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Tim Peake's Soyuz lands in London after jaunt around the UK

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Re: Scarier than Manchester?

It might be the same person who only wrote the story to say the capsule was back in London (hurrah, it survived the oiks!) - but didn't write a story to say it was touring the country in the first place? Or the same person that is prepared to be unnecessarily rude about Manchester, but can't even bring themselves to name the museum there that hosted the capsule? (The Science and Industry Museum - well worth a visit)

Wow! British Gas bungs a million remote-controlled sales-droids in UK homes


The one really useful thing a smart gas meter could do would be to detect abnormal flow rates and shut off the supply in such a case to minimie the effect of a suspected leak. Clearly it coulde even call 999 for you and report the fault, however it would be rather unfortunate if that call was to then trigger an explosion. Anyone know of they are working on such a "smart" function?

Behold ATLAS, the fastest computer of 50 years ago


Not invented here?

The entire El Reg article manages to avoid mentioning the University of Manchester - yet we do get "assembling the second Atlas at the University of London took six months". Funny dat.

Three-alarm fire bakes Apple facility


why a "three-alarm" fire?

Since this is a UK site, can anyone explain to us Brits what is meant by a "three-alarm fire" - and what other sorts there are - is it a scale from 0-10? Who classifies the fire? What difference does it make?

Re-jigged Intel mobile Linux stack dumps Ubuntu


RPM vs APT ???

If we're going to have the package (manager) argument, could we at least agree to compare RPM with DEB and then compare YUM with APT ?

No, I thought not....

MS misses restart button on desktop auto-updates

Gates Halo

Does this set a precedent?

Does this mean Redmond has set a precedent for themselves?

So, if any SP in the future breaks compatibility with any application with a worldwide install base of more than 38000 seats they are now duty bound to halt the SP and fix the bug?

Women love chocolate more than password security

Paris Hilton

utterly unscientific. again.

Yet again this survey isn't measuring the value of passwords, it is measuring the rate that people choose to hand over some random word when offered a piece of chocolate in exchange.

True female result breakdown:

50% - didn't like the look of the chocolate

5% - fancied the chocolate but didn't want to lie to get it

44% - made up a bogus password in exchange for choccy goodness

1% - were daft enough to give a real password away- but still didn't say who they were or which of their accounts it was tied to in the hope it wouldn't matter.

Same for men, except many more didn't fancy the chocolate.

Paris, Greek Godess of oral pleasure.

Ford offers natter-interface car software in Europe



This isn't new tech- my 2006 Mondeo has the bluetooth and voice control module. Press the voice button on the end of one of the stalks and then I can tell it to change cd track/disk, radio, make phone calls, change the aircon settings, control the satnav. Is this news because Ford has changed supplier?


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