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Just guessing - on a few things

I wuz registered for the daily bumpf but had to add the weekly whitepaper thingy to qualify for the contest. I'm not certain but form a reasonable concept that this is a new thang and must thusly be promoted by the 1 in ?000?0?0?? chance of a new flashy mobe.

As for Neil I'm a guessin' he just followed the link and then tried to create a NEW user by punching his info in. You may need to follow the link for existing users at the top of the originally linked to page. Yes, it should be more prominent but by the same token we need to fully read all of any page thoroughly -now where's that Microsoft EULA I just clicked accept on?:-)?

All the best Stuart

Hotmail holdouts grumble about 'pathetic' new interface


Hold the boos, but congrats to Microsoft

As someone commented above you are out of luck with Opera...or...at least...I was until yesterday. It appears that all those fine, upstanding, dilligent, incredible bods at Microsoft worked and solved this one. Yes, we may complain about the lack of testing AKA the Google beta release approach, but Props are due, for once. I love you Microsoft - a phrase I thought I'd never utter. Oh BTW the new interface's suckiness is only highlighted by it working:-)


Jeery Jerry loves Vista, y'know

Jobs Halo

Jerry IS a mac man

...or at least the show's set managers were as Jerry Seinfeld did have a Mac on the show. I figure a self titled/produced(??) show - 'Seinfeld' means Jerry is ultimately responsible for this but I don't have a clue if he exercised that much control.


---Credit to NPR broadcasting (KERA Dallas) for broadcasting this nugget----

PS Why is it more a Windows vs Mac world over the good ole PC vs. Mac world??

-Ahah I know! - thanks to Mr.Reiser; Linux on a PC is as edgy cool as a Mac:-):-) -sympathies to Reiser's wife's family I condem his actions, but humour triumphs.

BOFH: Dealing with engineers

Gates Halo

Absolutely f...<slam>...ing incredible

Just to start some good ole commentary wars----> This is the BEST BOFH ever!!!! The Mac put downs are the only reason that Billy has achieved sanctity:-) I would like to see some more Linux zealousy in PFY just for fun so I could walk the penguin instead:-) -There needs to be a goods rude synonym about walking the penguin- put PFY on it stat:-)

once again - the best!!!- c'mon beat up on ole Stuey 'ere I'll even stand still for ya:-)

Microsoft walks away from Yahoo!


Nothing's changed, REALLY!

Let's see would a semi-astute business man with enough testosterone, that chairs cower at the mere mention of his name back down or would he attempt to fake out the chair company saying that he was no longer interested as he had some 3 legged stools he could use and their 4 legged model wasn't aerodynamic enough. After only a short period of time the confluence of the astute chair wielder's impatience and the threats of the leg manufacturer's union to sue Chairs! inc. leads to the purchase of Chairs! at a reduced price. The old haggling rules of offer, counter offer, threat to withdraw and cut price final deal win through. All the clever friends of the chair masochist buy a load of Chairs! stock, post crash, having garnered enough plausible deniability as they understood 3 legged stools were the new black for projectile fashion this summer. End result; unrealistic acting of indifference to the extra collateral available with the 4 legged Chairs! chair wins after all.

-This isn't financial advice /disclaimer

BSI faces High Court challenge over OOXML U-turn

Dead Vulture

OOXML or OXML somebody please decide.

Am I the only uptight *n*l person around here. Would somebody at the Reg please exhibit some standards when bitching about a standards body. I mean Microhoo(?) went to great effort to please everyone by dropping Office from the name thus excusing their inability to make the standards setting Office07 comply with their standards proposal greased by the argument that they set the standards. This is a bit of an oxymoronic circular argument and would be my 1st argument against O(O)XML. There is a Register story for 07's lack of compliance but I'm too lazy to refer to it. Anyway that's enough whining on Register standards.

Cheerio Stuart

Pregnant man to hit Oprah with ultrasound


Where's the love

Boy oh boy am I detecting some insecurities here?!? Are people acting so aggressively because of the possibility that this 'person' is more of a man/woman than they?

Way to go Sarah for interjecting; albeit over aggressively and way to go chocolate guy for calming her down (see fellas it does work:-). I was starting to worry about my urges to ask Sarah out for a coupla pints, as she was swinging(no pun intended) so hard for this 'person' that I wondered if there was some personal experience, of an undetermined direction, involved:-)(I'd better throw a smiley there, huh?)

Anyhoos enough trying to regale Sarah with my manly humor. I really would like to know why noone has mentioned the partner in all of this. How hard can it be when your husband is more of a mother than you (cue all you guys with jokes about your wives calling you mothers:-) Then there's the kid and the real daddy the sperm donor - "Mommy why don't I look like you?". I'm not going to jack-off in a booth now as I don't know what they're going to stick my fellas in. I wonder if there will be a drop in donation rates; as I'm sure these generous donors are thinking of cute 100% female babe recipients?

Other philosophical questions not covered:-

Are they getting any jolly from jollies and how?

Breastfeeding? Preggers daddy has been mastectomised so are they going to slip mommy some hormones and get her lactating? Will daddy still have some wierd lactation?

It did not say but is easily assumed daddy's eggs(if he's still producing) were fertilised. Or?...they invitro-fertilised one of mommy's still produced (?dunno if hysterectomy removes ovaries and womb) or even frozen eggs.

Questions, questions, questions. There are tons more but I think I've shown enough sensitivity to ask Sarah out on a date and tell her I won't be holding my nose whilst licking chocolate syrup from her neck and shoulders:-) Now if she breaks wind!!!!I might have to.

Sorry Sarah, I couldn't resist; although allow me to state to ElReg's leaders that I'm impressed with your bravery here.

Love'n'kisses Stu (fully XY, testicularised, and male pig:-)

Dear Hull, all your typos are belong to Karoo

Paris Hilton

Who reads help pages rather than assuming the browser and M$oft are hijacking

I don't know why I'm supporting these money grabbers, but.... Hey if you mess up and type wrong and get a search page instead of a 404, no big deal, learn to proofread your typing. Maybe, possibly, outside chancily, you might be guessing the website name - "samanthafoxsshnormousshnockers.com"(no I haven't checked validity of this site, give it a go:-) and if it comes up as a valid search term for the Sun let's say; then woohoo everyone's happy.

Other possible fortuitous outcomes:-

Ask provide misspelling info to site owners who register and redirect.

OR for us cynics:-

Ask sell the info to the highest bidding porn site. Hey they're in it for the money!

Love ya Stuart

P.S. No mistake either:-

I know how cute Abbee is.

OR I'm feeling really happy today.

OR all of the above:-)

Telco firm, Coke sponsor Filipino crucifixion festival


Always look on the bright side of life.

dadah dadah dadadada.... Look somebody had to do it:-) Oh and I am a Christian nut; but just have to question the practice here: wasn't the whole point of J's crucifixion being a sacrifice for ALL our sins? Oh...they're catholic...but still, don't they just have to go into the confession box get on their knees and blow the priest for forgivenness?:-)

Forgive me father for I have sinned and actually approached my faith with some righteous humour:-)

Wot? Three million 'ail Mary's? See ya later!:-)

All the best and please forgive these Phillipino's Lord... oh... and me.


US government forces military secrets on Brit webmaster


@AC RE:@Stuart

Hey Mr AC, sir, this may be the first/last/blocked by moderator apology ever posted, delete as aplicable, well that I've seen anyway. My we are a feisty bunch, and I plead guilty that my 1st post, although in moderate good humo(u)r, was a bit of an unwarranted dig especially as most people had already sunk your mailserver configuration idea. Plus in my defence you never mentioned To: or From: in your original post; although I do concede that "for" could be stretched into an inference. I do apologize; I had my don't open mail from people you don't know, antivirus, head stuck on but even a mistake in the To: field could be valid as hefen fourbid:-) mispellinks haf bin noen to happen. Yes I know, I know, it's possible but I'd hate to create a custom filter to handle every possible/plausible/omitted/adjacent character misspelling of any name.

So, yes I'm a doofus, doofus, doofus. Anyways you should go check out the archive (address is in someones post above) as some of the belligerent yank replies, to being kindly informed that they're stupid for mailing to the wrong address, has entailed some of the most disgusting, island bashing, racist rhetoric possible. Such that, I now think us registeronians engage in the most genteel, polite, back-slapping discourse possible. 'Now would someone kindly pass the tea and one of those petite crumpets, please'

Kindest Regards to all Stu


Where are the Ambulance Chasers??:- AC acronym now ruined

OK, so US military personnel are responsible for this poor guy having to shut down his website as they put him on a spam list. I'd encourage him to seek legal advice as there is a direct cause and affect relationship between these dickless yanks behavio(u)r and the loss of a HUGELY profitable website plus a huge amount of time spent trying to bounce the dumbasses mail and deal with the not quite so dumbass spammers (at least they make money from it:-).

Coud be fun and several opportunities would present themselves:-

-Court discovery, publishing all the e-mails with great potential for love affair junk. Hey it's the land of Bill and Miss Screwinsky and NASA diapers (nappies).

-Bribery possibilities in relation to above.

-Crazy justifications, that launching spam at the UK aids in the U.S.'s war against terror as Osama can't resist joining in.

Anyhoo AC doesn't mean Anonymous Coward anymore we need some opportunistic lawyers round here.

-Which leads on to :-

@AC's comment-'Why didn't the guy just configure the site's mailserver to reject any emails that weren't for the addresses he actually used?'

I dunno running a potential tourism site, he might expect mail from people other than his neighbours, huh? I mean this AC must be some psychic twot, who can predict the addresses of all the mail he's going to get.

In closing the Go just to negate the AC's Stop and Doofus, doofus, doofus, sorry they were tearing at my fingers:-)

and hey I'm Stu so kiss my rounded posterior...come on, pucker up a bit :-P

Opera hits Microsoft with EC complaint



Thirdly it's argument not arguement.

Fourthly aren't you sick to death of all the pedantic I can:-

-read a dictionary/run spellcheck in my awesome non-MS browser/install Linux/cuss more geekily than you.

I mean, come on guys I trawl the comments because the technical literacy of the average Register reader points out unique perspectives and provides some user feedback on apps I'd of never thunk of:-)

Which means: (first you brag that you're more technically advanced:-) As an actual (doubting&affirmation comment:-) user of Opera 9.5beta and back to Opera 7.0 (brag brag brag) I'm a devotee because of the included bittorrent feature (Woohoo useful information at last) that I've successfully used for downloading RedHat and Ubuntu torrents (ritual supplication to Linux fans and to stop the RIAA from subpoenaing my e-mail:-). Now all the other non-flaming (Ooerr double intendre intended) commenters feel free to rip me apart on how superior utorrent is and if anyone knows, explain how you can encrypt Opera's torrent; so people don't get into trouble and feel equal to utorrent people? We could always send Opera a petition, please? I always feel Bill has a backdoor programmed in to Windows monitoring Linux downloads so he can send the WTF_AA (Windows TaskForce Association of America:-)around to sue you. Paranoid? Who? Me? In closing: Terry Pratchett, I will always remember you. DiscWorld was my favorite vacation spot as a kid. Alzheimers will never destroy my memories of your works of literary genius.(I hope:-)


(Why'd he use the coat icon??? Good question 'scuse me while I get my biodegradable coat.... hey why else would the background be green?? Oh! You're in a field! Well excuse me while I fetch my yellow wellies too, mehhh!*!

Turkey probes The God Delusion for 'insulting religion'

Paris Hilton

UhOh methinks we got a religious nutter 'ere!!

Eexxccuussee me but I need to write a comment here. That's right I'm a devout christian nut job and I must use this opportunity to profess my faith and soundly(?) argue that you too should join me.<humo(u)r>(brackets for the pedantic grammar twats out there who don't realiz(s)e the qualitative value conferred by the word 'COMMENT':-)

You are still reading, right? Well then, congratulations brother/sister I and the Gman, Jman love you. I hope that wasn't too inspirational (thud..thud.. oh dear that's my parents fainting:-).

Hey it's a bit sad really but I'm the only one who can/will fail in that statement. They have promised to love you UNCONDITIONALLY(so you should've stopped reading a long time ago as it's not required:-) for eternity and it's in the Bible.... Where? ...Oh, in a few places, I'll go out on a limb, expecting a smackdown, but love is one of the most frequent words in the Bible.

-OK the PH angles overdue- I fail as I don't think I could fully love Paris, as she's a bit of a scrawny dim tart:-) -Aaahhh I got it in; thanks Paris, d'ya wanna do it again:-)

Well that's enough discipleship (I would've said preaching but that's not going to stop:-). I mean, WHOAA, what was the story really about? Huh? Oh, yeah Turkey, it's admission to the EU, it's questionable prosecution system. Hey who dragged God into the raging commentary arguments? You should've known it'd stir up w**kers like me to come over all holier than thou:-) </humo(u)r>(maybe!?!?:-)

Now seriously has anyone made the comment that maybe Turkey's EU admission may be determined a bit more by what they did to the Armenians and that lovely little isle called Cyprus that our glorious boys help maintain some Greek ownership of, eh? It has nothing to do with their humanity(?) or their opinions about some jumped up, self important scientist dude! Richard Dorkins(intentional, before you beat up on me:-) can go and have his opinions rot in hell. It's fine with me and I'm quite willing to let my body decay to nothingness if he's correct!

It's been mentioned a bunch of times you can't conclusively prove either way and you can keep picking until you find a fault with any argument. I'm just selecting a no-lose, win-win scenario for me:-feeling the love and believing.

I should know I'm that worst kind of zealot:- a freshly converted atheist. Besides which, conceptually it's the right way to go. I mean, don't kill, don't steal, don't lust after Paris (sorry I couldn't stop more humo(u)r just for icon relevance, dont ya know?:-). Hey, don't you know it, you're living by those laws now, I hope. Throw in a bunch of love and do goodery and you want to be/are a christian.

OK, OK, I know about all those buggering priestly bods, religious wars, etc but please show me where any religious faith actually states:- go forth and molest some young boys!?

You probably want to throw some Jihad extremism my way too: Ahh, well, for starters: not my religion, so nyehh, and for seconds you'll have a tough time scraping up real, sane, fanatical, Muslim clerics for this one either. It's one of their way-out, in left field, interpretations too. Oh come on, 77 virgins in heaven, for strapping a bomb to yer ass(arse).

That's why Britain's not big on this fanaticism as we know you're not going to find one, anywhere, without buying Sharon 20 pints and then asking her:-

"yeah, of course luv me ain't never been laid" :-)

Okay, lets see:-

Proffessed faith--------------check

Tried to convert--------------check

Confessed my sins----------we'd better ask Paris:-)

Over and out.

You're dear friend Stuart Sangster (d'ya know me,eh,eh? Well drop on by!)