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Ocarina dedupes better than NetApp

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Shock result in vendor-commissioned survey

The world was stunned today to hear that a survey commissioned by a vendor, came up with results that favoured that vendor...

What is the world coming to - next we'll be hearing that criminals declare themselves innocent, bankers find themselves honourable, MPs claim the moral high ground and Intel deny distorting the chip market.

IBM files patent for shorter meetings

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Seen IBM's share price recently?

Oh yes that's right, it's going up like a rocket, where the vast majority of the competition has hit the bottom and started digging.

But hey - just think of how much better they'd be doing if they'd only listened to your advice about what's clever and what's not, eh?

HTC Vodafone Magic

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85 percent?

Fully agree with AC@08:55. This review reads like a WinMo fanboi's list of things their phone is crap at, but it doesn't matter because they wouldn't use those bits anyway.

Have a little consistency el Reg - 85% means to me that the phone has everything, is fantastic in all respects except for one, possibly two (but no more) features which are slightly lacking behind the absolute best in the field.

This phone has a laundry list of dealbreakers, and is in no way deserving of the final rating.

Nikon Coolpix P90 bridge camera

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"Because doing that will give you comparable picture quality as buying the DSLR and the lenses, right?"

Uh, no.

There's a very good reason why the Canon 1Ds MkIII body only costs $7k. And why the professionals stay the hell away from superzoom lenses.

And it's not free of distortion or chromatic aberration, read the review and look at the pics. It's also not particularly sharp, and the reviewer commented specifically on a sluggish response.

Apart from that your comment was spot on.

Ah dangnit, I think I just fed the troll.

UK agent leaves secret drugs info on bus

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@Discount for cash

or maybe they just bought one secondhand. Colombia is on IBM's embargo list anyway - an AS/400 couldn't be sold there through legitimate channels.

Germany approves strengthened child abuse law

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Reminds me of a rather splendid strip on xkcd.com - about voting scandals surrounding the Diebold voting machines as it happens, but the principle is valid here too.

PREMISE: Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold) has blamed Ohio voting machine errors on problems with the machines' McAfee antivirus software.

[MAN 1] Wait. Antivirus software on voting machines?? You're doing it wrong.

[MAN 2] Why? Security is good, right?

[MAN 1] Of course, but... well. Imagine you're at a parent teacher conference, and the teacher assures you he always wears a condom whilst teaching.

[MAN 2] Ah. Strictly speaking, it's better than the alternative ...

[MAN 1] - yet someone is clearly doing their job horribly wrong.

Motorola Aura

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Aura vs. 8800 Arte: 45% vs 80%????

Ok help me out here. I'm confused as to why this phone gets 45% in the review and the nokia 8800 Arte gets 80% - maybe because it's the Arte actually got reviewed as opposed to the author just annotating the press release??

Both the Aura and the 8800 share the same basic characteristics - a low-to-medium feature set, great build quality & design, astronomical price. They are both aimed at people who want a phone to be more than just a phone, and who have a PA to check their hotmail for them so they don't need a web browser on their phone.

So all else being equal, why does this score 45% and the Arte 80%?

For what it's worth I'd still have the Arte - but that's because I want a phone who's guarantee will outlast the company that made it and I don't have that confidence in Moto.

HP Monsters vs IBRIX Aliens

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Bet you're great fun at dinner parties.

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HP, unique?

Ed Leonard, chief technology officer at DreamWorks Animation, said: "HP’s unique ability ..." blah blah blah.

There's nothing unique about it. What probably IS unique, is the kickback from HP for vomiting such turgid nonsense in a canned statement.


Palm bets the farm on WebOS

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I'll support them

... by buying the Pre when it's launched. Palm is one of the few companies who actually listened to what their customers wanted, along with Psion, and Nokia in their early days.

I started with a IIIc, moved up to a Palm V, a Tungsten, even had a M105 at one point, and was tempted by the Lifedrive but like Robert Harvey I really wanted it to have WiFi.

I've had WinMo as well, a Jornada 545, iPAQ 5750, a Casio Cassiopiea, to a unit short-lived, overcomplicated, slow, bloated, unusable rubbish - and a few Psions (Revo, Series 3/3a) - which were brilliant.

Looking forward to supporting Palm again.

Pro tip: Don't include SEC lawyer in your $4.6m botnet scam

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Now THAT's a punishment.

Finally - a judge who understands that when somebody has made millions through illegal activity, a fine of 250k and a promise not to do it again does not constitute justice. Take away *all* the illegal earnings first, *then* add suitable punishment.

@BLoad - I certainly hope not.

ISS spared space junk avoidance manoeuvre

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'Lower' is correct. The station first rotates so that the engines of the Soyuz are pointing in the direction of travel, then the engines are fired for a short period in order to induce a negative acceleration of approximately 1m/s, which in turn causes the orbit of the station to decay slightly (a.k.a. a 'lower' orbit) in order to avoid objects in or close to the current orbit.

After the danger has passed, the direction of the Soyuz is reversed so the engines are pointing back along the path travelled, and a longer burst accelerates the station again, thus restoring the original orbit of the station.

This was last performed in August 2008, ironically also to avoid orbiting satellite debris.

Mathematica man brews 'AI' Google Killer™

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@criticism of New Kind of Science

I love it when somebody criticises an article and it's author, but isn't man enough to put his/her own name behind the criticism. Yes, I'm looking at you, AC@03:34GMT. Although I will give you the benefit of the doubt in that you're probably just back from the pub, only excuse I can think of for being online at half-past 3 in the morning. Either that or you're just very, very sad. Oh, wait...

This article is more reasoned than you realise, and Ted's clearly done some research. Credit where credit's due.

And, no swearing - excellent!

Pensioner gets apology over S&M smut filesharing threat

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@Davenport Lyons

You're all a bunch of tossers.

That is all.

Former employee of Obama CIO pick busted for bribery

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Re: Staff of criminals

Given that we all only 'know' what we're presented by the media, and news outlets censor by definition (because they can't report everything, all the time), I'd still like to point out that Obama seems to be doing alright and seems to be liked. There, that's the scientific bit out of the way.

Now, just to put things in perspective, let's look at the Bush administrations' brightest stars, according to citizensforethics.org:

=== Claude Allen ===

Presidential assistant on Domestic Policy, was arrested in 2006 on two charges for stealing merchandise from Target and Hecht’s stores: theft by scheme over $500 and theft over $500.

=== Lewis "Scooter" Libby ===

Vice-Presidential Chief of Staff. Convicted in 2008 of lying and obstructing a leak investigation over the run-up to the Iraq war.

=== Darleen A. Druyun ===

Served as the number two acquisition executive for the U.S. Air Force. In April 2004, following a criminal fraud investigation, Ms. Druyun reached a plea agreement with the government where she admitted illegally favoring Boeing in billion-dollar contract negotiations.

=== Karl W. Rove ===

Chief Presidential Strategist. Linked to the firing of several US Attorneys and the wrongful conviction of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. No convictions were made, and the investigations were not pursued after extensive lobbying 'convinced' the Justice Department that such a course of action would not be in the public interest.

=== Kyle “Dusty” Foggo ===

Executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Foggo resigned as executive director after news reports stated that he had attended poker games organized by Brent Wilkes, a defense contractor under federal investigation for bribing former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham.

=== Janet Rehnquist ===

Inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Rehnquist resigned on June 1, 2003, while the subject of ongoing investigations by the U.S. General Accounting Office (“GAO”) for "Undermining the Integrity of the Office". Rehnquist is the daughter of former Chief Judge William Rehnquist.

=== Robert T. Schofield ===

Assistant deputy director of Examinations for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS-INS). In June 2006, Mr. Schofield was arrested and charged with illegally granting residency and issuing naturalization certificates to more than 100 unqualified immigrants as part of an eight-year long scam run out of his Fairfax, Virginia office.

The list goes on and on - the top 25 Most Corrupt Bush Administration officials can be found here: http://citizensforethics.org/files/execcorruption/executivecorruptionreport.pdf.

Kremlin-backed youths launched Estonian cyberwar, says Russian official

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"...sustained cyber assault that flooded Estonian government sites with some 100MB of data"

If it only took 100MB of data to shut down a country I would suggest that country needs to invest a little more in their infrastructure.

PRS v YouTube: No UK vids, but royalty row runs and runs

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This should establish who needs who more

Hahaha I love it when these societies' inflated view of their own importance suddenly meets the cold hard wall of reality!!

Google vs. PRS - hmm, let me think. Shocked and disappointed at Google's hardball negotiating tactics? What did they expect - that Big G would just roll over and play dead?

Reminds me of that line in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - "It's a dog eat dog world, and I've got bigger teeth than you".

Boffin unveils facial expression-controlled iPod

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Black Helicopters

Is it my imagination

or does she have a forked tongue?

It appears the Lizard Army has just assimilated itself some rather fetching recruits!

Sexy Namir sportster to rewrite fuel economy rulebook?

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Black Helicopters


...and if it is shown to be true, there'll be a mysterious 'disappearance' or two amongst the directors, a couple of key scientists will either defect or reveal that "oops, we misplaced a decimal point; should have been 11.0mpg" and the whole thing will somehow never actually make it to market.

Not that Big Oil will have had anything to do with it, of course not. That's crazy talk.

Dell profits dive 48% in Q4

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Re: It's funny

"Their outsourcing turned them around from having extremely high quality kit with some of the best tech. support around..."


Sorry, Dell have had a reputation for many good things (vastly cheaper than the competition, fast service, delivering exactly what you asked for instead of 'optional' extras which you neither want nor need), but they have NEVER had a reputation for extremely high quality kit.

Have you ever actually used a Dell laptop, or desktop for that matter? Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap and more cheap. I've no experience with their x86 servers so can't comment on those.

Having said that (and just to turn your original statement on it's head), I have it on good authority that some of the newer Dell systems, the Mini 9 for example, are actually made very well. I haven't owned a Dell for about 10 years now, but several friends of mine do own one and in the last couple of years Dell seem to have realised that simply being the cheapest will not make them successful, and have started to invest in a bit of quality. This is a GOOD THING for Dell, and for the industry as a whole. Customers want good value, which is not the same as cheap.

Disclaimer: I work for a competitor to Dell, and whilst we of course want to win in the marketplace, it was painful to see Dell stagger through the last few years with no gameplan, a dwindling customer base and shoddy marketing. Much like IBM in the early 90s, and I genuinely hope they learn and recover like IBM did.

Israelis develop 'safe' plutonium: good for power, bad for weapons

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Good man

Now THAT is a fantastic idea.

Really - I have great admiration for people who look beyond the typical "I win, you lose" scenario of a conflict situation, and try to develop a win-win solution.

If this is real, and practical, and affordable, it could revolutionise the Arab States landscape - no more bickering about will they, won't they build weapons, simultaneously removing the political leverage currently exerted by the more dodgy regimes that by denying them (potential) nuclear weapons, you're denying them a way out of the third world.

Win/Lose - We beat the crap out of you (Iraq, Iran?) until you can't develop anything more technically advanced than a lightbulb: (and as Bully's special prize* we get your oil too):

Lose/Win - We give/sell you nuclear fuel to power your reactors, and hope like hell that you're not going to use it against us (or, we don't give it to you, and get a political mauling by the entire Arab world for being arrogant capitalist sons of Satan)

Win/Win - We give you your nuclear power, and get the security we want because there's no risk of it being used to develop weapons.


Of course this all ignores the moral/ethical dilemma of whether or not the Western powers have the right to deny progress, in whatever form - to another nation. Discussion for another day.

If you haven't seen Bullseye you haven't lived.

'Gv up txt 4 Lent,' urges bishop

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He has a point

Whatever your thoughts on organised religion, you can't knock individual people for trying to improve the world. It's unfortunate that Church leaders who actually try to do something constructive quickly end up being branded 'religious nutters' - attacking the messenger whilst ignoring the message (as a society, we're getting so tied up in our electronic, virtual lives that it's time we stopped - just for a while - and took the time to look around us).

It's not a bad message, might even be a grain of truth in it, and the guy doesn't deserve to be called a lunatic for voicing it.

Imagine if somebody NOT affiliated with the Church had said it - the Queen, for example. Would she be called a nutter as well?

Asus cracks out of its shell with Air-esque Eee PC

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Eee everywhere

I heard that the Soviet bloc is getting in on the Eee act as well - a Yorkshire entrepreneur signed a deal this week which will see the little computers being manufactured under license by the Russian state department store GUM.

They'll be known as the Eee by Gum.

Right - coat, yep the greatcoat with the red star please.

US warboffins update Where Eagles Dare gizmo-bombs

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Lewis for President

"NSW-Crane also require a breaching initiator for blowing in doors (or simply creating doors where there were none before)"

A classic example of Lewis-style irreverence - I redecorated my monitor reading this one!

Lewis, you are one of the main reasons why I still read El Reg - fantastic! Keep it up.

On a side note, the marked increase in unjustified effing and blinding in some articles (Ted Dziuba, I'm looking at you) is really starting to put me off this rather excellent site and if it wasn't for the likes of Page and Haines I'd have left by now. Please stop it.

Brit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth

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I'm SHOCKED - AND DISGUSTED Teh Terorists will be now able to completly work out how to HIT US WHERE IT HURTSand cause DEVISTATION to our law abiding land. Them IMIGRANTS arent helping either and we shall all be MURDERED in our BEDS by NAZI TERORISTS who can come in when they please and DONT PAY TAXES or ANYTHING.

I'm ANGRY - ANGRY BEYOND WORDS at this outrage. Wont somebody think of teh CHILDREN


An average SUN reader

Dominican lad suffers six-day stiffy

Daniel Silver badge

@AC(s) re: IT?


Look it up.

Then go back to steaming up your glasses whilst underlining all the rude words in library books

Microsoft U-turns on overpaid redundo packages

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Gates Horns

On the other hand

They've now shown themselves to be magnanimous and gracious , with a human side that is at odds with the moneygrabbing image they may have had in some circles.

I think that on balance, most people who are aware of this issue will now have a more positive image of Microsoft than before this episode started - a PR message well worth $125 grand by anybody's standards.

Hmm - one wonders if this might have all been a setup by some abominably crafty PR agency all along....


Huawei shows tiny HSDPA Wi-Fi hotspot gadget

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If you've got a Symbian Series 60 mobile with 3G/HSDPA and Wi Fi (so pretty much all the new Nseries for a start) you can get this functionality for free.

Free version is nagware in the sense that it's fully functional, but you can't change the landing page (so first page opened for any laptop accessing it will always be www.joikuspot.com), and your hotspot name will always be preceded by 'JoikuSpot_'. If you want to pay, it removes these limitations.

Microsoft kills off public availability of Windows 7 beta

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@ Try Linux

We don't care.

Oh no wait, we do - just not in the way you're hoping for. Linux dominating the low-end netbook market? Hahahahaharharharhaarrrrrrrrrumph. Was that before or after HP, Dell, Lenovo and Asus (in the Benelux at least) stopped selling netbooks with Linux in favour of XP?

Thanks for the screenshot though, reminds me (again) why I wouldn't touch Linux with somebody else's bargepole.

Nokia N85 smartphone

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HTTP Error 5100 - Innapropriate content placement

We're sorry, an appropriate place for your comment could not be found on this site (www.theregister.co.uk).

Based on the content of your comment, we'd like to suggest the following sites may be more appropriate:





Alternatively, you might like to consider that your parents probably said something similar when mobiles were first introduced: "what's wrong with a fixed line anyway", "I'm doing perfectly fine without this newfangled Mobile jiggerypokery" and "Youth of today don't know what's good for them".

Asus ENGTX285 TOP overclocked graphics card

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"Adding a second GTX 280 in SLI made the performance jump by 80 per cent which is impressively efficient and it raised the power draw to 500W under load."

500W??? Does anybody here other than me think it's bizarre in these 'green' times to have a PC graphics array which consumes HALF A FRICKIN' KILOWATT of power?

Anybody? No?

Guess it's just me then.

HDTV 'pointless' without perfect peepers

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Lens & glasses retailer in "Your life may not be complete without buying some more of our Product" shocker!!

Violet Mir:ror DIY RFID kit

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Great review

Well done Bob - one of the best reviews I've read on El Reg for a while now.

Keep it up.

Obama urged to relax US tech restrictions

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@ Scowcroft is a turncoat

"By Anonymous Coward"


World Bank confirms Wipro is on contractor blacklist

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Re: East Meat West


I non comprendez the ram joke - can someone explain?

Nokia N97 touchscreen webphone demo'd

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I'm with Dan White

Irritated the hell out of me too. Umm...

Also there seems to be one HELL of a wall between Nokia's techs (who really know stuff) and their marketing droids (who quite frankly don't). 32MB onboard storage apparently - the Nineties just called, they want their phone back.

Of course he means 32GB (I really, really hope) but what were Nokia thinking letting this genius get anywhere near their route to market?

Smiley because I'm still laughing after watching that.

Ofcom rules on Clarkson strumpet gag

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Reason prevails


That is all.

Google OS gOS - if at first you don't succeed...

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Missing the point

Ted, I think you're missing the point slightly.

This OS seems to be designed to run next to Windows, Linux, whatever - on a small netbook or laptop. The idea being that you can do some of the things that you do frequently (checking mail, internet etc) without booting the main OS every time. Think of it as an equivalent to the "Instant On" facility offered by some laptops with a very stripped down Linux distro buried in the BIOS.

Difference here is that you can install this on any laptop, and if the stripped-down (browser) functionality doesn't press your buttons, you can boot to the main OS with one mouseclick.

I think it's a winner - I will certainly download it when/if it becomes available, to dual-boot on my WinXP lappie.

SCO ordered to pay Novell $2.5m in Unix royalties (again)

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Enough already

Why won't they just die?

Or to paraphrase Goldfinger, "Do you want me to pay? No, Mr. SCO - I want you to DIE."

HP breaks Japanese excessive packaging record

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How has this been verified?

Just so I understand - I take the smallest thing I can think of, put it in the largest box I happen to have handy, take a photo of said combination and mail it off to the Reg for instant fame. No proof necessary.

Or was this claim somehow verified in a way which isn't explained in the article?

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime

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15 minutes for a corporate PC is about right

I work for a large consulting company, and our laptops have a standard software image loaded on by the helpdesk. This image includes applications for many different jobroles, for example one application called the Labor Claim Tool provides reporting for consultants who work by the hour and integrates direct billing to the clients. Somebody in HR doesn't need this app, but it's loaded on by default so that everybody has a standard image which is easier to maintain.

It's reasonable to assume that every employee has at least 10-15 applications loaded by default which they are not using, and will never use due to their jobrole.

The second point is that most, if not all, of these standard "Productivity" apps run a system tray notification icon which some programmer thought must have been a good idea at the time. You know the drill, a systray icon in 4 colors which flashes all day long and occasionally pops up a bubble saying "The application xxx is successfully loaded". These icons seem to take on average about 7MB RAM (why?? What the hell are they doing with 7 million bytes of code???) and are loaded on startup.

The point is, it took my laptop, (Centrino vPro, Core Duo 2.3GHz, 4GB RAM (well, 3GB on WinXP), 160GB HDD) at least 10 minutes to start - probably closer to 15.

2 months ago I bit the bullet, wiped the disk, put my own WinXP clean install on, reinstalled the apps I needed from the corporate intranet and that was that. Boot to clean desktop (no HDD activity) in 1min 12 secs. I just tried it after reading this article. Before I loaded the apps, so a clean patched WinXP installation, it booted in less than 40 secs.

No decrease in effectiveness (if I need another app I can always install it from the corporate intranet), and a huge increase in productivity - at least 20 mins per day.

So I fully agree with this article and wish the lawsuit best of luck. Not that they'll win, of course.

PS before putting WinXP back on, I thought I'd try Vista - seeing as the laptop came with recovery disks. Booted in 1 min 45 secs (kinda OK) but then point blank refused to load any of the productivity software I need, even in WinXP compatibility mode. In our company, we estimate that approximately 40% of apps would need to be rewritten for Vista, and my anecdotal testing would seem to support this. Next year we're going over to Linux, a SUSE distribution IIRC, also with a 40% rewrite factor but then presumably we're free from the Micro$hackles.

Go because I wish Vista would.

Yamaha DVX-1000 2.1 home cinema system

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Jobs Horns

Convinced until I saw the price

For a moment there I thought this would be the one for me - then I saw the four-figure pricetag. I can understand why; that Head-related Transfer Function sounds jolly clever and the development costs have to be reclaimed somehow, but a grand is just too much. For 600 quid I'd be sold.

@Martin - you're right to be cynical, but try it. It really does work. After all, your ears interpret surround sound (with effectively infinite 'speakers') very competently, and all with only 2 of them.

@Blu-Ray vs. DVD comments, I have a 42" Samsung 'HD Ready' (not FullHD) which is probably along the lines of what the average Joe has. I have difficulty telling the difference (from viewing distance 4m or so) between my Sony Blu-Ray and my Sony DVD recorder playing a good DVD. Not that there IS no difference, my logical brain tells me there is, it's just that under normal viewing conditions, it's not really that big a deal.

Admittedly if you have a top-notch 64" FullHD Plasma you might see the difference a bit better, but I don't have one of these. Someone we know also bought that 102" Panasonic plasma monster (for 50 grand or so) and even Blu-Ray looks crap on that. Still don't know why he bothered.

Evil Steve because he is.

HTC Touch HD Windows Mobile smartphone

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Tempting, but not quite there (for exactly the same reasons as other HTC phones)

Every SINGLE time I read a review of an HTC phone, I always come away with the same reaction. Great hardware, innovative GUI front-end, high-tech gubbins all present and correct, and I start to feed the little spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, this might be the one that breaks the trend.

And then I read a bit further.

It runs Windows Mobile. Complete with piddly little icons, underlying GUI that makes negotiating the fiery pits of Hades look simple, a rocket-fast processor that when trying to run WinMob ends up feeling like a 75MHz Pentium running WinXP, and so on.

It has a camera which clearly has good hardware as far as it goes, but is crippled by ... well, see above. Oh, and no real flash. For me, this is a dealbreaker because I'd actually like to *use* the 5MP wonder on my phone.

So for me, no deal. Disappointed. Again. Even more disappointed because it's for the EXACT SAME REASONS as every other HTC handset - why oh why can't they just make the extra teeny weeny bit of effort to clear up the last annoying niggles - like (ahem) dropping WinMob and using Symbian, Android, Linux, OSX, maybe even make an OS themselves?

PS with a handset this powerful and with this big a screen, wouldn't it almost make sense to put WinXP Embedded on it? Then I could live with the niggles because of the universal compatibility and flexibility.

Just a thought...

Woman cuffed for deleting virtual husband

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Holy f**k, Microsoft covers up ‘undesired’ words

Daniel Silver badge

I predict a sudden rise in accidental spoonerisms

Callcenter employees will simply find alternative ways to express their ire - for example a Wunch of Bankers. How will the system filter this out?

Asus sexes up Eee line

Daniel Silver badge

Webcam naughties

Looking at the picture of Eee and friend, one can only wonder what the built-in webcam would see if you could access it remotely ....


Finns develop mobe sleep-cycle alarm app

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Gates Horns

How much?

I guess it's not that big an issue (because I'm the only one that's raised it so far), but HOW MUCH??? 50 EUROS??? For a piece of software that basically just runs microphone input through an algorithm and links it to an alarm sound???

Blimey. I'm in the wrong business - this and the $1000 pixel app for the iPhone clearly show that a fool and his pennies are easier to part than I thought.

Devil Bill 'cos I wouldn't be surprised if M$ buys this tech to bundle in the next version of Windows Crapsta...

Apple bans App Store heartbreak chatter

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NDA is two-sided

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement between parties that information contained therein will not be discussed outside of the specified boundaries. Parties are not obliged to accept the NDA; the consequence being that they are not allowed to view the information contained in the document.

Therefore: if Apple notifies you of a rejection under an NDA, and you refuse to accept the NDA (which is your prerogative), can you then claim that Apple didn't inform you properly about the rejection, followed by a lawsuit and $multi-million settlement?

Step 1: Refuse to accept NDA, claim you weren't correctly informed and file suit;

Step 2: ???

Step 3: PROFIT!!!

(Skull & Crossbones 'cos that's all that'll be left of you by the time any such lawsuit gets resolved)

McKinnon loses extradition fight

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Jacqui Smith

Why *wouldn't* Jacqui Smith intervene? She's intervened in every-bloody-thing else happening in this country...

(having said that, considering the consequences when she 'intervenes' I'm not sure I'd particularly want her on my case)

Tosh on top for laptop reliability

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Difficult to believe they're not even in the list?