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'Hacked docs' prove MtGox has 1 MILLION Bitcoins, claim blog-snatchers


Hi everybody.

Hi Dr Nick!

McDonalds ponders in-store 3D printing for Happy Meal toys


Re: I thought...

...maybe a comma would have been better.

Euro Parliament votes to end data sharing with US – the NSA swiped the bytes anyway


Re: A Key Problem

killjoy foundation for kids...I need a new keyboard after that.

US insurer punts 'bestiality' to wide-eyed kiddies, gasp 'mums'



being a front for a Christian organisation, they are ok with a talking serpent seducing the first woman into eating a forbidden apple, but a pig (obviously meant to represent the person who has purchased a contract from the company) driving a car and being seduced by/suffering the advances of a woman is a bad thing?

Religion...go figure!

Tennessee bloke quits job over satanic wage slip


I'm sure I remember...

a story somewhere about a guy that wouldn't take the 666 because of the religious meaning, so took the 616 instead...oops!

As for the article, good let him go, one less zealot...

Apple files disappearing-feature iPhone patent



"Im not sure of the quality of pictures taken from behind PDLC either."

See iOS6 Apple Maps...

Harvey Weinstein wants US to adopt French piracy laws


Not just me then!!??!!

I had to read it again, as the context seemed wrong...

Council chief overrules blackout on Scots 9-yr-old's school lunch blog!


It worked...

the ban has been lifted...

Another investor pulls out of Habbo Hotel after grooming claims



you cannot have forgotten sheep, deer and many others that do not have a plural form.

'Google released a dairy product'. What, it's cheesy?


I suppose...

Google could reply with something similar...

They released a bovine by-product at the same time we released Android 4.0

Dinosaur flatulence may have warmed Earth

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Re: Wrong! So in the Mesozoic CO2's off the hook eh?

My thought trail exactly....

Microsoft scrapes Windows Azure name off cloudy kit


How odd then...

that just below the article I am being offered a free 90 day trial of Windows Azure...

iPad typos are Apple's fault, not yours - new claim

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Beat me to it...

Tritton AX Pro 5.1-channel gaming headphones



They aren't that heavy at all...can easily have a days gaming without any neck strain.

Microsoft warns on support scams


I believe...

they do. My mother had one of these calls and luckily had the wherewithall to inform them that I worked in IT and had Admin control of all her PCs so would look at it for her. The number is actually 1 digit short of a UK number and when she tried to ring back, was unable to connect.

Another friend had a call as well and actually aloowed them access, but again, luckily I had set up an Admin account and she only had Standard user access so couldn't install any of their software as she didn't have the password.

I am waiting for them to call me, although everyone else in my house uses windows I have Ubuntu and would love to waste some of there time...


I like that idea...

maybe I should set up my VIC20 if they call me and get them to talk me through the problem...

Mumsnet founder: Our members are 'very keen' on PORN ...



I must say is that brush tarred regularly in order for your insulting broad-sweeping comments or is it just once in a while???

I use AOL and have done for many years now. Although i do not use their bloatware on any PC in my house. I, as a responsible (although you seem to suggest I am not) have:

1) Site blocking by keyword/website on my router (which I regularly update if I find that sites can be accessed)

2) K9 Webprotection installed on all PCs/Laptop used by the 2 youngest in my household.

So where does my lack of ability to be a responsible parent come into this??? Pray tell, as I would be fascinated to hear.

More cocaine found at Kennedy Space Center


"A premliminary...

on-the-spot test by police "indicated a positive test for cocaine" "

Cop with rolled up note, mirror and credit card...

Call of Duty DDoS attack police arrest teen


I can see it now,

next on Jeremy Kyle, Elaine talks about how her son, Jayzee, has turned from a small time DDoS user to a full-time virus writer.

Elaine: You know Jeremy, people said it was a gateway to harder, more dangerous things but i never believed them.

*Cue video of kid in bedroom on CoD*

DDoS attack, sex warrant won't stop Assange's leaky discharge


Bin Laden and Assange are in cahoots...

and no Ms Palin, that is not a real place, so dont head there first in your "hunt".

Maybe the person you should find is the person that leaked the documents in the first place. Its not as if you find Assange that Wikileaks will crumble in his absence. People will still leak the documents...

MP wants age verification for net smut


Surely the easier option...

is to just restrict access via software installed on a PC or by blocking sites at router level. I have 2 young kids and am well aware of the amount of porn on the internet (many hours of research to ensure I was able to fully restrict access), and have installed on all other laptops/PCs in the house the K9 web protection software, and also with my router I am able to block sites by keyword or URL.

A good example of a site that managed to get past my filter was when my 6 yr old daughter typed wwwkindermagiccom into google looking for the Kinder Magic site to enter the code she got from her delicious chocolate egg, however the top link was far from kinder magic but was definitely a surprise!!!

Maybe this politician should write to all UK parents with a letter along these lines.

Dear Parent,

They are your children, take some responsibility and stop thinking that everyone else should be doing your job for you. You chose to have children and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are kept as safe as possible whether outside playing or on the internet. Won't you think of your children???


Beeb to show unseen interview with Dr Who theme creator




The link above contains the following text...

"If you've linked directly to this page from another site - welcome! Mark Ayres wrote the music for three Doctor Who stories ("The Greatest Show in the Galaxy", "Ghost Light", and "The Curse of Fenric") and other Doctor Who-related video productions."

It does not make mention of him writing the original theme...

Also for those on Sky you will be able to watch it via the regional channels. I believe they are 980 ish.

Shock! Facebook cycle-slut smutvid is adware front

Paris Hilton

Are there people that...

still fall for this kind of thing, surely by now there would be enough of the Facebook masses that would be in some way aware of this??? So glad I spend as little time on there as I posibly can, I have friends almost addicted to MobWars...why??? Also, the only person I want to "poke" is my fiancee...

Paris Hilton, because I am sure that most of Facebook have "poked" her at some point in time...

False Facebook charge group used to spread malware


I'm surprised...

that Zuckerberg was unable to use his prophetic abilities to foresee this...

This is as Elmer Phud says just a great example of human nature. Panic, react and at some point later on think about it and realise you have once again been conned/scammed/shown to be a blinkered sheep.

I recently had about 12 copies of the Sony Ericsson "sweet" laptop deal, send it to 10 people and receive a free laptop...straight away alarm bells rang so I did a quick Google search and lo and behold...it was fake. We are to quick to trust everything that is said on the internet, if someone came to your door and said they would give you a laptop if you gave them 10 friends names/addresses you would tell them where to get off, so why are we so quick to believe all these scams etc???

Oh by the way...in August The Reg is going to charge for it use. Go to www.downloadavirustoyourpcandspendloadstoremovescarewareandviruses.net

to sign a petition against this...

Ferry giant refuses ID card


The new ID card Scheme...

will keep you in this country...forever. Great start for the whizz-wonderful ID card scheme.

Gordon brown was seen on TV today in an interview commenting:

"All your travel plans are belong to us..."

Watchdog mauls Disney woman's breasts


So let me get this straight...

Someone complains about the Ad and the ASA agree with the complaint citing clause with the explanation:

"because users were encouraged to take action to remove the woman's top in order to see her breasts,"

maybe a way around this would have been for them to send out X-ray specs to those that asked, cos I see no other way of seeing a womans breasts unless

1) I remove her top

2) She removes her top

3) She doesn't wear a top at all...

How inanely stupid are some people??? Does this complainant think that a kid using a mouse on his PC to pull up a top to see a black rectangle will then go out and try this in the street, cos it gives him/her a hunger for black rectangle viewing??? It's not as if he is being encouraged to use his hands to do this, it's just a load of moving pixels on a screen.

Russian's Bulgarian airbags burst mid-flight


Re: Recalls scene from airplane

It should be...

Doctor> She'll need to go to the hospital.

Passenger> The hospital, what is it ?

Doctor> Its a big building with patients in it, but thats not important right now.

Shame they burst though, cos in the other story (linked to this one) the airbags saved the girls life...if the plane had crashed would they have saved her life???

I for one would welcome the chance to have DD implnats, it would give me something to do to keep me occupied between waking up and going to sleep...

Spanish bar invites customer abuse


RE: RE;Genius idea Peter garner...

From what I remember of my spanish classes it means (although the spanish spelling could be slightly wrong):

I shit on the mother that bore you, i want a beer you fat bastard...

Please note that insult is quite offensive to the spanish...

we actually nick-named one of our teachers Senor Gordiflon (Mr Fat Bastard)


Genius idea...

Oiga, puta madre, penso que eres erotico burro pene, deme una cerveza, ahora!!!


Me caja en la madre que te parrio(or is that pario?) Quiero una cerveza, gordiflon

(PS forgive the lack of accents...couldn't be arsed...)

Suppose its better than complaining about the place, as some people do...

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7


Oh dear me...

still people go on about Apple and Safari... Safari is not the same as IE, core parts of IE were required for the OS to function, you COULD NOT remove IE fully from your PC without causing problems with the OS...is this the same with Safari??? Simple answer...NO.

As for all the naysayers harping on about not having a browser out of the box, surely Mozilla and others would be wise to put their respective browsers on a CD and either send them out on the front on various PC magazines or even have PC world and the likes burn various ones(including IE) onto CD's and have them placed around the store or at the Service desk where you purchase/collect your shiny new box.

Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan

Paris Hilton

Well after reading this...

stumbled across this last night whilst doing some browsing...


Time Top ten absurd covers...and one was on Pornography.

Why So Worried?

Porn, Time says, is sweeping the country, leaving our deflowered Puritan sensibilities in its wake. "The First Amendment may safeguard the rights of pornographers and their audience," the magazine posits, "but surely the majority of Americans who find porn objectionable have rights as well. Must they and their children be under constant assault by the hucksters of porn?"

Cue Ominous Music:

The article quotes U.C.L.A. psychiatrist Robert J. Stoller, author of Perversion: The Erotic Form of Hatred, who warns that porn "'disperses rage' that might tear society apart, but also threatens society by serving as propaganda for the unleashing of sexual hostility."

Oh, Just Settle Down:

Time was right about the increase in production and availability of pornography in the 1970s, it was just wrong about the effects. Two years after this cover appeared, the number of reported rapes in the U.S. began a 30-year free-fall, a period over which pornography became increasingly easier to obtain. Today, porn is more abundant and ubiquitous than ever, while incidence of rape in the U.S. is at its lowest rate since the government started keeping statistics.

I look at Porn with my partner, we both enjoy it. But to say that people who watch porn are more likely to be deviants is a very broadsweeping comment.

I for one think that woman needs to get out more, and maybe get laid and should she not be a looker then the unfortunate person could choose which bag, Paper or Plastic.

Paris...no explanation needed..

Geeks make least selfish lovers: Official



So does t6hat mean if I work 50/50 IT and office based I have all bases covered...

@ So much for statistics

Just because they care more about their partners needs than theirs doesn't mean they enjoy it any less surely??? I think what was omitted is that they get their satisfaction but care that their partner is pleasured, rather than the WHAM BAM thank you Ma'am approach.

Parcelforce website cold-shoulders Linux lovers


Oh well,

their loss. As more and more people seem to be using a wider variety of OS's, it seems their customer base will decrease if they refuse online support for them. In this day and age, surely you would want your business to thrive, using any medium possible.

@AC freeTARD

Love the Bill Gates icon next to freeTARD comment...genius!

You're barcoded: The sneaky under-25 route to compulsory ID



Was out at the weekend with my step-son and friend. Step-son had drivers licence and his friend had birth certificate and a college photo ID on him but couldn't get in...a bloody birth certificate and a photo ID, two forms of ID that proved he was over 18, but they wouldn't let him in.

Also going back to the comment about DVD shopping. had a similar thing with my step-son and went to get some wine and beers for his mum and I, cos he wasn't over 18 (at that time)they wouldn't serve me. However, went in with the 2 younger (9 and 5) children and they served me...wtf!!??!! they are still underage, i could still give them the alcohol so what is the difference???

At the end of the day no matter what they do, underage drinking will still happen, they should as someone else pointed out allow it in moderation, then you wouldn't have groups of kids on the local park with bottles/cans of alcohol causing mayhem. I was allowed to drink small amounts as a child growing up and to be honest it gave me a respect for drinking in moderation.

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth


I guess its time to...

dust of my old "Better smeg than dead" t-shirt...oh the memories of a great show, will have to record for my in-law as he loves it too...

Do hope they don't spoil it though, would be a shame after all this time to go a balls it up.

Maybe the G.E.L.F could make a re-appearance...

Child porn in the age of teenage 'sexting'


Can see it now...

the lawyers sitting in their offices...

"We're not getting many child abuse cases in now are we....I know lets take the law to its limits to make more money, doesn't metter who we hurt in the process as long as we get our money for new cars/pols/houses/girlfriends*"

It makes me sick the the world has become so litigious, I am all for there being laws that protect people but when they are used so irresponsibly I think we need to step back and take stock of where we really want all this to head. My father-in-law was nearly branded a Peado solely for the fact he had taken photos of his granddaughter whilst she bathed as many of us have done and had done to us as children. I know there are photos of me in the bath as a child that my parents have, does that now class them as deviants??? I hope not!!!

*delete as appropriate

Seriously, these kids are 15 - 17yrs old and they want to brand them peados.WHY??? At the end of the day, if they had not had phones the girls might have shown them everything in some bus stop or woodland area...where is the difference?

I'm tired of this sue everything that moves because we can twist the law.

/soap box

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


Insert title here...

Wouldn't class myself as a genius when it comes to PC's but I installed Ubuntu and XP as dual boot. I have found some problems and had to go online to get help (luckily I could boot into Win), but even if i hadn't had dual boot, i'm certain I know at least 500 people with access to the internet and could have gone to theirs to get help.

Someone pointed out that common sense and logic had evaded her, I agree totally.

As for fixing network connections, my partner has Vista and the wireless kept dropping off for no reason, try as I could all i could do was repqir and hope it worked. Eventually had to wire it to router. However , managed without a problem to change wired to wireless on Ubuntu (feisty fawn) and the sort out when I changed security to WPA-PSK, just by looking online.

Some people should just not be allowed near computers, believe me I know a few, but to blame Ubuntu for stopping you going onto web and dropping out of college is absolutley astounding...has the world become a windows botnet???

Max Planck Institute punts 'hot, young housewives'


Mong Kok????

I thought Mong Kok was a lovely little market district, all pirate cd's and such. I definately remember going to the Wan Chai district to see the lovely ladies at Suzi Wongs at the ripe old age of 16(being 6ft plus always fooled them into thinking you were older.) Oh the happy happy days!!!

Chinese 419er punts a whopping $8


What I like the best...

is the fact that you get the email from one address (tiscali.cz) and have to reply to another (yahoo.com.hk).

It astounds me that people ever fall for this.

I know my Sister -in-law was contacted by someone on ebay when she was trying to sell a car, they offered to wire the money(well above the amount she wanted) and then send funds to him. luckily she asked me and I told her not to and why, but some people still fall for it, we need an ad campaign to warn of dangers of this sort of thing.

El Reg decimates English language


Where we go wrong with teaching the English language...

at school we are taught the three R's:

Reading - Good start begins with an R.

Writing - Still has an R sound at the beginning as the W is silent.

Arithmatic - Nope not an R sound, but an A sound.

That I feel is the fundamental mistake and the reason so many people could have done beter had they been taught properly. They need to change this and teach children WAR or RAW in schools, preferrably the former.


UK schools teach children WAR in the classroom.

Opera hits Microsoft with EC complaint


@ i'd of


It's I'd HAVE not I'd of

Secondly, the whole arguement is about Microsoft monopoloising the market.

Fine let them produce their own browser etc, but you don't have to bundle it all together thus stopping people from ever learning that there are better options out there. So many people just blindly follow MS because they know no better. I now use Firefox and will never go back to IE because it is far superior, in my opinion. I am constantly telling people of other browsers that are available because they have no idea what so ever of the choice out there.

Maybe MS should bring out a removal tool for IE as Symantec did with their product.

Google agrees to cough Israeli blogger's IP address



maybe i should read bootnotes first...hat and coat time.


I think..

that blogspot.com is run by google

see this link


so does that mean if he hadn't stated any criminal activities about these guys that it wouldn't have been slander...(should that be libel as the comments are written not verbal).