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Hubble spots ancient spiral galaxy that SHOULD NOT EXIST


Why is it that

Why is it than you only ever see these things from one angle. Are all spiral galaxy 2d, what would it look like from underneath?

Lane Fox promises sub-£100 PCs


3.. bloody rubbish

I have a 3 Dongle gathering dust somewhere.

It came with (not advertised on the box) some kind-of Linux drivers that where never going to work in reality.

The forums where replete with no answers at all.

3 where most unhelpful


I Blame Linux

I fear this is going to be yet another "Blame Linux" when it all goes tits up.

People who haven’t got computers already probably don’t won't things that equate to quite large pieces of plastic furniture hanging about. Cables and bits of tackle to plug in. It's just a mess.

If you offered a reasonably spec tablet at the same price I'm sure you'd be looking at a winner.

If they won't people online them give them a tool for being online. Not the whole *&^% tool box.

Hacker unshackles Kinect from Xbox


If you bye something its yours.

To take apart until it breaks.

I wonder if Microsoft would give a shit if this guy posted a video of a failed attempt?

Google slips $3.1bn through 'Double Irish' tax loophole

Thumb Down


This is a monstrous act of evil.

Microsoft, Adobe merger? Yeah, right


why would that happen anyway?

"Adobe’s stock rocketing on Wall Street yesterday following the rumor. "

JFC These Wall Street people must be real Muppet's.

A collision between Adobe and Microsoft would produce an even more expensive none-responsive operation system.

Ms-Bloat 8. I can just imagine it shipping on about 50 DVD's

Android phone auto reverts jailbreaks


I was thinking

of spending hundreds of pounds on a new phone so that I could turn it into a ZX81.

I don't think I'll bother anymore, what use is a phone if you can't use it?

Wikileaks founder blasts reopening of rape probe


The sudden wonder of non-consensual sex

Again, an amazing demonstration (if it where needed) that a Man's anonymity should be as paramount as a Woman's.

Until such time as a trial has ended or the evidence is controvertible.



the type of language everybody falls back on when there under legal scrutiny.

Every thing he says could (presumably) to used to hammer nails into his already very nail(y) coffin.

Linux kernel purged of five-year-old root access bug


over allready

What's the big deal?

Facebook bug spills name and pic for all 500 million users


Am I bothered?

How many people actually use there real name on facebook?

Or the internet for that matter.

Why would you? It's bad enough in the real world without letting them get you in the cyber space.

call me tin foil Tracy but I still prefer to make up names on the spot. Facebook was no exception.

Microsoft rushes out emergency fix for critical Windows bug


What a mess.

I'm glad I live in Linux land. These Microsoft antics are giving me a headache, what a *****g mess.

Regent Street blocked by iPad fanboi swarm



could that queue be the most pathetic display of morons on the planet?

Google borgs 3D desktop


I tried this

I tested this when it first came out, It was slow and annoying on Windows.

It was a nice idea. but really its not going anywhere.

I think goggle just wanted something else to play with. Like a cat with a piece of sting they'll get bored of it.

In a year this software will languish in the "what ever happened to?" section.

Microsoft cuts Vista price


What exactly would you gain? more crashes.

I have recently (About 4 months) Had a brand new Laptop from RM (Educational supplier's).

2gig of ram dual core Intel core2 with Vista business edition on it. (runs like a 386 at times)

Vista is shit3.

I cannot adequately articulate how this non-operating system makes me feel, but I'll try.

1. not in control of anything.

2. nervous about when something will just inexplicably crash.

3. bored as I wait about half a day for it to start up.

4. bored as I wait about half a day for it shut down.

5. just fucking angry.

6. perplexed about what GNU/Linux operating system I'm going to replace it with and whether I should even bother emulating a Microsoft Op on in at all, after my experience with Vista only Photoshop and fruityloops are going to persuade me that its worth it.

i have never used such a bag of shite as Vista and I once used suse back in the day without an Internet connection. Vista really is as annoying as Dependency hell.

out of the 4 month I've had my new laptop one month has been spent in the "no drivers", "Windows is checking for a solution to this problem" and your basis "this program is not responding" state. All of those are clearly euphemisms for "This operating system is shit"

Two UK web hosts go down


mother F(£&"_s

I just moved my web site to 1and1. paid that little bit more, thinking I was going to get better service than with Globat.com, who are unspeakably bad.

it looks like you don't get what you pay for after all. It's not a big ask is it? that your website is up and running.

I'm glad I don't rely on it to do business. F*&$^N£ B"*£s)%


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