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OpenTF forks Terraform, insists HashiCorp is the splinter group

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Good luck to them, at least we can get PRs accepted again. Pretty confident that Hashicorp will get left behind pretty quick on this one.

Lucky they have other products

DBA locked in police-guarded COVID-19-quarantine hotel for the last week shares his story with The Register

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Re: What a shit hole

Ah the old "Australia is really big" argument. We get the same thing whenever internet comes up, or someone wants to argue that nothing Australia does is valid because it's so spread out. It's pretty much rubbish.

In reality people live in 4 places. The 4th most populous of which has 2m people living in it. Even if you went down to #10, Wollongong, it's pretty much the size of Cardiff.

The figures are also misleading if you go by size of metropolitan area. Sydney, is massive, like Romford to Basingstoke sort of size. Same size as the LA Metro, which has about the population of Australia in it, but this doesn't magically make it a wonderland where we frollick in our acres of space.

If you take even an extended, overly generous view of Sydney and said "Central Coast to Kiama and out to the Blue Mountains" (and I just pissed off half of NSW) That can be exactly overlaid onto triangle of the Manchester Metro, West Yorkshire and Sheffield Areas. Population of which is about 4.9m, Sydney (and bear in mind its census area is much smaller) is >5.2. The national park area in Sydney for that space is a damn site more than the Peak District as well, just the Blue Mountains is twice as big and there are 6 and a bit National Parks in that slice of the map.

Plus whilst we have bigger houses etc, we still all work in offices, building sites, hospitals and schools, we go to supermarkets and shop in malls and those aren't magically oasis of space and serenity. It's the same aggregation of people as most places. The reason this seeming dissonnance needs a logical leap, is because these equivalent areas in the UK have farmland in it, you don't get it like that in Australia. Farming will be a couple of hours drive minimum from the city. Inner City land is still expensive and dense. Then we have heaps of outer suburbs with massive plots of land, then national parks. It's >$1m for 200sqm of land where I am. Better believe we use all of it.

Open-source, cross-platform and people seem to like it: PowerShell 7 has landed

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Going forward... really?

How about “in the future”.

It’s bad enough people saying it, without it being used without irony in my favourite source of snarky tech news.

Talk about making a rod for your own back: Pot dealer's seized €54m Bitcoins up in smoke after keys thrown out with fishing gear

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Oh those bitcoin, yeah I’ve definitely lost them officer sorry.

No, officer, absolutely no possibility I was smart enough to distribute my coins but dumb enough to store my private keys in a single place, in my house. That I run a criminal enterprise from.

Of course I’d never wait you out and access them later. What do you think I am, a liar AND a criminal. Jeez

I’d never lie to you.

South American nations open fire on ICANN for 'illegal and unjust' sale of .amazon to zillionaire Jeff Bezos

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As many called out the whole tld thing is a scam. That said I can see why Amazon and .aws would be useful to Jeff but it’s all just a jip really. No one takes them seriously and no one would think to use them.

Look at ford.cars for example

Remember that Sonos speaker you bought a few years back that works perfectly? It's about to be screwed for... reasons

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Feeling both a little smug, and a bit bad.

I took a decision a while ago to not buy Sonos again because of their practices. Got rid of the last one recently, poor guy that bought it has just paid $300 for something that’s about to be junk

Given I replaced it with LS50W’s I’m sure I’ll have something similar happen at some point, the software is pretty shocking but oh my gosh the sound

Silicon Valley CEO thrown in the cooler for three years, ordered to pay back $1.5m for bullsh*tting investors

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Re: Ok, now this is FAKE NEWS

Depends on your addressable market and the firm. They all have different interests and growth stages they like to go in at.

Pre 7 figure revenue, many consider it to be Angel or Seed round and it’s not what they do (or by exception if it looks likely you’re about to blow the doors off a market) VC will want 25% and it’s not worth it to them for small investments

You can do a large seed round where they won’t want that level of income but they’re still going to want to see a stellar team and strong product / market fit demonstrated through numbers

You can have a fantastic business with 5, 10, 20 people and in all truth you’d probably all be happier with your life goals met but in tech vc they want the 100m revenues that need 500 people. That’s a healthy acquisition or IPO candidate and is where they can actually get their money out. If it can get to that it’s a startup, if it isn’t going to then it’s a small business. It’s basically money to scale and carry you through the next 18 months.

Let's kick the tyres on Google's Android P... It's not an overheating wreck, but UX is tappy

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With regards to the app switching, if you move the pill up rather than left or right it’s a lot easier to see what’s open and to close things.

Reg meets 'Lokihardt', quite possibly the world's best hacker

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Of course he hasn't got a job. He tried but none of the recruitment consultants called him back as he didn't have a degree or 5 years experience.

Salesforce.com crash caused DATA LOSS

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A 4 hour RPO is generally considered pretty tight in non-transactional environments and the recovery is comfortably in so it would seem their protections worked.

If you corrupt the data files and the archive logs you're losing data. It's just a case of when you last put some files in a place that didn't get FUBAR'd. Moving them every few hours is normal and 4 hours is a common figure used as it's a good balance.

I'm sure that Salesforce will be crafting more expensive and complex solutions for more stringent objectives as we speak.

Wouldn't want to be a CIO explaining that they lost that amount of data if the business did not "allow" that amount of data loss though.

Australia shuts up shop for tech temps

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Haha left wing.

Aussie politics: Centre right, far right and ooo that Hitler fellow's a bit lax on immigration isn't he.

Nice to see the current lot following Gordon Browns lead and still not managing to balance the budget during a growth period though. Eejits.

Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only

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They're not really online only, just online occasionally.

Buy CS6, Buy the cloud offering in 3 years when you probably need the upgrade. No point giving yourself a heartattack because you don't have a new version that probably isn't that relevent for you. Most people know if they need it. Personally I still find new stuff and I've been using Photoshop since version 5.5 and other than content aware actions and maybe gpu offloading most changes have been a bit meh. Sure the usually 'fix' a tool (or make it so you can't find it or it doesn't work the same) per release and that might improve your productivity but that then has a value you can justify expenditure on.

Maybe we'll get a resurgence of Quark and Corel, that probably wouldn't be a bad thing.

As for the UK pricing, it's fairly arbitary. Australia was $59.99 a month until the Australian government started its pricing investigation for software sales and then 'coincidentally' the prices dropped $49.99

If you spend THIS much on cloud, perhaps you need a rethink

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"If you're spending $10,000 on public cloud ...there is a cost associated with that"

Wise words there Mark, wise words. Would it be about $10,000 by any chance.

Australia’s new AUD$5m golden visa

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Not that uncommon, the US has the same thing and has done for years and you only need to invest $1m

NASA admits hiding 'really good' news from Martian soil

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Michael Bay already told us.

They found a Decepticon...

Outback Communities Authority plans NBN extension

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I smell a rat

Are you sure he works for a government agency, he sounds rational, pragmatic and dare I say sensible.

They'd have you on the cucking-stool for that in Canberra

News Ltd's Australian chief demands copyright overhaul

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I hoped that they meant an overhaul that meant that paperback books weren't $35 (£20) each or that DVD's and Blu Ray's weren't twice the price of Europe or America. My mistake.

Keep buying from Amazon UK then I guess.

Intel: Apple has online app sales exactly backwards

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Sounds Familiar

I suggested almost exactly this idea to Symbian about five years ago. That They do a shell store that operators or end users can customise and take revenue from but is integrated directly to the phones.

If only I wasn't so lazy at turning ideas into products

Tape sucks, sniffs EMC

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So illustrous thought leader, what do we do?

Here's where I struggle, if you have large data volumes (in the PB range for clarification) and there are low levels of duplication (I know this isn't typical), then what are the alternatives.

You can mitigate it over time with distributed models and the like but I don't see that we're there yet. Until the migration from client / server and monolithic enterprise arrays using RAID back ends we still need backups, they still need to be maintained and sent offsite and at large scale Tape is just cheaper at doing that.

Nokia DC-14 bike charger

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Not designed for western markets

It's for developing countries where there might not be a reliable electricity charge but they are more likely to have a bike. (It's a lot cheaper in those markets)

They just sold it here as a pander to greenies.

Hacker admits stealing $12m worth of chips from Zynga

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So wait.

He tries to get consideration in sentencing because he is "wrestling with a gambling addictionW, and then asks if he can pay it back because he's making a living off poker (still considered gambling in UK courts hence the tax situ)... Genius.

Finnish regulator calls for iPhone refunds

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Oh come on

Is the Reg taking some news tips from Engadget. Nice to get a bit of conspiracy in there but there is quite a big difference between -10 and -25 or lower, which isn't uncommon in Finland. Even in the south.

I've had my iPhone screen stop responding whilst here. I don't think it's really a refund worthy fault (I might think different if I was in Northern Finland) but the judgement is more reflective of Finland's generally socially orientated government and regulations than some silly protectionist policies (which wouldn't work anyway, everyone here seems to be buying HTC's or iPhones)

IT recruiters warn over migration caps

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You only need to look at the advertisements to see why they can't get the people.

Take a random job and you'll see something like being; Red Hat Certified, MCSE, CCNP, VCP, have extensive knowledge of SAN's, know EMC and Netapp storage inside out and ITIL v3 and TOGAF qualified.

And for your god like knowledge of IT Infrastructure we'll pay you £45k a year.

Now working in the real world as I do, in a million years I wouldn't get my company to pay for half that training. So I can

a) Go overseas and do the training cheap

b) Or spend half a years salary (Or half an MBA) to pay for it


c) Watch it go to someone who is shipped in at £35k a year, has all the required certificates but crucially does NOT know what they're talking about.

If you read almost every single job, the recruiter wants you to be doing exactly that job already. God forbid you should learn or expand in a new position.

Guardian says dating site rivals violated database rights

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Oooo just how bitter

"They've realised its essentially a phising scam...?"

It's only phishing if you give personal info away, generally I just thought it was people not deleting their profile after not subscribing. I've seen two of my friends on there that haven't logged in for a year or more.

"Quelle suprise? Did booze have anything to do with that...?"

Er no, more that people in London are hostile to the point of contempt at least 90% of the time. I've lived here for 10 years, its incredibly difficult to meet people in a dating context, most of the time it's through friends of friends or house parties. Elsewhere in the country and especially abroad it is far far easier. Backing up slightly, if you don't meet them at a pub/bar and didn't arrange it through a site like GSM how would you suggest oh sagely master. Shall I try and strike up a conversation on the tube perhaps. That'll go well.

"At least half of which are solicitations from "professionals", import-a-bride.com menu card offerings or cute but unsuprisingly "not active" .."

Er no, all of them real. None of them copy and paste and referred to relevent things in your profile (here's where it differs to match). If I had a stereotypical profile, she'd be late twenties, reasonably attractive, middle class graduate, works in media, marketing or for a charity and is trying it because her friends have recommended it to her and she's either been too busy or is sick of only ever being chatted up by Hackett wearing popped collar, highlight sporting chav's that walk up and try and buy her a drink everytime she's out.

So no it's not like dial a bride, you can quite easily get 3 dates a week until you're bored or broke and I've done that three times, getting a short term girlfriend twice and cancelling the third sub because I met my current girlfriend on holiday. All that was in the space of 7 months last year, in which I had dates with ~25 girls (see if you'd have said that a lot of the people on tehre are boring, I'd have agreed wholeheartedly)

I honestly have no idea where your misconceptions have come from.3 of my friends who have found long term partners through it and many more that have had dates or short term girlfriends through it. None have ever moaned about solicitations to subscribe. Of the other sites I've tried it's painfull obvious the shills and I've honestly never seen it on GSM.

I subscribe to that aphorism about not arguing on the internet, you have your opinions/experiences and I have mine. They differ, such is life.

On the topic of the actual articile on the other hand, doesn't surprise me that a company tried this. it would definitely feel like an invasion of privacy if someone posted me up on another site, because I wouldn't know about it. That'd be a lovely conversation with the missus "My friend's just seen you on a dating site"

Foxconn website defaced after iPhone assembly plant suicides

Sam Paton


That statistician in me does wonder how relevant those headline suicide rates are.

I do wonder what the rate would be amongst those in gainful employment and without critical illness. I would suspect (in the abscence of any inclination to check) that it would be somewhat lower than that.

However, given the size of the facility it wouldn't seem to be *that* high a rate and those that are depressed could be seeing it as their way to get some noteriety in their dull and monotenous (I'm guessing, they live in a factory after all) lives. Probably the same thing that happened with that cluster of suicides in Bridgend (which has a tenth of the population and a WAY higher suicide rate)

Nokia tops iPhone and BlackBerry (again)

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Things change, people forget

If Nokia, Samsung or LG can produce a phone that has 90% of the shininess factor (UI wise) of an iPhone they can produce it for a lot less than Apple can or would ever sell it at and most people won't care enough to pay the massive Apple tax.

As the Android phones and Meego / Symbian^4 devices improve, Apple will need to quickly extend their lead over the others as those marvelous profit margins will evaporate pretty quick as Motorola found out in the post Razr years and Nokia are increasingly finding (they aren't in the dire straits people make out)

Apple does currently make the others look bad (issues with the iphone notwithstanding, ie shit call quality) but the gap will close and I personally can't see what they can do next that would be the same sort of step change to differentiate them from their competitors (This lack of foresight obviously being why I'm not rich)

What Apple are doing and others are increasingly aiming for is that they can lock people into the ecosystem because of the sunk costs of their apps etc and then that makes them less likely to leave when the 'new' uberphone comes along that likely as not won't be created by that manufacturer.

DVLA off-road system seriously off-message

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Ah good old DVLA post

I sent off for a change of address on my driving licence. They sent me thanks in return, and returned the proof of ID. Someone elses brand new biometric passport.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini

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USB Speaker

For me the best feature is that I can connect it to the USB on my laptop or desktop and it becomes a USB Speaker, so I get all my properly encoded lossless stuff that doesn't fit on my iphone.

Lovely bit of kit, firmware update doesn't work in Windows 7 though which is a bit irritating.

Microsoft: Oracle will take us back to 1970s hell

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Market Forces

I don't understand why they'd complain, if the market doesn't want it then Oracle don't get the sales. If people do want it then they do and Microsoft are proven wrong.

Not that complicated surely

IBM flicks out HS22V Xeon blade

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not that much

The IBM blades have supported SSD's for years, they had those silly little 15GB ones for years.

No they won't have any embedded 10GbE any time soon. Personally For my own VMWare configuration I'd prefer that they didn't anyway to be honest, keep management and vmotion off of the q tagged 10GbE trunks (ala best practice), plus you get a bit more flexibility through not having expensive options enforced but it's horses for courses.

So really what you're saying is that IBM have taken a while to bring out a 18 Slot server vs a 12 Slot. Which is a fair point. They were still trying to push the XSeries Scale Up as the ideal virtualisation solution (it does work pretty damn well in fairness) so they've probably finally given up on that.

It'll be interesting to see what happens if IBM finally manages to nail Scale Up on the bladecenters using the XSeries chipset.

495c's are a nice little blade though.

Sam Paton

at a guess

I guess the difference is that IBM might actually sell some.

HP at storage crossroads

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HP = Meh

EVA is crap, XP you might as well buy from HDS or from Sun for much cheapness (how long that relationship lasts is another matter)

The lefthand stuff, not really used it so can't comment too much.

EMC, HDS, StorageTek and god forbid IBM (replace the 8000 now please) have a better portfolio of products if you want to form an end to end solution from a single vendor. If you are happy to manage multiple vendors then the world is your oyster and there's nothing to make many people go "ooo let's go to HP"

NetApp says tiering is dying

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Earth Round, Pope Catholic

Well they would say that, seeing as they don't really 'do' high end.

Hardly an earth shattering revelation from a storage vendor is it. "Use cache to reduce required spindles or disk speed" We've all designed solutions doing exactly the same thing. They just happen to have a fancy name for it and a slightly different way of implementing it.

I think the markets for both drive types will still exist for a while though. They're not really *that* different these days any differentiation is just a choice of the drive manufacturer who quite likes his SAS / Enterprise SATA margins thanks very much.

Always an interesting discussion when someone says that a solution 'requires' SCSI or SAS, because you know SATA drives and controllers haven't sped up at all in the last 5 years. "But I need high throughput......"

Juniper bakes 250Gbps core router chip

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Tier One ISPs

They're for the global telco's. Tier One ISPs aren't in the habit of changing their core routers very often as you're looking at hundreds of millions and into the billions in network investment before its necessary. So the core routers need to be able to scale to support increases in the data transmitted.

At this level they're basically designing equipment to specifications given to them by the telcos.

10 Years ago it was rare that carriers had a 10 Gigabit backbone themselves (they were just starting to come online and it cost the carriers an insane amount of money to implement), now I work for a (admittedly massive) manufacturing company that uses one between main sites and there are many companies that do similar. 10 Gig is effectively becoming common.

When you consider that a transatlantic cable operates in the terabits per second and there's a lot of the you can start to get some sense of the amount of 1's and 0's that are transmitted. Just imagine how much traffic google uses with it's hundreds of thousands of servers pushing data out. You've got to remember the internet isn't just the www , phone calls, data communication between businesses etc That's why these devices are needed and that's why they need to be as fast as they do.

The case for storage virtualisation

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The basic difference though is that the target you are mapped to is virtual and not an actual SCSI address on a physical array. It basically turns all your targets into a lookup table so you can move that LUN between arrays or raid groups without reconfiguring the server.

You may have a bit of security to do on the array depending on the way you do it but it does make things very easy to move around.

Make sense?

Neanderthal woman could whup Schwarzenegger

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I'd like to see the face of a Para or Marine that was told he isn't capable of doing 39 miles in a day with full combat bergen.

Sky dishes up iPlayer-style service for Xbox 360

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Typical Murdoch

Block Project Kangaroo with the competition commission but then implement technologies that allow people to get Sky without a dish or cable.

That said, living in a listed building I've been waiting for something like this for years.

Two UK web hosts go down

Sam Paton

Don't think 1and1 was total failure

My physical server hosted with them has been fine all day.