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Sony KD-84X9005 84in ultra-HD TV review

James Pickett (Jp)

Will it ever be cheap?

If you'd told me that 50" TVs would be under £500 in 2003 I would never have believed you.

Ignoring the mortgage I'd have to take on to get a living room that could take this, will massive ultraHD sets fall in the same way?

Why is 4G so expensive? Answer: The Post-Voice Era is coming

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Orange & T-Mobile Swap

No one seems to have mentioned that for Orange and T-Mobile customers to swap to a 4G early, they have to be in the first 6 months of their contract and return their existing handset in perfect working order.

I was initially a bit tempted as the resale of the handset would have knocked a few quid off.

Apple issues invitations to March 7 iPad roll-out

James Pickett (Jp)

See and Touch - New Apple TV?

I don't normally go for the whole analysing the invite for clues - but it strikes me that "something to see" could well be a new Apple TV and 'touch' relates to the ipad 3. In which case, there could be some new functionality by linking the two...

Belkin Keyboard Folio case for iPad

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Re: Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

Nice one Euchrid - I hit this page as I was running an internal debate about whether to get one integrated into a case, or a separate accessory. I'll only need it occasionally for longer documents and £100 does seem a bit much. Ordered me the Logitech!

CloudOn brings Office to UK iPad users

James Pickett (Jp)

It's Actual Office

Well, it's actual Word. excel and PowerPoint for a start.

It's also the only way (to my knowledge) to use 'Track Changes' on Word documents on an iPad so I'm very pleased.

Wonder if onlive will get their take on this out in the UK?

OnLive sneaks Windows 7 into the iPad

James Pickett (Jp)

Onlive mapped iPad Gestures

I watched a video demo of this. It's worth noting that Onlive have made an attempt at mapping the iPad gestures to Windows functions making the user experience potentially better than a simple RDP session to your own desktop.

Obviously many of us here could set up something similar for ourselves, but making the whole thing as simple as an app download will be compelling for many.

Amazon's Kindle Fire is sold at a loss

James Pickett (Jp)

They're just following the model that games console manufacturers have been using for years. Get the hardware into people's homes, even if it means an initial loss, but make the money back on software and content. Apple have managed to do it the other way round!

A short note about Microsoft App-V

James Pickett (Jp)

No Services

The trouble with App-V is it's not suitable for software that needs to install a driver or launch services. We are using Application Jukebox from Endeavors and whilst it's not as well known, the ability to integrate the app, or parts of it, so it is fully visible to the OS and install and start services means we can virtualise and stream many more of our applications.

Amazon wraps up Kindle crashes

James Pickett (Jp)


Which case did you go for? I received a Kindle as a present and would happily avoid paying £30/£50 if there are some good alternatives. I was tempted just to use a jiffy bag!

Retailers price up Samsung 7in Android tablet

James Pickett (Jp)

Priced for Subsidy

It does look like it has been priced to favour customers signing up to a mobile contract for a 'big discount'.

I'm not sure whether people will want yet another mobile tariff, especially as most people who would naturally go for this over an iPad will likely have a decent smartphone anyway.

That said, netbooks have done very well on some very iffy contract deals.

Freebie Spotify is back, also £5 no-ads option

James Pickett (Jp)


Pretty sure I read recently that Last.FM are pulling out of playing full length tracks :-(

JooJoo tablet offered to Brits

James Pickett (Jp)

Likeing the hardware . . .

... but the early reviews suggest the software leaves something to be desired. Hopefully a few updates down the line, this will be a real contender.

Fanboi's delight - the top ten free iPad apps

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Evernote = Awesome

Couldn't live without it. The Windows app is superb, especially for web clipping and the Android app to send pictures, notes and audio memos is equally handy.

I've no immediate plans to buy an ipad, but I think the instant on nature of the thing would definitely help me get even more convenience out of Evernote.

Opera Mini hits iTunes, awaits Apple verdict

James Pickett (Jp)


It'll be a shame for iPhone users if it does get rejected. I'm using the Beta on Android and, living outside of town and rarely getting one or two bars of GPRS, it's gotten me surfing on my phone like never before!

Sony PS3 Slim

James Pickett (Jp)

Burnt Fingers

Has anyone here actually burnt their fingers on ejecting a disc?

Although the styling is in line with current trends, I can't help thinking this one looks like it's been built to a cost. Sony are definitely trying to save money here.

Beeb deletes iPlayer app from iPhone

James Pickett (Jp)

ipod Touch

There's more than one app out there for PC that will pretend to be an ipod and download programs for the iplayer quickly and easily for transfer to touch/iphone later.

I think the BBC need to get off their arses and sort out an app that will cache the content (with the 30 day DRM) so that folk don't have to take it in other ways.

Sony backs away from OLED TV future

James Pickett (Jp)

I Like 3D

OK - I won't be rushing to swap my LCD for it - but at ISE in Amsterdam a few weeks back, there were a few firms showing 40" 3D displays that don't require you to wear the glasses and one of them was absolutely amazing! (OK, the other two were rubbish, but you can't win them all).

Only thing was, after 15mins of viewing, my spatial awareness was ruined for about 5mins, but they do say that happens in Amsterdam...

Blu-ray capacity to increase by a third

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Firmware Upgrades

This is just the sort of thing to send your average consumer running for the hills.

It'll be all right for PS3 users, who are (usually) gamers and already used to regular updates (plus the PS3 prompts you) - but explaining to other users that they need to burn files to CD or USB stick and then run them in their standalone players will be a nightmare!

Voiis Bluetooth music streamer

James Pickett (Jp)

I guess it's all relative...

I think it's pricey too, but having just been online to discover the Onkyo ipod dock for my AV receiver is £80, it's back on the "possible" list!!!

Sony Reader PRS-600 Touch Edition

James Pickett (Jp)

Tony's Got a Point . . .

. . . about the price of the unit.

E-ink seem to have a bit of a monopoly on the screen tech at the moment and the market isn't that big (although I'd suggest it's starting to pick up). I'd suggest that maybe as soon as this time next year, a decent ebook reader will cost no more than £100 and the smaller ones will be £50 the year after that.

As much as I fancy one, I can wait :-)

Belkin recalls fire-risk in-car iPod kit

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Thank You!

I've got one of these and will be checking out the website today. I do leave it connected almost all the time, although I don't think there is any power to the socket when the ignition is off.

My experience of the device has been very good (MX5, so not much between the device and the car aerial probably helps). The clearscan never worked, but I have one preset right at the bottom of the available spectrum and one right at the top and both work great in my part of Surrey)

Yes, sound quality isn't mind blowing, but it's good enough and having the 3.5mm jack for a cassette adaptor will be handy if I do ever visit somewhere with more tightly packed airwaves!

Barnes & Noble's ebook reader takes its bow

James Pickett (Jp)

@Mike Kamermans

There's a demo video of this in action floating round youtube and they do show that the colour screen can be switched off.

It's an interesting device, but they're definitely going to have to reconsider the name for the UK market!

Orange issues Heroic update

James Pickett (Jp)


No, this is a specific ROM update for the Hero. It bascially fixes a few bugs that were causing the phone to be a bit laggy (stuttering menus etc) and it adds a touch to focus feature to the (frankly poor) camera.

James Pickett (Jp)

Hero now the phone it should have been!

I don't think Orange did too badly in this case. The branded version of the update was only 2 or 3 days behind the HTC one.

Also, they only things they are are a loading splash screen and some bookmarks, so no real problems there.

The short of it is, if you've got a Hero, get this update. I was happy enough before (the occasional lag felt like an ok compromise for the excellent functionality) - but now it's silky smooth and very responsive!

Blazing laptop of death claims one

James Pickett (Jp)

Battery Care

"My alternative to this is running it on battery power (more convenient, if a little slower) until just about dead, and then plugging it in (repeat ad-infinitum). Not certain if this is the BEST method, but it's worked for me previously with things like my moby battery (2 years and counting and still going strong)!"

Actually for Lithium, it isn't the best thing to do at all.


Basically, use the battery as it will degrade over time anyway. Don't worry about recharge cycles, partial discharge/recharge actually strains the battery less and modern batteries have circuits to monitor and prevent overcharge/over drain.

If you ever leave a battery for some time, charge it and stick in in the Fridge :-)

First Samsung Android phone out next week

James Pickett (Jp)


I'm with you there. Especially since they've been shown up for how poor their 3G coverage is.

GM Volt to deliver three-figure fuel economy

James Pickett (Jp)

Petrol / Diesel

Isn't the reason for the petrol engine choice simply because the American market has yet to really adopt diesel?

Am sure I read that in a car mag once :-)

HTC Hero Android smartphone

James Pickett (Jp)

@Tony Chandler

"..but why waste about a third of the screen space by sticking an email in a small box in the middle of the screen? Seems odd."

If you don't like it, you can change it. The level of customisation and the large choice of widgets to display things like, email, texts, weather, RSS etc on the 7 home screens is one of the big selling points of Android! :-)

James Pickett (Jp)

@Buyer Beware

What sort of features? I've got one of these and all the features, including MS Exchange (removed from other models I know) that were mentioned in the review are present.

Totally agree with this review by the way. The UI is great and although the temptation is high to install loads and loads of widgets (slowing the phone down), it is still a really good alternative to the iPhone and apps like 'Shop Savvy' which scans barcodes and allows you to check online and local prices quickly will impress your mates if you feel that need :-)

Last note, once you get over the novelty of trying all the widgets and apps, use a tool like 'Taskiller' to stop the processes you are using and the phone does perk up a lot!

Dongle surfers unaware of limits

James Pickett (Jp)


A guy I work with managed to run up £2000 data charges using his USB modem overseas.

A call to O2 resolved everything, but they warned that although they normally cap our plans at £200, when you're on partner networks overseas, they may not find out until you've spent much more!

Spotify: iPhone sideloads for £120 a year, unlimited

James Pickett (Jp)

It Does Stream

The iphone and android versions both stream. You can elect to store playlists for offline access for when you're out of range of 3G/Wifi.

It's pretty clearly described in the videos. £10pm to have spotify in my pocket seems good to me.

It's certainly not the same as Last.FM. That is a radio like service where they choose songs for you based on what they think you might like. Spotify is any song you like (within the catalogue) any time you like, on demand.

In a mobile, it'll feel like an mp3 player with millions of songs on the harddrive! :-)

Beeb pushes major new iPlayer release

James Pickett (Jp)

Virgin Media Finally Gets Me

Thought I'd try downloading Jonathan Ross to check out the HD quality after having watched it on BBC HD on Friday night. Unfortunately I've been immediately hit by Virgin's traffic management so it's going to take hours now!

Does this mean if I attempted to stream it, I'd be 'traffic managed' part way through and would have to switch to SD???

Now I know why people get so upset...

Wattpad furnishes iPhone with bootleg books for bupkes

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Works on Mine

"I wonder how many people just downloaded Wattpad on the back of your shining review"

I did. Searched on all the Authors you mention and all came back 'No results' (Out of curiosity, when it comes to books, I love the real thing) - so I'm thinking they're pretty good at catching out the copyright stuff.

Working very well on my ipod touch too :-)

Amazon: Kindle 2 to sell internationally

James Pickett (Jp)

@ AC (Price)

Totally agree. So long as it could download in the background, wouldn't GPRS save costs without hampering the user experience?

'I don't blame pilot', says San Diego jet crash father

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I'm With AC

From what I've read, it does seem that the pilot did everything he could.

In reacting to what happened to his family, I wouldn't have blamed him if he'd hurled every insult under the sun, but his dignified response does him and his family proud.

Blockbuster OnDemand coming to a Blu-ray player near you

James Pickett (Jp)


Actually, the MS and Sony Pictures sorted that out and they're back on 360.

No cheap Blu-ray players for Blighty this Xmas

James Pickett (Jp)

I'm an idiot?

I like having the latest toys. Why does that make me an idiot?

I have a certain amount of cash left over after paying the bills. Some I save, the rest I spend. Does it really make me an idiot if sometimes I like to treat myself to a shiney new toy??

I don't think bluray will have the same impact as DVD, but I'm very happy with my 40" screen, Ps3 and lovefilm sub! :-)

VW to speed up rollout of cut-price EV

James Pickett (Jp)


you may be right AC (and I hope you are!) - but whenever I've heard these claims there's always a few more £K on there by the time they reach the UK market :-)

That said, I'd still be tempted . . .

James Pickett (Jp)

Not Convinced it'll come out for £6K but

I quite like it!

Makes the smart car look very dated and uneconomical and the Polo Bluemotion look incredibly overpriced!

Is Ion's Tape2PC Mac compatible?

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Bought one for my Dad's birthday last weekend. He's a PC user, but as I remember it the software included was EZ Tape Convertor, which is PC only and Audacity with is PC and Mac compatible.

TomTom ships Go x40 satnav series

James Pickett (Jp)

Am I the only the one who likes SatNav??

Given that they sell so well, I find it strange that no one has a good thing to say about them!

I like to have a paper map handy before I go on a longer trip just to make sure the satnav hasn't come up with anything silly, but that aside, a satnav is far better! I can't look at a paper map whilst I'm driving, I can't route off to a nearby petrol station when the tank is running low and I can't have POI's like the 'Good Pub Guide' always ready so I can avoid eating at motorway services!

They're not perfect I know, but I wouldn't be without mine.

MS hit with Red Ring of Death lawsuit

James Pickett (Jp)


"We didn't have time to mess about Microsoft (whom we understand will repair out of warranty 360s) or getting it repaired (yes, possible, but we can't guarantee it won't come back)."

You didn't have time to make a 5min phonecall and put the 360 in a box for posting?

Where on earth will you find the time to play your PS3?!?!?!

Sony to save planet with PS3 firmware overhaul

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This is a useful feature

As I've only got a 2Meg line, I like to download the bigger demo files etc overnight. The Xbox has had a feature where it'll shutdown on completion for ages, so I'm pleased my PS3 will now be able to do this too!

That aside, the PS3 has a hardware switch, so it's 100% off when I'm not using it. The Wii has to be unplugged, as it's regularly connecting (pointlessly) to Wii Connect 24 over the Wifi!

Vodafone opens online library for mobile e-bookworms

James Pickett (Jp)

Ahead of its Time

This will be great when you can scroll out a foldable e-ink screen out the side of your mobile!

Apple bans App Store heartbreak chatter

James Pickett (Jp)

Andriod Touch?

Is Android likely to appear on devices similar to ipod Touch, or is it aimed at mobiles only?

G1 Android launch pictures leaked?

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Whilst Android might be of great interest to people like me, it's hardly going to make a good first impression on the masses encased in that ugly phone!

A major style injection required here!

Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book

James Pickett (Jp)

Wait for Developments

@Lee - No backlight unfortunately. But it is superb in bright daylight. I believe there is a 'light' accessory which is worth investigating.

The e-ink technology is great and is bound to fall a lot further in price. At the same time, I'm expecting great things from the flexible e-ink screens still in development.

Will watch this space with great interest, but £200 is still pushing it for me.

Beeb readies iPlayer app for Nokia N96

James Pickett (Jp)


The streaming on the ipod touch looks very nice, so a nice bonus feature for N96 users.

It's a shame they didn't give Touch users the option to download though, as I'd really only use it out and about!

Sony e-book reader to debut in UK tomorrow

James Pickett (Jp)

Want One, but how to justify?

I picked up the third book in the Dexter series for £2.99 the other day new and will be lending it to a friend after I've finished.

Until I can do the above with an ebook legally I can't justify one of these no matter how clever it is.

Blu Christmas coming, format fans forecast

James Pickett (Jp)

Bonus Feature

When I got my Ps3, I switched my lovefilm account over to blu, but I'm far too used to picking up DVD movies for a fiver (or less!) to start buying them and the PS3 is pretty sweet at upscaling anyway!

There was no going back from DVD. It's not so hard with bluray.