expensive, but avoids them pesky unsecured wireless hotspots :)



hmm .. that netgear router you used in the article.. does that not have the VPN section at the bottom left hand side of the menu? I know mine does...

If static IP's are a problem.. well there are plenty of ISP's that don't charge for them (Zen for one)

as for the press getting caught out at the blackhat convention .. well.. I don't think that puts the press in the best light tbh

Coming soon: Facebook - The Movie!


Sounds like

a remake of pirates of the silicon valley....

BOFH: Friday madness


And Monday comes around again...

Still, GMT -minus 13 means that by the time GMT people are starting work I've finished and am beer time :D

Plus the weathers great in Auckland NZ ;p

Great BOFH, C.P. For the win


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