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Smut is OK, says Montreal prof

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Trust me - It dont work

I can assure you I have been watching heterosexual pr0n from before I could access homosexual pr0n and it has never made me straight.

Dunno from the small study group, the degress of possible pr0n (from victoria secret catalogues to bound bouncing flesh), the possible side affects (e.g RSI, eye injuries, bruising and mental exhaustion) I hardly consider this study conclusive.

Add to that the starting point of some guys psychology, pr0n could actually be beneficial.

But maybe I can get a research grant, pay selected men for a sex study ... I think I have a movie like that somewhere in my collection.

"dont have a willy wont get the silly".

Governator in acrostic 'f**k you' outrage

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IT Angle

Read more carefully for that personal touch

If you include all lines in the correspondence actually says "I F*** You". You gotta respect the personal touch.

IT relevance? He use to play a humanlike robot with schemes for gobal domination - funny how life imitates art.

I use to work with a collegue who took great efforts to put additional meanings in his emails, by using the first letter of each paragraph. I suppose if you dont use email to send it you can get more into each message by using the first letter in each line as you control where the line breaks will occur regardless of the email system.

What no governator icons anywhere?

Wi-Fi Beeb viewing may break law

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Aussies killed TV licence in the 1970's

Your TV licence system also limits the BEEB ability to host websites for its international successes like Doctor who and Torchwood. Outsiders have to go to international fansites for any information as the BEEB blocks content to those outside of UK. I am surprised you can afford the enforcement regime. Cant find a copper unless they are confusing you for a terrorist or a protestor but no shortage of licence enforcers.

Our Parliament decided to cut the TV Licence back in the seventies and fund the ABC (and later SBS) from the budget. They thought TV was essential was to development of the Nation. Not only that they could not afford the enforcers, who were quickly getting a reputation worse than secret police, sitting in your suburb hunting for the telltale glow of a TV through the curtains.

As our ABC has become the Authoritative TV and News service in our Nation, we as a population have to defend it vigorously , it is often affected by across the board budget cuts and it does not have the spare cash to create lavish blockbusters like the BBC. Politicians also like to think they can subdue it by threatening it budget.

I remember the TV licence guy police coming to the door, me keeping the door closed while my mum covered the TV with a large doily. The TV's wooden casing had been painted to match the dark burgundy of the furniture.

Aussie air zealot savages prêt-à-porter stealth fighter

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AU: As much technology as we can afford

One thing all commentator forget is truly stealthy aircraft are ridiculously expensive and usually have small payload. F22 are limited role interceptors. Australia has never had the resources for specialist aircraft. Australia has always had a strike bomber and multi-role fighter (at the moment F-111 and F-18). The appeal of the F-35 is that one day it will be stealthier supersonic multi-role fighter, we can buy 2 or 3 of them for the price of one F22 Raptor and most importantly it is available for us to buy.

The other thing is that Australia rarely makes incursions into russian airspace, and none of our neighbours can afford top of the range russian fighters and if they could we would have more fighters than they have missiles. Australia is largely immune to stealth technology itself as we use over the horizon look down radar technology.

So while everybody makes good points against the F-35 Sales brochure, and developing a new fighter is always full of cost overruns, but even our F111 and F18 cant fly forever and very few people are suggesting valid affordable alternatives.

Israel hacks Arab TV station

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IT? Why are other media sites blocking comments on this thread

I was surprised that this thread is open for comment. All the media sites I have accessed are not allowing comments - this could be the real IT issue - the blocking of comments globally regarding the Isreali incursion. Conspiracy anyone?

While I believe Hamas are assholes for launching rockets from residential areas - I assume that there is little other space to launch rockets. So they are twits for the retaliation they have brought down on their surrounding refugee population.

Yet Israel the nation that wishes that we never forget the atrocities that countries can inflict, want us to turn away when they fire high explosives into occupied residential buildings to kill one human.

If you turn refugee camps into death camps then you have become the monster. death by oven or death by high explosive is still death.

- Protective eye wear for the atomic flash that will finally end this senseless bickering.

Netbook SSD usage to fall under 10% in 2009

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SSD - ignorant but learning

I bought the HDD eee-pc 1000H when it first landed. I wanted the SSD model, I assumed that the SSD would be faster than the HDD model.

Since then I have bought 16GB SDHC cards, then found out about different speed modes. I intend to buy 32GB or 64GB SDHC cards when they arrive. My hope is to try and bump drive activity to the SDHC card. so maybe I wont be buying genuine SSD, but I will be buying hispeed SDHC.

My Eee-pc is a great second computer, when my desktop is busy or when I need to compute elsewhere. Most of the time it acts a video player / mp3 player /electronic book. I have a collection of older games on it, with small footprints. I dont install any of them on the HDD. I also like the way I can catalog my collections with it beside me.

Why the IWF was right to ban a Wikipedia page

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Error 404 should it be Error 451

as in Faranheit 451. if the item is censored the it is not a "404 file not found error" it is a "file has been censored error". That way the user learns that they are seeking censored material - that results in educating the user. They can then appeal the block if necessary.

The biggest issue here is an unrepresentative organisation, is using it own moral judgements to generate a block list. I would expect they should at least get the authority to blacklist the item from a classification board that has legal authority.

BTW. The Great firewall of Australia is expected to use the IWF list as well. so these moral gaurdians may have the power to censor more than the UK.

icon - goggles. My approved censorship method is the whited out goggles. cheaper and more effective for those sensitive sods who argue they dont want to view stuff but they seem more concerned about stopping you from viewing it.

Kentucky judge OKs 141-site net casino land grab

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Lifetime Golden Etchasketch Award goes to...

So an Iranian judge issues a order claiming USA websites be handed over - what then? This precedent is so stupid, the internet will become a legal nightmare. I think the judge should be given a lifetime golden Etchasketch award and the state of Kentucky removed from all the global D.N.S. as they will become a danger to international commerce. Come to think of it if this judgement is allowed to stand then I think their legal system needs transferred to papyrus and cuneiform.

There is no icon suitable for this level of stupidity. No not even Paris.

(FYI. The golden etchasketch award normally goes to people least capable of operating a computer and is normally issued in the interests of public safety. Sort of the Darwin award of computing).

FBI's fraud site spawns UK arrests

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Ministry of Silly Walks

From the land of the Ministry of Silly Walks comes the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

not to be confused with the

Less than Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Seriously Organised Crime Agency

Seriously Organised Agency against Crime.

Ok I am bored but the joke was sitting there untouched...

Polish builder sacked for humping hoover

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El Reg appropriately Targetted web-adverts

"Find out how your peers are dealing with Virtualization" - enough said really.

US navy's robot carrier plane building fast

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The computer pilot never says No!

In Iraq, Australian pilots reportedly earned the ire of the yanks, because pilots would refuse to attack targets if they did not believe the target was correct or that they could not meet international obligations, eg. minimising civilian casualties.

The major issue I have is that someone sitting a 1000Kms away can designate a target, the robot attacks regardless. Yet will the person who tasks the robot appear before the military tribunal. Will they be military. One programmer can task thousands of robots. Where are the checks and balances?

One of the great disincentives for war is the loss of your own troops, and the political consequences. That is why non-miltary powers normally negotiate. The United States without that disincentive might consider force as the first option - no recent precedents, of course ;-)

In autonomous mode, how will that American robot distinguish the forces of allied forces, something the real Pilots could not achieve, with devastating results. There is no such thing as friendly fire especially with a fully armed robot that cannot refuse an order.