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iPhone compass evidence surfaces


As the first Coward said...

Nokia 5140 came out in 2005 and had a digital compass built it, worked pretty well too, I didn't own one but I was working for one of the UK's 'Big Four' mobile networks at the time, shame the phone was such a brick though, unlike it predecessor!

G.hn-ing for gigabit

Gates Horns

Interpolarity Scrouge!

Sod networking bring back the real genuine 5 1/4" floppy disk! :P

Quantum theme debuts on Radio 1

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It's awful, I hope they change it, as I said on BBC Site it sounds like it was written by a 4 year old, maybe its just a poor section of it but for me if not they have to change it.

No wireless sex please, we're American


Excellent Smithers... Excellent...

What a great Idea, lets put the blinkers on yet more young generations & let them work it for themselves at School \ College \ University.

After all we wouldn't want to teach the kids at a young age as they might just take notice of what you tell them!

Legal, major label DRM-free MP3s hit UK (at last)

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At last.

Well done play congratulations, finally music at realistic prices with realistic legalities, as of today I know where I will be going for music.

California deploys dope-vending machines


Everyone but us...

Why don't they legalize it here, so stupid, could make more money & save lives too, after all I don't see the shops in Amsterdam trying to sell you what ever else they might have too, plus would move in Overground & be much easier to track & overall probably reduce crime.

Wonder how much pain you have to be in? Might be worth getting run over in the long run. LOL

Sony, Nintendo sued in console controller patent clash


Oh really?

Bluetooth was \ is licience to Ericsson who sued Sony back in 2002(ish) regarding the use of this in Sony-Ericsson phones!!! Strange but true...

As for...

"The SixAxis is no stranger to legal disputes. The controller has already been at the centre of a legal dispute with vibration firm Immersion over the inclusion of a rumble feature in the device."

Well actually no, the "SixAxis" Controller was not at the center of this but instead the "DualShock" & "DualShock2" controllers, in fact the SixAxis controller does not even have a Vibration function, something that upset many a PlayStation fan-boy.

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York


RE: hate-slurs - appropriate?

I think the main point here is where do you draw the line, personally I think its all crap we should never sensor words at all. WHY?

Well 'faggot' is only rude because we believe it to be as with all the rest of them, it's about time we as a nation started to grow up, at the end of the day a four letter word is a four letter word, if it be cock, slut or slow it's just a bloody word!

For those of you thinking 'nigger' or 'faggot' are any different you are wrong, yes the word 'nigger' has a history but then so does the Holocaust but are we banned from using it, NO! People should not be lined up & shot for the use of it, CONTEXT is what is important here not arrangement of a few simple letters.

It infuriates me to see all this fuss over a few letters, ok I don't really like the use of them & I wouldn't want my kids using them but thats another issue the sooner we accept the use of words like this the sooner we start to accept them as normal.

So in light of the above have a good xmas you fekers. :P

Carphone slated over iPhone porkies claim


Talking rubbish...

Correct me if I am wrong but can you not only buy the iPhone from O2, and then do they or do they not sell it offline, thats right they don't meaning that in actual fact the reality is that if you lose your iPhone you need to buy a new contract which is what I believe Carphone were saying...

Shame because they are normally useless lying bastards in my experience however on this ocassion i think the story is way off the mark.


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