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Russell T Davies bows out of Doctor Who

mark carlisle
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easy to be critical..

totally agree with Les.

fans cried out for years for the return of the series, when we eventually got it the fanboys came out in their droves, yes the series felt scary when I was six , but then that was 1974 and Tom Baker was(is) god.

the new series is a different doctor and a different Doctor Who, its success, despite the BBC constant interference is scheduling is continuing. At the end of this series we'll have long gaps as the specials are aired and bugger all to watch bar the repeats on BBC3 - moan all you want then.

Sony exec confirms arrival of in-game PS3 messaging

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@ anon coward

If I was posting drivel like that, I'd probably post anon. as well lol.

go back to your 360 rrod fanboy site and stop posting infantile comments about a subject which you clearly have zero knowledge of.

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

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don't be a silly anon


cable not connected...

clutching at straws?? wise up!!

Toshiba pitches HD DVD players as... DVD machines

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@iain -doctor who hd

russell t davies already stated that the budget for Doctor Who didn't stretch to hd due to the number of cgi shots..

tom baker looks good on sd anyway

mark carlisle
Black Helicopters

plot? lost? toshiba?

toshiba have really lost the plot on this one.

who in their right mind will buy an hddvd player because its advertised 'winning benefit' is ' it'll make your existing dvds look even better'

won't please the movie studios who are trying to get us to buy all those dvds again as hddvd/blu ray...

i smell revenge

Microsoft backpedals on Blu-ray for Xbox 360 comments

mark carlisle


sony haven't given away blu ray disks free for a very long time. when the did it was 'casino royale'.

hddvd players around xmas were being sold with up to SEVEN (crap) titles free.

everyone on both sides is guilty of spin(no pun) but really, who cares about extra content/java/data transfer rates.

does the movie look great, does the sound, well..sound great and am I willing to pay for it?

insert blu ray into answer section..

(btw spellchecker?)

Paramount poised to drop HD DVD

mark carlisle

@ tim

nice debate eh?

@ anon coward ^^..

luv the 'ha ha'

@alphaman- kudos on the counter points..

off to watch black hawk down on blu ray

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@ tim and hddvd list

only problem is:

hddvd isn't selling.

consumers vote with their purchases and not all blu ray titles are region coded - bbc's blue planet for example.

whether or not the firmware updatable 'prop-up consoles' are up to 'spec'(?) is of no matter they are in the homes now in apparently greater numbers(with regular updates increasing function), not in QVC warehouses.

if I was a movie studio putting out disks I'd look at the customer base.. where do I make most money, from the largest growing market and protect(as best possible) my output.

as a consumer I rent a couple of blu rays a month from lovefilm for 4 and a half quid, stream movies and music from my pc to it and play online where pc exploits are non existant- great etertainment for a 39 year old computer geek.

blu ray.

mark carlisle


Paramount laughing all the way to the bank!

An Xbox with a Blu Ray drive on the horizon - M$ fanboys buying lots of humble pie and hiding in the corner eating it whilst sitting on their redundant hddvd drives.

whoooaa! too early in the morning for so much sarcasm..

nope - flame on

Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires

mark carlisle

there really is a god...

thank you!

Warner Bros gives all its hi-def loving to Blu-ray

mark carlisle

@but but but

'ps3 doesn't count'

sorry but, bollocks.

when the ps2 was launched, it greatly helped put a dvd player into every home, especially ones who wouldn't have spent £300 plus (1999 remember it well- good old samsung) for a stand-a-lone machine.

I was a manager of an electrical retailer during this time so this is first hand experience.

whether or not someone buys a ps3 to watch hd movies, they still have THE CAPABILITY to do so and sooner or later they will use it.

not so when you rely on price point to sell your sole-use hardware and throw millions of dollars to studios to force backing..

i hope this will end the whole 'format-war', so I can watch 'Transformers' on bluray!

Nintendo takes Japan Xmas sales crown

mark carlisle

ds hackability..

.. is prob the main reason they are selling so many consoles..

buy the console and a certain well known mod cartridge, a couple of 2 gb micro sd cards and hit a few rom sites..

voila! console sales a-plenty..

great business plan.. gotta luv nintendo

QVC debuts Venturer HD DVD player

mark carlisle
Paris Hilton

yeh right!!

bundle crap films with a crap brand...

great way to promote NEXT GEN technology. In a way it's sad to see the

obviously struggling hddvd format plummet to such depths of misery.

perhaps the next ploy will add the jackass trilogy(coming soon..), 15 of the worst-movies-you-would-never-admit-you-owned; and a free 50" TOSHIBA hd tv..

and if you really push the salesperson they'll even throw in the hdmi lead.. and Paris, since she's lost most of inheritance boo hoo

BitTorrenters seek sanctuary in Pirate Bay

mark carlisle
Gates Horns


perhaps we should just have a 'bit of a scorching' or 'a minor burn on the buttocks' instead?

perhaps kenny works for the Holy Order (Extended Section)of the MPAA?

commonly known as MPAA HOES

no offense but calm down

Sony posts PS3 DivX firmware update

mark carlisle

hey tony!!!

"To elaborate on my point about not being bothered about DivX, all the films I watch are on purchased or rented DVD or BluRay discs, like most peoples legal collection of films, right?"

love the 'cockwaving' expression btw!

I find it very handy to have my 300+ collection of dvds ripped to a couple of hard drives in good quality and stream them thru ethernet using a wee program called TVersity(google it). I also rent blu ray through tesco dvd rental (aka lovefilm)(btw El Reg -got me free ipod shuffle today so thanks for the heads up)

definition of legal I assume you refer to 'torrent etc' sourced stuff?

don't bother personally but loads do hence the popularity..

as of 16.50 today I still can't get the 2.10 update cause the network is too busy....guess I'll wait until after 10pm and all the fanboys are safely tucked up in their beds :rofl

mark carlisle
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its on the psn ok but try getting it down the line! seems like the server is at a standstill..

i stream all my movies so no biggie on divx but all updates are hugely welcome - gotta luv progess!

on another point though...

always find someone on a console comment who either:

a: has no intention of using whatever but feels the need to tell everyone

b: is passionate about their console(s) and enjoys waving their cock about

and finally the rest of us who enjoy making constructive comments(mostly)

Budget HD DVD player to include even more free discs

mark carlisle

@good deal.. etc

not trying to be picky here and am prepared to be corrected but xbox 360 PREMIUM? don't you need to buy and ELITE to get HDMI connectability?

component seems an awful drop down with a 50"plasma imho..

as for venturer.. wow!!! love to have that piece of quality brand gracing the living room. £29.99 seems like a fair price(dvd player for 9.97 or free with a bag of frozen peas) but only if I can hawk the five free disks on eBay at a tenner each..

never used QVC(likely never will), am thinking 'sheepdog' may have some sort of vested interest in the channel as he 'doth protest too much'!

final point is content..most of the movies I have watched on blu-ray have been ok but not earth shatteringly better than dvd. i am finding myself renting them but mainly using dvdrips(my own btw) and streaming(TVersity) them from the pc thru ethernet because:

a. its damn more convenient to have 300+ rips on a hard drive

b. don't have to get off my ass to change the movie for the next one

c. works and the kids can't scratch it!

you can throw as many crap free disks into a deal as you want, only the dumb looking for a cheap xmas pressie or offloading their january sale money will go for these. have to admit though will watch with interest to see what price they are sold at..

Dell parks itself in PC superstores across Europe

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nice business plan


packard bell and emachines became as 'matsui' in the minds of the public after takeup with dsg.

selling more machines might happen in the short term, but how much more damage to the name of 'dell' after DSG store staff(not their fault they don't get the necessary training) try to deal with the (user) problems?

mental image>> woman saying to friend "we got little johnny one of those dell laptops from pc world for xmas.. great job until it broke(not our fault-honestly..) and no one wanted to know us on boxing morning! never again!!" <<

going down...

Jackass 2.5 to premiere online

mark carlisle

age verification..

same as all the current game related US websites(unreal tournament 3 for example)

1. nice big splash page comes up(good start but inconvenient-where' the good stuff?)

2. some nice drop down boxes (luvverly)

3. message: please use drop down boxes above to confirm your date of birth..(hard to bypass this one..)


BBC's iPlayer launches Christmas Day

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if it works for radio..

it'll work for tv. was obviously the thoughts of someone at the bbc.

their 'play it again sam ' service for radio is great. But only because there isn't a major alternative download option.

as per previous comment on p2p/hard drive recorders etc.. , its just as easy to source material elsewhere. In fact I can think of a particularly excellent bit torrent site devoted to British tv and nothing else- allegedly

its an awfully expensive white elephant...

Boeing announces 'Laser Gunship' completion

mark carlisle
Black Helicopters

scifi speak?

"transformational directed energy weapon"

thats gotta win a prize for innovation, or they stole it from a crap sci fi novel.

btw does the black heli look like its trapped in a ring of deflected lasers?

Manhunt 2 UK release edges closer

mark carlisle

devoted to the job??

wow 30 hours of gameplay?

thats what I call devotion to the job.

Especially when its soo bloodthirsty and doesnt warrant a cert? Surely an hour of gameplay would have worked that one out?

Researcher: 'Second wave' HD adopters favour HD DVD

mark carlisle

sample size..

.. seems ridiculously small. 1000 one month than 1200 the next.

nearly made me laugh as loud as the advert on telly last night for a well known hair dye- claimed uks best seller - v small text in screen said figures for 2006...

statistics- the politicans liar and the liar of the appropriate marketing department!

Wii buyers follow French Connection for consoles

mark carlisle

sony gutted?

Anyone whos pays over the odds for anything needs their head looked at by the relevant professional.

French Wii's are now listed heavily on eBay, with the listings still in french!

As for Sony, the much sought after PS3 60gb model is the console a lot of gamers are searching for. since being replaced by the 40gb model, a lot of retailers are now selling the 40gb console for £349.

The same price I paid for my(whoops! the kids) 60gb model with 2 games.

you gotta love capitalism!

CompUSA goes titsup

mark carlisle
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I experienced CompUSA in NYC many years ago- truely frightening level of non-service at the time..

was a comfort as well of course, felt just like a DSG store - warm and cuddly a la crocodile

DivX comes to the Xbox 360

mark carlisle

simple solution....

use TVersity(google itand its true freeware), and El-Reg please do a review on it

streams all types of files from your pc to xbox/ps3 etc..


Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites

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lost customer 'losthosts'

As soon as I receive my passwords(if ever) I will be taking my business eslewhere.

This is an absolute joke. I've been locked out of my control panel for well over a week now. They had the cheek to sent another email yesterday 'announcing' the forced change of passwords for webmail too.

I don't have the time to sit on hold, trying to get through to have my details 'verified'

How will they even know it really is me in the event the hacker has all the necessary details?

exasparated...don't come close

MPAA's uni piracy-busting toolkit forced offline

mark carlisle

egg on face

and a lot of backpeddling.

hypocritical plonkers.

Oz video rental giants go Blu-ray only

mark carlisle


Blockbuster owned xtravision over here in NI have been BluRay only for ages.. so just following the company trend.

Bluetooth marketing window could be shut

mark carlisle
Paris Hilton

switching it off..

..what a good idea. if only more people took notice.

it's truely amazing how many unique and wonderful names people use for their handsets and how easy it would be to connect to them(if you were the sort of scumbag who did that sort of thing of course)

my favourite bluetooth message is the following:

"pornography has been detected on your handset. Please contact customer services immediately!'

nothing to do with Paris ;0

Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of in-game ads analysts

mark carlisle

my three yr old..

... does a great impression of 'EA SPORT - it's in the game'..

ah, get them young and keep them a la mcdonalds

Paris and Britney top US kids' Santa naughty list

mark carlisle
Paris Hilton

two points...

12. managing to put as many innuendos into one santa related article aka 'santas discharging sack' but top marks to 'fingering britney'

13. slapping the person who manages to come up with point 99..

NASA reveals manned Mars mission plans

mark carlisle

whatever the chinese can do...

methinks this is a nice american salute to the press the chinese have been getting for their 'Moon mission'.

Nothing like a 'superpower-ed space race'

Dixons grinches Christmas

mark carlisle

@'the lot of you'

I was a DSG employee at management level for many years..(another confession out of the way). Agree totally with the target market comments, and consumer choice is what it's all about. I buy everything online, but got them to price match Dixons.co.uk online for my Panasonic plasma and saved £260 on the shelf price(available to everyone who asks, by the way).

Profit wise, the word on the 'selling tvs' is that they are HUGELY profitable and thats why they were introduced into PC World.

From the event of taking commission of the sales staff and moving a 'team profitshare', the sales staff wages have plummeted and so has moral. The only thing thats went up is staff turnover.

I still have many friends with PC World and Currys so this is recent, first hand information.

A comment from one of these guys recently was ' I don't sell pc's because I get crucified(by team leaders) for reducing the stores overall profit, tv's are where I make the money '

Perhaps the chairman should start talking to the 'rank and file'..

The Romantics sue Guitar Hero for sound-alike imitation

mark carlisle


why stop with the song, just grab the entire game