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iPhone grows boobs at last

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MPs slam 'disgraceful' Type 45 destroyers

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Gotta love the military budget spending

So glad i ticked YES to the "Do you mind of we spend a lot of of your cash on military hardware we dont need" question on the election forms.

Oh wait a sec there wasnt any.....................

Another Xbox chief leaves for EA

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Electronic Arse

A dispenser of Digital Poo

MS names ship date for free security suite

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It might be quite good for all you know

or maybe not

I wonder if it will have secret anti firefox plugins installed?

Hmmm (strokes beard in a wise thinking way)

Game laws to make underage selling illegal

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adult games being sold to adults only

Wouldnt that be bliss, leaving all the mutliplayer servers of 18+ games free from all the underage fukwits using trainers or hacks of variuos kinds and being general tards.

Less off "omg u nab/nub/noob" "haha i haxxed u foo" on the game chat

When is this age restriction enforcement happening?

Paris suks(in many ways) give us a newer fitter avatar to use!

Facebook facing regulator crackdown

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who cares

Nope i dont care either PPPie

Facial Book can go fek itself.

Paris likes facial

Home Office kicks ID cards into touch

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I dont want an ID card anyway

Where do i sign to say sod off?

Google eyeballs planted on 92% of top websites

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This very website has 3

My Ghostery reveals:


Google Analytics

Google Adsense

Its everywhere

Ghostery + No script FTW

Paris because you dont have a busty cleavge avatar,and everyone loves boobies!

Dell axes hackintosh makers' favourite netbook

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high failure rate, i assume

I cant remember how many calls we had for replacement motherboards and power supplies that we couldnt honour as the the manufacturer couldnt get stock for their own products,but we had alot of disgruntled customers being passed over to us from Dell support,if thats what you can call it.

Well if you ever need to know what the wheather is like in India just call Dell, thats about the only sense you wil get from them these days.

Cameron: Give the UK's health records to Google

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fuk it

Lets all move,this cuntry is going to the dogs.

Any recommendations? Somewhere sunny preferably.

Old school music sales fell 8% last year

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lying bastards

It would be interesting if all torrent sites,the sites blamed for the poor business model for the record industry were to unanimously(spelling?) shut down for say 6 months just to prove that the record industry are talking out of their arses.

As usual

Bill coz just like him, the record industry is an over paid cunt.

Microsoft gears up for Windows 8

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bloody hell there becoming the operating system version of

EA sports!

What next?

Windows 2011/12/13 and so on!

Windows World Cup Edition (when its world cup year)

Windows Christmas Special

Yes! It's the World of Warcraft house!

Scott Evil

Nub cakes

Refreshing spring water?

Bah thats lowbie shit!

Mana Strudel FTW

Teenage hacking menace jailed for 11 months

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Is it me or

has hacking suddenly become so easy a teenager can cause such mischief on his home pc,or are these crackers simply geniuses and have amazing computer coding skill?

If its so easy why the hell is it not stopped before it can cause such mischief or do poeple/security labs simply not give a shit?

If they are geniuses why do they waste their skills being an utter bastard by robbing card details,causing server crashes or in this case wasting time with fake cop calls too and so on,when that genius could get an uber job being such a brainiac and live a good life?

or am i missing something?

Jedi officers enlist with Scottish police

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bloody hell

If this is the best were going to get ,this weeks Reg IT news has been as interesting as studying the DNA of a Lettuce.

Its friday FFS,give us happy news like Microsoft is making its OS much much cheaper so the public deem it worth while to buy an upgrade..........

Wheres that reefer i was smoking on?

(Shit no Rizlas)

Hugh Jackman speaks of Wolverine leak heartbreak

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More like a Talbot Samba

PS3 players prefer gaming to bonking

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Never pass up a shag

Isle of Man e-bike trial loses racers

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leccy gp bikes

Do they produce the spine tingling goose bump raising uber exhaust notes like their fossil fuel driven cousins do?

It would make for poor spectatoing to see but not hear the bikes blast past you


Ex-Star Wars boffins build mosquito-blasting raygun

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If they succeeed

Then congrats to them all who developed a way to rid the disease from the 3rd world.

Shame the beeb couldnt have used the millions and millions of pounds they get from the UK public year by year from Cominc relief to comeup with something so inventive and usefull

Lets hope this rids the 3rd world of death mozzys

Dell MacBook Air Adamo officially launched

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Price check

Try $1999 and $2699


Secret emails reveal sexing-up of Iraq dossier

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"Sure, about a million Iraqis had to die, but it's not as if they're British or anything"

So that makes it ok then?

BBC botnet investigation turns hacks into hackers

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Botnet tards AKA Bell Ends

Im still bemused knowing that thousands of folk out there dont even notice that there computer runs like a 20 year old one legged dog,with slow to useless web speeds and busy hard drives thats sending out spam everyday?

Do these tards not know what a smooth un infected pc should be like?

"Oh i thougth that was normal" "Whats task manager?"

Aims Anti Webtard rifle


Ill vote for a licence to use a computer any day,whenever if ever a petition arises.


Online attackers feed off Norton forum purge

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I used Symantec years ago, it was crap then and it is most certainly crap now. I imagine 90% of thier users started out with a trial pre installed on their OEM Pc and they dont know any better and re subscribe eac h year.

Years ago i used to work for the DSGI group, we were at a software conference at the London Hilton and one of the last(thankfully) presentations we had was hosted by Symantec. They talked about the usual boring presentation nonsense,and how we must all choose Symantec. They showed us the famous Super7 application and what it could read and scan and pilfer from peoples computers and other dazzling powerpoint slides. At the end we were asked of we had any questions.

I raised my hand and asked "What came first,the anti virus or the virus?"

They had no comment.

I use Kaspersky these days,seems good and keeping my pc free from harm(i hope) but since the 2009 edition my pc is unsuable when it does a system scan :(

Whats the best AV for performance through and through?

it seems like as soon as they become popular they get worse in performance.

Damn it!

Paris coz id simply love to smash the grannies outta that!

World of Warcraft: 'The crack cocaine of the computer world'

Scott Evil

Parental controls - A user account option online.

You cant hold Blizzard accountable for any person playing their game until they collaspse when there has been controls to restrict access to ther game in the users account control panel for years.

To anyone that has children that you think plays too much WOW.

Log onto their account via the main web page and access the account managment option in the top right corner of the web page.You wil need to know the account name and password naturally.

If you dont know what they are well frankly you damn well should.

You have parental controls to restrict log on access so that they cannot play after a certain time of the day should you choose for them not to.


WOW is addictive? Its a great game to play (played since feb 2005) so yes I am addicted to it.

Im also addicted to nictone, movies, music, and resturants because i enjoy those an awful lot too.I dont stay up playing WOW until i collaspe because im a responsible person!

Like the 99% of people i know from WOW online.

There are a few jobless muppets in our guild that do bugger all else. but they are online alot because they are too lazy to get a job.

Microsoft kills off public availability of Windows 7 beta

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Microsoft recently reiterated it would not bring out a second beta for Windows 7 but instead would move straight to the release candidate stage. A decision that once again fuelled speculation that Redmond was in a hurry to get the OS out to manufacturers and customers. ®

Whats new?

Hackintosh maker lands Apple punch

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I cant beliveve i made it all the way past these comments without dozing off

oh wait



Sacked worker faces jail over malware revenge attack

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"The assault was quickly traced back to Everett, who mounted the attack from HIS HOME PC"

What a bell-end

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008

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Cites(world) of Grand Theft Auto ?

Wonder if Rockstar have pondered the idea of their own ganster/racegame(GTA/Midnight Club) hybrid mmorpg?

If any one is cash rich enough to turn their own franchise into an online world surely its Rockstar?

If find there games are excellent fun to play, well at least the GTA series is.

Grand Theft Auto IV PC debut gets SecuROM sideshow

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Purchased DVD version

It took a while to install and set up the online account + updates but apart from that the "DRM" isnt making my pc turn into a death machine, as everyone seems to think it will.

My complaints is that its a poor console port. It hasnt been PC optimised very much, apart from the capacity to increase certain aspects of the games engine to show more detail at a distance which was limited by Rockstar for the console, but doing so make the game run extremely poorly.

Rockstar have made efforts to make it hard to crack, which is fair enough no worries there. What they should be ashamed of it not making this a true Pc version(where GTA began). Most the "PC exclusives" written on the back of the box are marketing crap.

To play this game as smoothly as the consle counterpart you need to set it to medium settings or it runs very poorly. Anti alaising is disabled like it is on consoles and turning the graphics up forces a lockdown on the overall settings you can choose. An example is if you select high textures you are then limited to the amount of view distance you can select. Limited, not reminded that it may slow your pc down.

I use Vista 64, an Intel Q6660 Cpu, 6g of ram and an GF8800GTX-768Mb, which runs many games nicely,ecept Crysis and now GTA 4.

Forums are filed with bug complaints and fps issues, so if you have a console to play it on buy that version rather than buying it on PC in hope its a better version.At the moment the Pc version offers no major benefits over the console edition.

Did IGN and Gamespot mention all these issues?

Well i dont have any console and despite the crap fps performance and the odd resource restrictions, i still love the game.

Any one for Co-Op mode? :)

MS patch Tuesday includes fix for seven-year old itch

Scott Evil

The XML update on my Vista machine fails to install

And after reviewing the error on numerous forums and unistalling the updates i had before windows now faills to update at all.

I had this before when i used BitDefender and the updates were failing because the script/reg protection system was casuing issues with the web based Windows Update via the website, and im on Kaspersky now so im thinknig that AV script/reg protection is stil causiing issues in Vista internal update screen.

After turning it off temporarily i still get install errors, even when i manually dl and run the update.

An error with a reg key is displayed and the msoft installl rolls back.

I get errors trying to install msoft live services as well as they run on a similar patchung system.

I am unsure if its AV sctirpt/reg key blocking thats casuing the issues or if its windows. I had similar errors in XP 64

A reformat seeems to most logical thing to do, unless anyone is familiar with my issues and can help?

Windows 7: One compatibility label, no confusion

Scott Evil


Fallout 3 on 1600x1200, graphics settings all on "Ultra" including the advanced settings.

FSAA on 4 FSAF on 15 filter settings.

I havn't monitored FPS but its very smooth.Im sure there is an in game monitor i can check this out with.

How have you managed to have FSAA on and to have HDR enabled at the same time? Have they manged to enable it on DX9 now?

My Rig has

CPU Q6600

GPU GF8800GTX 512mb

6gig of DDR2

Vista 64 HomePremium

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Win 7 a new games and media experience?

All i do on my self built Vista 64 windows PC is play games and watch DVD/DivX/MKV.

Is it going to be a new platform for next gen games?

I hope so, but will it be worth it?

With Vista 64, games like Fallout 3 run perfectly well on my 8800GTX and i get the added bonus of FSAA+HD rendering at the same time unlike DX9.

Vista has some issues with certain Apps, but i spent some time trying trial versions of AV and settled with Kaspersky 2009 which runs well on Vista 64.I dl the iTunes 64 version so all is well.OFC Vlan works well on every OS so my media playback is fine

I like Vista as it suits my purposes beautifully, so having to shell out a nother few hundred quid seems silly if Win 7 wont offer any further media/entertainment bonues over Vista. Does anyone know if they are even introducing a new platform for Direct X and media playback?

Or is this an attempt to sell a new OS for the corporate user? God i hope they dont discontinue Vista making me have to buy a new OS just becasue its new, ive spent loads in recent years on various versions of XP and Vista.

Paris simply coz id love to hit that!

Blizzard awarded $6m in WoW bot case

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Gates Horns

@Now only if Blizzard did something about the gold sellers...

They do. They get fired and have to leave Paris, unless they lived there already.

UK WoW fans plead for Lich King Collector's Edition

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the CE is soo great because....

Its got frilly bits on?

You get a little pet to run around with you?

You get a you tubable (like tbc dvd) "A making of" DVD!! ?

You get better packaging?

All the players getting in a global huff over this?

They sound like the whiners on the server i play on

BSteppes EU

Secret Windows 7 screens leaked?

Scott Evil

If it was left to ibm?


Gates is hailed as the visionary who changed our lives by delivering on the vision of a PC in every home. Certainly, Gates and Microsoft came along at the right time. Ken Olson, former chairman and president of computing pioneer Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), is famed for saying in 1977 he saw no reason why anyone would want a computer in their home. It was also IBM's lack of interest in building software for PCs that gave Microsoft its first break.

Had it been left to companies like DEC and IBM, computing today would likely be a different, analogue, green-screen world.

The challenge of Gates, though, is to put him - and Microsoft - into context. The dictionary defines a visionary as someone “given to fanciful speculations and enthusiasms with little regard for what is actually possible” or “a person with unusual powers of foresight”.

Gates turned computing into a mass market by his focus on “experience” on a low-priced Intel box. He had the “vision” to see what Olson couldn’t when it came to PCs: that given the accessible and affordable tools ordinary people - not just those individuals staffing corporations or the engineering and scientific communities served by IBM and DEC - could do great things with computers. His success, though, turned him into another Olson, a man whose beliefs became contained and defined by the market his company had carved out.

Three Little Pigs book deemed offensive to Muslims

Scott Evil

Civil War

This is just seems like an attempt at adding frustration to the population, making the traditional english folk naturally hate other races or creed that are now Uk citizens themselves.

I bet most couldnt give two hoots about all the "correctness".

Somebody seems to want the Uk to be at war with itself,perhaps banks want dissaray perhaps land owners?

Who knows,it all seems suspiciuos to me.

Seriuosly though, its rediculous to think that something so innocent should be banned like this.Im sure people agree.

Where as games on the Xbox for example, in COD4 you spend your time on the American missions shooting and killing Middle Eastern enemies who are known to practice the Muslim reigion,how do these miss the corrective radar?

COD4 is a top selling game, or was.

Click here to turn your HP laptop into a brick

Scott Evil

@ linux users

This live CD we can try, you got a link?

Im thinking about turning my 2nd pc into a linux OS,just curious to see what i can do with it.

At the moment my xp#2 is just my newsgroup,dixv,iso, porn dumping ground so i thought i would try linux.

US switches off the incandescent lightbulb

Scott Evil

History of the light bulb

In addressing the question "Who invented the incandescent lamp?" historians Robert Friedel and Paul Israel [1] list 22 inventors of incandescent lamps prior to Swan and Edison. They conclude that Edison's version was able to outstrip the others because of a combination of factors.................


Drivers on the phone face the slammer

Scott Evil

@ Kate Menzies

Thanks you saved me typing that.

@Scott next time your driving with your stero on,try and actually listen to everything every spoken word every beat,like say when you have an ipod attached to yer head and your relaxing on the couch (eg:) you will crash for sure or at least stray wildly off the road because your focused attention is not on the road.

The same reason why people may miss what their partner says to you if your glued to the tv, despite them being right near you and speaking directly at you.

Man uses networked 'crazy' toaster to hack PC

Scott Evil


So remote access is the key function to a networked Kitchen?

Pre plan your cooking,assuming the food is in place ready to be cooked...

I wonder if we can network our minds so we dont even have to leave the house at some point in the future,we can work from home!!!! WOW!!! or not........

I like being human ,active and in control.

DHS accepts buggy Eye-o-Sauron™ border scan towers

Scott Evil

Does it detect planes?

It needs to,as their technology in 2001 that was designed to missed 3 of them.

I think you know the planes i speak of.

Facebook takes the Captcha rap

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Hotty at Work?

"It was displayed next to the picture of a female work colleague our tipster"

Work college?

Damn you lucky barstards she looks lovely.

On a serious note though the automated text is almost as inappropriate as GoogleAds, and my spelling.

Dell hammered over record Q3

Scott Evil

Dell Euro = ROI (limerick)

Dell Euro's operation HQ is in Ireland,Dublin.

The factorys for Inpsiron Latitude Optiplex Power Edge etc are in Ireland, Limerick.

I dont work for them,i just work with them.