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BT chief: People don't need fibre to the home

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I agree with Tony. The man is an idiot living in the dark ages. We are being milked to death by being charged for something that we theoretically *could* have but will never get (8MB on 5MB lines). I will gladly pay £300 a month to get fibre to my door as long as I get the full throughput.

I don't think BT has ever done any sort of survey asking their users what they want. Maybe they should fire this guy's ass and use his salary to fund a survey. BT will be surprised at the findings.

Paris, because even she knows it pays to be quick.

Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word format

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I agree with:

Cameron Colley: "Surely they can just convert the Word documents into PDFs or HTML?"

The documents/courseworks are all in Word .doc format. Download some free pdf converter and convert them to pdf and re-submit. No pupils need to be asked to take extra lessons. Who is teaching them anyhow?????? Paris: cos I'm sure even she knows how to convert things.

Phorm launches data pimping fight back

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Website owners won't be happy

If I as a website owner have gained the trust of an advertiser to advertise their wares on MY site, and they pay me for that advertising, who gives PHORM the right to change those adverts because they think they are not appropriate for my users? Is PHORM going to refund my advertiser because the advertising was not relevant for the viewer on my site? I don't think so.

I think every web hoster and advertiser partnership would take a very dim view of this.


@ PHORM Tech Team

You say " No URLs, browsing histories or IP addresses are retained and the raw data used to make the match is deleted in real time -- " and in the next breath...."On each navigation, a data digest is created consisting of URL, search terms submitted to a major search engine, and the top 10 most frequently-occurring page keywords from the page (which are cleaned to remove email addresses, numbers and names)."

If my data that I am paying for is not being inspected in breach of any legislation and you don't retain a URL, then how do you create a URL based on my searching???

Also, if someone has to re-do a Windoze machine, thereby losing all the cookies etc., How do they opt out again? Surely it should be an opt OUT policy from day one with the option to opt IN.

I for one will be signing the petition to have you guys banged up for breach of RIPA and Data protection.

Mexico and Africa to become malware hotspots


South Africa?

I agree. Having been to South Africa over December, I would like to see any malware creator try and use dial up. Currently the only provider of broadband in South Africa is Telkom, who charge close on £24 per month for 512kbs and allow you 1GB download!!!!

EMI's Hands squeezes trade bodies


Pirate Facts...cont.

How do you lose a sale if someone was not going to buy it in any event?

Maybe I just don't understand economics.....


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