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BOFH: Licensing model

Roland Korn

Oops - looks like the Boss let his guard down.

"No," #1 responds. "I was just wondering what your manager will think about this extortion?"

"Not a lot I shouldn't think", I respond. "Given that the muffins he had at the beginning of your presentation was made in a certain porcelain mixing bowl."

So when the muffins hit the fan......

I thought the old guy had a healthy sense of self preservation when dealing with the BOFH? At least he will live and learn from the errors in his reasoning.

BOFH: Lift laughs

Roland Korn

A Film by any other name...

BOFH - Eugene Levy (everyone would think he was the nice guy >_< )

Boss - William Shatner (a natural for the latest boss incarnation - you cant kill the shat)

PFY - Pat McKenna (of Red Green fame would play the geeky youth down pat)

Rescuer - Pamela Anderson only because Paris couldn't carry a tune, forget about any rescue gear

Mines the one with the little Maple Leaf on the pocket flap.....

Google Sky brings the heavens to a browser near you

Roland Korn

2001, errr no, 2010. Oh whatever ....

I could not help but noticing the regimented series of Monoliths (m) in the area of Ursa Major.

Now what are they up to now?

They failed spectacularly when working with the simians on this smileball. (I mean slime covered planetary body)

Bones only because weesa-all-gonna-die (bad Jar-Jar impersonation) when the galactic bypass goes right through our neighbourhood.

BOFH: Xmas party: Get a wriggle on

Roland Korn

Continuing on Trygve's thread... some more ...

Any office can of butane powered cleaning agent into the tailpipe as a flame thrower...

That non-dairy coffee creamer as an aerosol to cloud their vision .... gums up nicely if mixed with washer fluid ....

Any of those good old'n'reliable(?) 20"+ carriage printers tipped out the boot.. er trunk for you US types ...

I was always more attracted to the use of military surplus rocket boosters for that extra bit of acceleration .... some of them have vernier steering capability so you can stay on the road if you didn't want to go ballistic .. =P ... now where would one get one ... (innocent IT look)

Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia

Roland Korn


Heh .... that one brought a visual flashback of "Earl" in MIB.

Now that was a badly fitted suit sort of Like Wiki.

As to the comment on the Hard Science being correct or even valid - wish again and buy a few dozen more lottery tickets - those entries are just as fraught with self-stroking-egos as any other - Same goes for biographies updated and corrected by the still living persons at hand who for a second actually gave a damn being reverted due to the editor not knowing the subject matter. Some defamation suits are still in process I hear.

BOFH: The bastard wants to know

Roland Korn
Dead Vulture

Ads? What Ads?

Oh, right, you use that "other" browser without the Ad blocking.

*shakes head in sympathy*

That explains the blue checker board at the bottom of your desktop.

I always found it useful to have the facilities guys take care of any off-site document storage. We can't have the office drones directly accessing those files or leaving the premises during business hours now can we. Funny thing though that we seem to have misplaced a few auditors over the years. Now why is facilities in need of so many odour eater insoles I wonder? Oh, they store a majority of it off-site you say? Now what would they need so much ..... uhm never mind .... Don't really need to know.

Chris Pine steps into Kirk's shoes

Roland Korn

To Boldly Go.....

where every marketing failure and MPI dim bulb has gone before.

Only Shatner is Kirk ... yadda yadda ....

As to bad trek ... as exhibits I give you .... nemesis (boo hiss) ... and of course the forgettable classic .... Star Trek the Motion Picture....

I'll save my C$25++ for when it makes the warp speed transition to DVD where it will do decently due to uninformed friends and family of Trek fans who will buy the tripe for the holiday gift giving.... as well as a short life on the rental circuit.

I see this olfactory concussive device joining such classics as Water World and Return of the Killer Tomatoes on the shelves of retailers.

BOFH: You think you know a guy...

Roland Korn

Those were (are?) the days ...

Getting on the ole' nostalgia waggon myself I can remember my first hands on taste of computing, even if I had been a voracious reader of Creative Computing for a few years before then dreaming of getting a IMSAI, Sorcerer or such.

School had a WANG 2200 when they finally statrted a computer class and the teach brought in his PDP-8 for the bit bashers in the class who were interested. Ah 8" floppies and tape drives and the scary punch card reader that whipped you disks if the got too close.

By the end of high school I bought my first Apple IIc and not long after got into the Apple repair in the basement gig .... I still have 2 working Lisas and every flavour of apple except the original and nearly every add on (anyone remember school-bus?) .... yes including the C64 box ... I even had an Apollo for a while till the OS when krrzzzppttt along with a board or two ... *sigh* ... it made a great space heater in the winter ... ^_^

Chuck Norris to do battle in El Reg Arena of Death

Roland Korn

Chucky never won on screen against the master of cheese and bad acting ...

David Carradine ..... the guy who actually believes he can both act and perform actual Kung Fu.

Yes the guy who has put more stunt people in the hospital than any other purported actor in the industry.

As for your IT angle ... last heard Dave still used his Apple III. It took him so long to learn to use the thing that he wasn't willing to start all over again with some new fangled system.

A wardriving we will go!

Roland Korn

A radio is a radio is a radio .... is a ...

Radio. If you transmit then they will receive.

What part of that little bit of information do you corporate property shills not understand? Do you want to buy a cup of radio waves? I have a deal on 2meter single sideband today.

As long as the network device is not compromised then accessing the web/net via a WiFi is not a crime.

It is also not illegal to receive broadcasts here in Canada, though satellite broadcasters would love for people to believe otherwise. Though it was illegal to rebroadcast/retransmit the signal/information - mind you all this for signals above 1W .... consumer goods were exempt as long as they didn't interfere with commercial/municipal operations ....

DARPA looking to kickstart raygun tech

Roland Korn

Its not the watts that will kill ya ...

Its just how much Real Power (joules of energy) is concentrated over a specific area in a specific period of time. (I really hate it when they lie with numbers by using watts of power as opposed to real energy levels)

It is sort of like the difference between a hovercraft and a stiletto heel .... one will run over the arch of your foot with no problem for you, the other ..... >.<

Europe's floods and fires snapped from space

Roland Korn

Come Heck or High water

Don't feel so bad about them in the south. The same happens every year on the southern states or a certain area of the praries here in Canada every year. Im not even goin to mention Quebec. =P

Here in southern Ontario, Greater Toronto Area and such, it is law that you can not build any structure on a flood plain without proper waiviers and such. That Huricane that hit way back when named Hazel (not the Mayor of Mississauga - thats another type of huricane) kind of decided things in peoples mind. Building control and the system of conservation areas to control flood waters through urban areas. Its not perfect. Local flooding due to overwhelmed drainage systems still occures but nothing really catastrophic yet (knocks wood) XD

Ebuyer.com runs on a Commodore 64

Roland Korn

Ah those days back in ....

High-School. They had a WANG 2200 and I was at home banging on a Apple IIc soon to be follwed by a salvaged Apple III and then a Mac Portable .... monochrome LCD but the battery life dropped to only 6 hours with the backlighting on.

Ran my BBS of a Apple IIgs with a LAVA drive card and a DEC cable to string together a number of 20 meg drives. This was long after running the BBS off a Apple III with its single hard drive, dual floppies and that disk pack thingy that switched 5 1/4" floppies for you.

Google Maps aids terrorists, NY lawmaker warns

Roland Korn

OMG its MrStayPuffed!!!!!

But I thought he was the least harmless thing in existence....

Not when he`s over 50 feet tall he`s not

BOFH: Geeks on heat

Roland Korn

N3rd Gurlz

Where or where art thou?


It is a crying shame that the story is pure and utter fantasy ... *melodramatic sigh*

Like competent politicians and honest lawyers they just dont exist...

China reveals nuclear lunar rover

Roland Korn

Close but not quite .... nuclear space power.

Space vehicles that use nuclear power don't use reactors in the conventional sense that eveyone is generally familiar with. There is no boiler, turbines and generator coil or any othe moving parts.

The thing is pretty much a battery and is always running so there is no on/off switch per se. The basic design is a central core of some radionucleotide in the shape of a rod surrounded by a material to slow down the particles released by the radionucleotides natural decay. Within this matrix are alternating conductive plates, either as radiating outwards in a starburst pattern or a series of closely packed disks. These become the poles of your nuclear powered battery. More along the lines of a nuclear charged capacitor than a storage battery but you get my drift.

Since the format is pretty much a cannister, it can be reasonably hardened against catastrophe .... unfortunatelly such hardening costs weight/payload ... which is at a premium and cost $$$ ... guess which wins out?

Bloggers mourn bald, rich Fiorina

Roland Korn

Re: I wish

Star Trek: The Movie well predates Alien 3.

It is just that nobody remembers it ... or wants to remember it ..... what with cowardly Klingons and acting/scripting so bad that it made Shatner or Carideen seem talented....

What were talking about again?

Sony Vaio VGN-UX1XN ultra-mobile PC

Roland Korn

Not so much of a PC ....

But more like a high end challenge to all the Palm Pilots and equivalents out there.

There is a defenite niche for a handheld in this size class. The question is "Has Sony made a viable winner or an also ran?"

At its initial asking price its in the range of a high end notebooks and nowhere near the more cost effective Palms etc...

The weak points, as I see them are as follows

- Price (but we are talking SONY)

- Battery life (rather low and how easy is it to recharge?)

- Media (SD, CF etc would be nice)

- two cameras? Why?

- 160 min run time? (real run time will be less)

- The dock could have had a few more desktop features and ports available

You milage may vary .....

Video game legend hopes to change mankind

Roland Korn

conflicts to look forward too?

Klingons vs Care Bears if they critter creator allows it would be interesting but I have the feeling there will be a number of similar look-alike creatures created if this thing gets off the ground.

If this game uses the maple story template for open free access I can see it taking off into the furure for a forseable period of time until everyone either gets sick of them or the ISPs block them as bandwidth terrorists.

My nickle is on a world of Flumphs having at it with worlds populated with Chartered Accountants, Anamorphic Cans of Spam, Cable Operators and of course more Elves and Fairies than you can shake a My Little Pony at.