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Webhost hack wipes out data for 100,000 sites

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Rubbish Software

if you look at the exploits on milw0rm, its laughable that lxlabs have even managed to string a product together. Im not a web apps expert but even i couldnt put out such shockingly bad software

Which wireless technologies will get credit crunched?

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wireless power

Wireless power will never take off. It is just so inefficient. Nobody is going to accept loosing 50% of their power into thin air. What annoys me more is that wireless power companies hardly ever quote the efficiency. It’s not a technology that can be improved much more, unless we ignore physics.

LG confirms 8Mp cameraphone plan as details leak


weighs in at 11g

thats good

Upgrade drags Stealth Bomber IT systems into the 90s


386 till September 2007

Intel only stopped making the 386 in september 2007. They are used for highly critical systems like this because they have known failure rates and failure states. pretty simple really. its not that they dont need the power, they need systems that have had 10+ years of testing.

33Mhz is plenty fast enough for an embedded system as they dont have to run an operating system or complicated device drivers. Lots of the code is written in assembly and doesnt do much more than run timers and change outputs.

Yes, the chip in my 5 year old phone is more powerful, but my old phone has 100 times more functionality.

Dell buys into Dell for $100m


actually very good

all the recent Dell PC's and laptops that ive seen are very well designed put together, and were very reasonable prices. The business laptops seem to be better than the home ones.

You can get a basic Vista Business Slim desktop for £200. You would struggle to make it for that money and with Dell you have support.

Want a 1TB optical drive? Call/Recall me


One secret sauce...

One secret sauce...

Alienware ships 'most powerful' 15in laptop to Brits


RE:RE: Computer games

Good films generally dont come out of holywood so you are right there but you simply cant compare computer games and films.

You take a girl on a date to see a film. You dont take her round your mates house and watch him playng GTA4 for 10 days straight then discuss the amazing plot as you walk her home.

Game plots are written to make interesting gaming, They are not a deep interesting story that you recommend to a friend.

"ah mate, you have to buy gta4. its got the most amazing twist at the end"

Dell fills out XPS laptop line

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My Dell D420 has the same resolution and its got a 12.1" screen.

It doesnt have to make things harder the read, you can turn text sizes up. However, images and videos are displayed in higher definition with more pixels per inch.