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Big biz BlackBerry refuseniks adopt Apple over Android

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Think it's time someone checked Woz's facebook page, he did stated he was quoted out of content and the truth twisted to suit the reporters agenda.

What he did state was that he liked some parts of Android, the built in navigation (which will come to iOS anyway after it's out of beta, google have already stated this) and ability to fiddle around more with it, which you can do via jailbreaking. Not hardly surprising since he is an engineer, but as a day to day device, he using his iPhone.

Android has always felt like it's in beta to me (ICS is an brilliant improvement) but it is still overly complex for the most simple of tasks at times and it's crashes a lot more than iOS, what it is with these elitist android users that think you have to confuse the general population and have unnecessary complexity built in, otherwise it's not worth using. Will you be unhappy using ICS because it's easier to use than gingerbread?

Most business users what to get on with the job, not waste time fiddling. I like both platforms but iOS will remain my phone of choice, until it does everything my iPhone can. Android's openness only adds a few extra features, I find the quality of the apps on iOS adds more features that could be gained by being 'open'.

Apple's iTunes Match music service goes beta

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UK will get it

It's starting first in the US then moving to UK shortly after.

It's only on the mac during beta phase and will move to windows when iOS 5 is released.

See - http://www.apple.com/uk/icloud/features/

Apple kills MacBook, soups up MacBook Air

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Download java and install it, they ain't stopping anyone from using it.

Remember its not built into windows also.

Steve Jobs vindicated: Google Android is not open

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Open Source Development? or shall we say shared source.

What happened to anyone being able to contribute to the development, this sounds like closed source development with publishing the source code after its finished.

iPad 2 spawns updated iOS and apps

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re: DLNA?

Can use this app adds DLNA support.


Mac App Store: Developer godsend or Evil Empire?

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Gates Halo

microsoft needs to monitor this

If this is as successful as the iPhone store, it will result in higher mac sales due to an massive increase in software availability and easy of finding it. People are tied to windows due to a specific piece of software not being available this may change things.

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re: They rejected all of our apps ... for some use of private API that we weren't actually using

The private APIs in Windows are ones that Microsoft kept to themselfs and didn't disclose, to other developers. = unfair advantage.

Apple stops developers from using 3rd party APIs that would provide other developers advantages and complicates testing for Apple, since they don't know what the APIs are doing. No Apple APIs are hidden, look in xcode you can call any function that OS X can.

Official: music is a brain stimulating drug

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The research proves that the pleasure we get from listening to music is closely linked with dopamine release.


Any pleasure we experience is from dopamine release, since its the pleasure chemical. Maybe we should ban food as well, since that releases dopamine lol

iTunes disses doctorates

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Paris Hilton

Name on card?

Maybe, he can't buy his latest app because the billing would fail to charge the card if the name on the card doesn't match the name on the account.

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Doctor means teacher and is the gold standard university lecturers obtain to be able to teach post grad students.

Intel slashes Xeon, Core 2 Duo prices

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core 2 quad

No, Core 2 is the brand name and its quad core so its one processor with 4 cores that act as 4 processors.

Japanese boffin designs glasses for the absent minded

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Paris Hilton


eh? You have to look at the object for it to tell you that its there!!

Surely if you can see it, you don't need a wacky device to tell you its there!

Maybe Paris should get one for her driving license

Software engineer builds straw house for £4k

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Paris Hilton

ewok house?

When can I move in, I love those ewok's

Vodafone sends Manchester back to the 90s

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Gates Horns


At least people will be able to experience how fast the iphone is GPRS youtube day for yodaphone.