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Day 4 of outage: UK's Manchester police deploy exciting new carbon-based method to record crime


Re: They have been hacked by OfficeWorld

You mean Banner or Lyreco. We are a little way from Switzerland.

Vegemite tries to hijack Qantas name-our-planes competition


Something to love and hate:

* Halal Snack Pack

Stop the press: Journos not happy losing jobs to journo bots, say journos


Journalists, humm I think...

Personally reading about this, I think it would be not the journalists that would be worried here. I think the bigger thing for the journalists to worry, is the sub-editors and the main editors who would be a in the firing line here. Much of what sub-editors do like proof-reading, fact checking etc can be better done by machine.

The only snag is the idea of a robot-Paul Dacre, Piers Morgan or a Andrew Orlowski is a freighting concept.

Nul points for Ukraine's Eurovision ticket site fail


Re: This MUST be fake news

Not really you could actually buy tickets for the Friday and Saturday morning rehearsals, although the price was about a third of the final. Remember that this is watched by over 200 million people worldwide, including 7 million in Blighty making it one of the most watched annual events in the world.

Secondly the cathedral isn't 11th century, it was built in 2011! Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriarchal_Cathedral_of_the_Resurrection_of_Christ

5% of drivers want Nigel Farage to be their in-car robo butler


Re: Wot no Kathy Clugston?

Or any of the other Radio 4 crumpets like Corrie Corfield, Susan Rae or even Charlotte Green.

Slough or Antarctica? Well, at least Antarctica has penguins


Re: Don't knock the salt licorice

Tyskisk Peber? You have never tried Malaco's Djungelvrål, now that is seriously salty. Makes your mouth go really tart.


Re: qe?

So? He has a gay partner. This is Sweden remember

Interesting, Kevin in which area of Linköping are you living in? From the description I think you live near the city centre in and around S:t Lars Kyrka, because that is really nice part of town. The rest of the city is a mixture of '40s to '70s low rise (approx. four-storey high blocks) housing estates like Ryd and Jammerfest or "flat-pack" stuga-style houses which are common in Östergötland.

On a serious note, Linköping together with Södermalm in Stockholm is really the two hubs of the Swedish IT industry. Södermalm or SoFo is mostly the sort of app or software stuff like King (makers of Candy Crush) or Spotify. While Linköping, with its links to the University is home to more of the practical IT stuff and is home to the "Swedish Computer Museum" (a room in the Östergötlands Länsmuseet). However, the big local employer is SAAB aircraft so hence the military link here.

Salmiak, mumm yummy, but here in England that are bloody expensive or not salty enough.

Why can't a mobile be more like a cordless kettle?


Re: Qi (pronounced chee)

The word is from Mandarin for air 气, and the spelling is from pinyin (qì).

Amazon: Put our ALWAYS ON MICROPHONE in your house, please. WHAT?

Big Brother

Amazon's telescreen

Sorry, this sounds a little like the always on telescreen in 1984 or the permanently on kitchen radio that exists in the DPRK (North Korea).

SCIENCE explains why you LOVE the smell of BACON


How does it work for bacon-haters?

As some one who absolutely hates the stuff, how does that work? Having to work in a police station, where our canteen frequently makes bacon baguettes and all-day breakfasts, which I find gagging I try to avoid which it is difficult.

No, I am not a vegetarian I eat a lot of ham and chouriço in my sandwiches, and eat a thick slice for Christmas dinner.

Explosion - because I cause a fire here.

Truphone debuts 66-country flat rate roaming deal


Re: Consider your Country List

Agree on the advertorial business, I personally don't mind advertorials in on-line news, provided that it is clear that it is an advertorial, even if it is a black bar above the text stating that this a paid article.

Robots? What a bunch of workers...


Re: Courier companies

Ironically, DPD is owned by La Poste (French post office)!


Sinclair’s 1984 big shot at business: The QL is 30 years old


There is one big leguacy with the QL...

It was the QL that a certain Swedish-speaking Finn from Helsinki was inspire to better an operating system.

Tux, you get my drift.

US mobile telcos: All right, ALL RIGHT, FCC! We'll redo phone unlock rules


Why the military

One thing that puzzles me, is why military personal are only ones allowed to unlock their phones earlier then a year?

Anyone could easily move away from the America to some other place.

Fleet of driverless pods to take over Milton Keynes town centre


Re: Milton wrote about a vision of Hell....

Milton Keynes is technically a city unitary authority, eg the same status as Peterborough.

I will get my coat, now.

Tell me why I don't like Moon days: Bob Geldof heads into SPAAACE


Agree, we don't say Sir Paul Hewson (Bono), Sir Rudolph Giuliani, Sir Henry Kissinger , Sir Alan Greenspan or even for El Reg readers to shudder Sir Bill Gates, as none of have Queen Elizabeth II as their monarch so why should we call them knighthood prefix.

IBM puts supercomputer Watson to work in ROBOT CALL CENTRE


Re: 'My fucking screen is blank!'

You know that Manna, sorry no Watson has a profanity filter. It had one after when it read the "urban dictionary", and ended up speaking worse then a fishwife!

Android FOUND ON TABLETS inscribed with WORD OF GOD


Techology and Faith

Despite the anti-religious nature of some of El Reg's readers, I see this a good thing in helping the gain access to text that they would have difficulty in getting by say large print texts etc. Although I think a e-reader (e.g. a Kindle) would probably be better then a tablet, as it is much simpler to use then a tablet. I for example have use a Kindle to read a Bible in meeting for worship.

Torygraph and Currant Bun stand by to repel freeloaders

Thumb Up

And his climate-change denial-ism.He seem to think that fossil fuels can live forever.

Microsoft issues manual on Brits to Cambridge exports


Flying Pig

Sorry old chap, but the Flying Pig is going to be knocked down soon, plus when the new place by the station (it is already licensed) that would probably be the local. They would also probably go for the Devonshire Arms or the Great Northern. However, if they fancy a proper local there is always the Cambridge Blue.

Beer - well I used to be in the licensing trade in Cambridge.

Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet creator Gerry Anderson dies at 83


RIP Gerry Anderson

I probably like many others think that Gerry was one of Britain's great television sci-fi creators, and is amazing that such a programme like Thunderbirds don't date and bring joy to those who could be his grandchildren.

A plaque outside Slough Trading Estate, perhaps?

GO - because Thunderbirds are!

Assange: Google, Facebook run 'side projects' for US spooks


AssangeTM & Icke

Is it me, or am I thinking AssageTM is turning into a 21st century version of David Icke?

Alien - Next thing he would say, is that Kate's new baby is just a way in keep the lizards in power.

BBC in secret trial to see if you care about thing you plainly don't


What about Long Wave?

As someone who prefers listening to Radio 4 by Long Wave, as the signal is much better how would that is affected?

Megaphone - Because someone needs to shout about this.

Only buy Huawei or ZTE if you like being SPIED ON - US politicos



Considering we do a lot of defence work with our fellow European partners, one thing I would say is « Niquer ta reum ».

Drinking too much coffee can MAKE YOU BLIND


Re: so, how much coffee is a "cup"?

That isn't a cup of coffee, that is the gateway to Satan's main juice which is a latte.

It is either espresso or filter, why make a coffee that just taste of hot water.

Steve Jobs resurfaces in Hong Kong


Re: You think the wax statue is creepy...?

You have just made my nightmare here.

Sent from my Droid.

Hobbyist builds working assault rifle using 3D printer


F**king Hell

That is all I can say.

Ten... pieces of tat for Apple fanboys


Re: Haaa how nice

Ah, a little cuddly Andy to sleep with.

Tux, because he is a better fanboi dream.

Nokia eyes private equity buyer for bling-phone firm


Re: So, after Nokia sells off Vertu...

Err no, Vertu uses S60 not WP7 as its OS.

Thief open-sources Richard Stallman's laptop, passport, visa


Tell to...

Tell that to a certain Mark Weisbort of The Guardian. He sometimes writes articles that are so pro-Argentine that he writes directly from president herself.

Global chocolate crisis looms



As someone who can't stand the stuff, I just think "whatever". If it was a salmiak shortage...

I wouldn't look at "Bootleg" in a different way again.

Facebook to acquire Instagram for $1bn


'Don't worry,' Zuckerberg says, 'we won't assimilate them'

Sounds like the Borg. Is Facebook replacing Microsoft as the Borg company? I could imagine Zuckerberg with his Picard headset (à la Gates)

Teminator - Well it is the nearest to the Borg.

Half of Apple fanbois would bank with the iPad titan


Samsung Bank

Well Samsung does financial services... http://www.samsunglife.com/company_en/submain.html

Nightfox - one proposed name for the Finnish markka was the omena (apple). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_markka

Cineworld flaunts '4D' movies


Brave New World?

How long before we start getting "feelies"?

Ex-staffer: Apple assigns new workers to made up projects


Like this...

Like this...

Fisher Price Apptivity Case - http://www.firebox.com/product/4664/Fisher-Price-Apptivity-Case

Newt Gingrich wants Moon to be 51st US state


51st state

You forgot Great Britain.

Theresa May won't quit job over UK Border Agency fiasco



In policing circles, she is know as Imelda Marcos, just like Jacqui Smith was know as the Princess of Darkness.

Computer sim explains why hippies became extinct


His head is here

Ironically, he has a status here in Vilnius. Done straight after the Soviet occupation in 1991.

French letter shock: Tax us more, demand rich people


Can't work

Unfortunately (for them) being in Monaco means that they still have to pay French income tax due to a treaty. Hence why Jonny Halliday tried change his citizenship to be Belgian, so he could live in Monaco.

Spanish unfurl Benny 16 banana bog roll


Err, they do!

Renova does black bog roll.


Burg 5 watch phone


Stuffed bird

If you subscribe to El Reg's twitter feed, the vulture is the picture.

MPs now free to surf and tweet


Speaker Bercow

Was he influenced by his wife, the Twittering #SallyBercow?

Excess of cola floors Oz ostrich farmer


@ Christopher Martin

4 litres is roughly 8 1/2 pints (US) and 10 litres is roughly 21 pints (US)

Wi-Fi Beeb viewing may break law


@ Craig

You say that we are unique in this TV tax, but Sweden with SR/SVT , Finland with YLE, and the Czech Republic with ČR/ČT have a licence together with no adverts. Many countries in Europe have a public broadcaster that is funded by a TV licence (although many have a small amount of advertising on the box or on the web) like France, Germany and Switzerland.

Compared with other public broadcasters, the Beeb is a fine example with many places often you find BBC shows in their schedules, and it is one of the few broadcasters that breaks the American hegemony in worldwide broadcasting, so back off.

Snacker discovers Nokia phone in crisp packet


@Nick, Aldi in the US?

Nick, according to the web, Aldi has over 1400 stores in 29 states in the US, and has been operating since 1976.

Pilots boycott gov ID cards



Sorry, my mistake, it is provisional, not provincial. Crap spellchecker.

I know what you are talking about, what I meant was that because there is a single ID card, fakes like those on websites like http://www.fluxcard.com/ or http://www.photo-id.co.uk/ don't really exist in say France or Germany.


Am I the only one who wants a ID card?

I know I would be hunted down by people here, but I my be one of the few El Reg readers who WANTS an ID card. The only thing I would agree on, is the abandonment of the back database and for Britain to join Schengen to allow passport free travel in Europe.

The amount of times I have been ask to produce a passport or my driving licence so I can buy half of wheat beer in my local bar (I am 24, but I look around seventeen-years-old), or closing a bank account, where they would the paper licence as well the plastic card. In my humble opinion, the amount of fake ID use by kids to buy alcohol is astonishing, helped by the lack of awareness of the Pass cards and high cost of passports/driving licences (my provincial licence cost me £42, and I don't have a car). Not surprisingly, fake ID is practicality unheard of in many European countries, due to a standard card.

I will get my coat, together with all my papers (passport, driving licence, police ID card, and BII membership card) in the pockets.

Taser's French distributor cuffed in commie spying case


Why spy a postman?

Here some to think about, why does a man who distribute stun guns, spy on a postman from a Parisian suburb?

To those who needed to know, M. Besancenot was supported in the 2007 presidential elections by the director Ken Roach.

Je prends mon mantel, avec une copie du Canard Enchaîne dans le poche.

OpenOffice.org welcomes gatecrashers to version 3.0 orgy


One small question...

where is the promised (and much needed) Outlook copy for OOo 3.0?

I say much needed as it is a popular (as in it is widely available), plus the need to help businesses cut their MS tentacles.

Of this, one possible solution is to make it from LGPL to bog standard GPL and merge it with Evoulation. However, we all that Sun likes to keep it fingers near it.

Mine is the one with reason on its shoulder.