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Down the Digital River, into the heart of download darkness


What problem?

Many of the big brands use DR as a payment/download provider. Not only do they handle all fulfillment and customer service, they also provide valuable tracking and cart services. Many companies are happy to have a 3rd party handle this sort of thing, it's the way the world is going and allows companies to focus on their core product instead of all the BS of order fulfillment. So if Ted feels that only stupid companies outsource then I think he may need to get in touch with the real world and take a look around him. Ted, adding services like extended download to the checkout are of course just a way of making money, but isn't that what business is about? If people can't simply make a backup instead of paying then they probably need the extended download because they may not know much about how a PC works.

Orange sees broadband subscriber exodus


Don't get me started

After 2 years of appalling service and many, many chances for them to sort out their stuff I left Orange, I only hope that the rest do so quickly too, for their own sanity.

Most useless gadget ever?

Gates Horns

Has to be the Portable DVD Player

I remember picturing myself watching DVDs while sitting on trains, on holiday or when the missus was watching the Eastenders omnibus on a Saturday arvie. So I bought myself a portable DVD player.

In reality that useless gadget sat in my cupboard for 2 years without being touched. On holiday, unless you're a real saddie, you're always out and about or doing something. And who can be bothered to take it on a train journey?

When you consider the price, size and functionality of laptops today there is no real reason to invest in one of these, I'd be surprised if they are in the mainstream for much longer.

Customers peel away from Orange broadband


Hardly Surprising

As an Orange subscriber I can say their downfall is due to:

1) Rubbish connection- I lose count of how many times the connection drops each day. Sometimes for 20-30 minutes at a time.

2) Slow speed - I should have been on 8mb, they couldn't manage that so downgraded me to 2mb. I'm lucky if I get 1mb at the quietest time of day. It almost grinds to a halt some days after 6pm

3) Dreadful support - I've been accused of lying about issues plus had to fork out goodness knows how much for endless phone calls, where staff never made notes on what the previous call was about so have had to re-explain everything again and again.

4) Staff have a very basic knowledge of any broadband issues - all they know how to do is instruct you to unplug your equipment.

5) Refusal to admit their is an issue- it's easier to blame it on my equipment than their crap service. I have been told to unplug and replug every device in the house umpteen times even though I've insisted that I've tried all that before and it's their service that's the problem

They even called me up the other day to offer me a combination telephone and broadband service. Oh how I laughed!

By the way, the only reason I am still with them is that I'm leaving the country shortly and didn't want another 12 month contract, otherwise I would have been out of there like a rat leaving a sinking ship. I was supposed to leave last November already but my stay was extended at the last minute so I've had to endure another 5 months of their dire service aaaaaargh!

How can I completely clear my PC of private data?


Disk Wiping Software

You could try one of the following software products that erase personal info from the hard drive

Migo DriveWasher

Paragon Disk Wiper 8.5

PCSecurityShield WinShredder 2