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Northrop: battlefield rayguns to demo this year

Edward Fingleton

@Iain Gilbert

The trick to beating the mirror effect is that the operating temperature of the laser beam would melt/disintegrate the mirrored surface before a significant portion of beam reflected back at the target.

Also the logistical problems with attempting to reflect a beam back at source from e.g. a flying missile are far greater than the problems with obtaining a laser capable of destroying said flying missile.

Portsmouth student peeled in potato laptop scam

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That offer...

...must have been appeeling

iPod Nano in airport trouser conflagration horror

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Liar liar...

Pants on fire!!

Conservatives cock-up over pound again

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What a deferens...

a day makes to your party message.

Copyright nagware accord reaches 30

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Diamond Jubilee???

I was under the impression a diamond jubilee was a celebration of a 60th anniversary.

James Bond ditches the Aston Martin

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@Astons and Fact Checking

You might want to check your own a little further, yes while the car was listed as a DBS and all the standing still shots were in that car, all of the moving shots were done in facelifted DB9's

Great British fry-up under threat

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New petition:

Bring back price control!

Enraged bee bursts Taiwanese woman's breast implant

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Swarm in a B cup

Congratulations on a fantastic line!

It's always nice to be kept abreast of recent developments, i predict "apine proof" bulgarian air bags on the market forthwith.

Fancy an invisible dog that dances on stilts?

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Tempted to buy just to see what turns up!

Dino-killing asteroid traced back 160m years

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After all the earth was only created 6000 years ago ;)

Sony Ericsson loses head

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Sony Ericsson gets head....

i'll be here all week.

UK Gambling Act is now in force

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@Whining victim groups

Firstly, I’d like to say I’m not a Sally Army person, thus this is the opinion of someone not in their "whiny 'victim' group".

The Sally Army are a very caring group, who help many people who succumb to addictions of various sorts e.g. gambling, alcohol, drugs. Now most people enjoy the occasional flutter, but there are people out there who get caught up in gambling easily and very quickly they’ve maxed out their mortgage and spent the repayment money too. Suddenly they are to put it bluntly, fucked.

Until the gambling establishments can stop people doing this then restricted access to legalised gambling is the only safe way forward, and frankly, I don’t think that the gambling establishments are going to cut off their best earners.

Now, there are always fuckwits like you, who think that it’s people’s personal choice to mess their lives up, but look around you, half the people in this pit aren’t capable of protecting themselves from the influences of the society around them so will always become unaffordably indebted.

Perhaps rather than telling the Sally Army people to “Stick to your daytime television and crimewatch with cocoa” you should leave your solitary uncaring life for a moment and walk amongst the people who need to be looked after. If you are still an uncaring unfeeling bastard after that, come see me and I’ll do what has to be done, I’ll put you down like the animal that you are.

'Screw the Long Tail'? Not us!

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Ashle you're right on the money, i can't say fairer than that.

i am friends with a number of artists who i'm sure wil fail to benefit from this deal...

Boy racer cuffed for 140mph YouTube jaunt

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My speedo has said i've done 140Mph, nothing wrong with that.

of course in my case my speedo was innaccurate and on an airfield during testing before running on a rolling road to have the speedo adjusted.

If i'd videoed it, peraps the sam could happen to me, in fact judging by this case, i could actually fake it on my pc, provide all of the documentation, and still go to jail!

Amazon punts grot flicks to hardcore Natalie Portman fans

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Amazon call it "purchased" because you've preordered something

Girls prefer pink: official

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What about Belgium....

I'd have to agree that with the information given here the survey was complete tosh, Unless you are testing on people who haven't been exposed to culture (certain ethical problems with keeping kids in a dark room till their old enough to do the tests) then there is no way to distance culture from the biological preference.

A better test would be to take large groups of infants from many different cultures and make them play with different coloured blocks. However this is still fatally flawed.

A better explanation of the women liking pinky red, would be that its a good healthy colour of skin to be and they are more likely to be selected as a mate if they look healthy e.g. mating colour presentations in baboons...

I wonder what their survey results would be if they did the exact same trial in Belgium, where pink is the boys colour and blue is the girls colour!

Warner Bros to remake Enter the Dragon

Edward Fingleton

What's next...

What's next a remake of 2001: A Space Odyssey! Seriously has no-one an original idea any more.

Oh Gav, you can take your "/nothing/do/IT/has/to/with" and shove it where you normally put your "Black Mamba" eco-friendly pleasure accessory. See the breadcrumb trail includes OH MY GOD "Odds and Sods" which you and your kind might want to take as a sign for "Do not enter if you have spent too long in a server room on your own posting derogatory comments about Paris Hilton and secretly w*nking over her pictures"

Is AV product testing corrupt?

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@ Steve Browne

right-click on an installation file and click "run as" it's effectively su

Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad

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Sean, thank you

Sean i agree totally with your comment, i'm fed up with hearing about PC people complaining about racism when half the time it isn't racist at all. I realised a while ago that i no longer actually see the colour of the person i'm looking at other than an initial observation, beyond that they are just the same, which in my mind means i will hire/fire talk to/ignore by the same criteria. I'm very glad to hear i'm not alone in this.

I couldn't give a crap if a person is white, black or purple with pink polka-dots. This, i think, is the way forward. Racism will only become a thing of the past when we (while not forgetting about the past) stop actively thinking about it. If we simply fail to recognise the difference between people of differing skin colours then and only then will we be truly non racist. i look forward to that day.

Crazed NZ fanboy mows down churchgoer

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Re: curiouser and curioser

"Almost any obscure item which may (or may not) have the most tenuous links to Macs is headlined to assist you in slating Apple, the iphone, Steve Jobs & the Mac world in general.

Whatever it was, live with it."

For goodness sake its a pretty clear link between apple and the incident this one, does it actually need to be steve jobs in the car for it to be relevant or what?

Or wait, maybe its a crazed el reg reader trying to provoke debate on this subject...

What i'm fed up with is fan bois who aren't willing to listen to reason, and rant about subjects not related to the article in hand.

Why don't you take your gorgeous looking but useless iphone put it on vibrate and stick it... etc.

Hmm maybe iphones do have a use after all...

Water found on extrasolar planet

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Search for life

This might get me in trouble but i'm fed up with people expecting all life in the universe to be water and oxygen loving carbon based life forms. While we have come a long way in the last few hundred years, we know pitiably little about the universe. Yes, it’s a better bet to look for life that conforms to our ecosystems as we know it can exist, which makes looking for other styles of life forms pure supposition. But our inability to conceive what other possible life form types there are does not mean we can label an area of space as incapable of supporting life. Please, I beg of you, adjust your terminology to “cannot support life as we know it” as opposed to “cannot support life”


What's al-Qaeda's take on the iPhone?

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RE: yeah yeah

"Yes, alright very clever. But, to be serious for a moment, what's Paris Hilton's take on the iphone?"

I think that will depend on how strong the vibrate function is ;)

Oh and Steve... i think keeping your nutters out in the open is called indecent exposure.

i'll get my coat...

The decline of antivirus and the rise of whitelisting

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Re: Re: Dr. Vesselin Bontchev

Hey Blackadder,

Put down the handbag!

you should read more carefully, see those two little words "According to him" Vesselin was quoting.

Cornish separatists menace Jamie Oliver

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RE: Toursit (a)Tax

Amusingly while hollands system sounds great, we actually do the opposite, if you don't live in a house all the time, you get money _off_ the council tax.

Hasselhoff, paedophiles, and a digital Animal Farm

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Relative population size

"Perhaps the solution is not to go the whole hog and force a parliamentary debate for every petition breaching the threshold, but simply mandate that a more formal survey of public opinion is undertaken by a politically independent body"

This i feel is a very good idea, joining it with a copy of the Swiss 100'000 signatories system could work well. That said the system would have to be updated.

The population of Switzerland is (approx. as of June 2007) 7'554'661. This means that in order to force a vote you need to have 1.32% of the country sign the petition. If we apply this percentage threshold value to the British population (approx. as of June 2007) 60'776'238 then we get a value of approx. 802'246. This would be a much more realistic threshold value to force a more formal survey.

This is not an unrealistic value either, as petitions have more than doubled this value in the past, e.g. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/traveltax/ (1.81 Million signatories)

Paris Hilton goes down for 23 days

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Going down eh...

Going down for 32 days, thats got to be some sort of record, as well as a goldmine for anyone with a camera handy!

Half a million kids' DNA on UK police database

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RE: Why is this a problem ?


Personally i do agree with you that this database is not a bad idea, i actually think that as we already collect blood as a baby is born (for the oxygen test)we should store the DNA (so much easier to sort out baby swap mistakes for one), but spare a thought for those who are concerned that if/when we find certain genetic characteristics which make you more likely to offend/develop cancer/drive badly organisations might well be able to get their hands on it after new acts of parliment and then insurance premiums, job prospects, even quality of life due to indirect effects of this information sharing, could be affected.

I'm also for biometrics in principle....***prepares to be lambasted***


'Artificial snot' enhances electronic nose

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Re: CO2 detector

Jason i think you might be meaning a CO (Carbon-MONoxide) detector

Phishing attack evades bank's two-factor authentication

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RE: Single IP


Single IP - as in from the customer's initial login, using the fob-generated number. Any further bank transactions are used against this IP, if the IP changes then it could be due to the session being hi-jacked. Once the session expires, or customer logs out - they can then re-access from any other computer/IP address. Think.


Now now put down the handbag, a quick google search will tell you that IP spoofing isn't the most difficult thing to do, so single IP wouldn't be much help. Read. ;)

Edward Fingleton

RE: Token security

If only one IP address was allowed, then this seriously reduces the benefits of internet banking.

There may also be technical problems, like how do you log in to change the IP address that you want to log in from.

What happens if your ISP assigns you a new IP every time you dial up (dynamic IP).

Also, (a quick google search later) apparently IP spoofing is a pretty basic camoflage technique and certainly not beyond these people.


Teachers left blubbing by cyber abuse

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In my day....

"15 per cent had received threatening texts"

Why on earth are teachers giving out their mobile numbers to students?

Its not so long since i was at school and mobile phones were prevalent but our teachers we not sharing their numbers with us.

Happy Pi Day

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Future celebrations

I look forward to the PI day celebrations in 2015, as surely they will eclipse all done to date.

3/14/15 - perhaps the official celebrations could begin at 9am :p