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Pentagon in $75m electropulse blast-ray programme

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Black Helicopters


I think that this is all a grande plot (as opposed to your typical grand plot) being put out by the makers of AA guns.

As Revolutionary! stated one obviously fires the fancy new weponage at the tank, whose C of G being buggered then floats into the air.

Now step in with the old Ack Ack* and shoot the blighter's out of the sky.

Be prepared to duck, a 55 ton** tank falling on yer head will leave some bruises.

*Ack Ack - not the Ack Ack from Mars Attacks***, but Anti Aircraft gun type of Ack Ack.

**55 tons empty, add another 5 tons if the poor tankers have to cart all their health and safety documentation around with them.

***Mars Attacks, now they had some rays gun alright.

Bleedin' cold in Calgary -18C brrrrrrr...

Seagoing satellite launch stymied by La Nina

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Thumb Up


Spot on!

Now that is what I call a concise piece, or em.... something..

DHS building handheld lobster spy-beam scanners

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Crap - just relaised what the chap in the picture in actually doing

He's trying to find a pigging Nintendo Wii, since they all appear to be hidden here in Canada. Apparently the dudes at Futureshoppee and BestBuy only get something like 5-17 a week.