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Polish Spitfire shoots down BNP


@Mr Konzicki

£80 a day is exploitation? £80 a week would be exploitation. £80 a day would be a VERY good wage (for anywhere outside London.) Effectively, after tax, I pull in perhaps £50 a day.

BT accused of 'sharp practice' on rolling contracts


Pot/Kettle Redux...

Actually, I had cause to help a friend order a few things from BT recently, so I can say that as long as you order from their inbound teams (as opposed to the "we're calling you to see if you want..." then they go to quite excruciating and tedious detail to make sure you understand exactly what you're getting into. In fact, they tell you in detail, twice.

Yes, the whole rolling contract thing is sharp practise as they're relying on peoples tendency to forget, and on general inertia. As others have said, highly cynical, but then, surely you should be paying attention to what you're getting into.

The problem, as we have seen, is that the others aren't much better, and in some cases, worse. whatever else BT gets away with, remember, not only are the others at it too, but they also get rather a lot less in the way of slapping than BT seems to.

Not to specifically defend BT, but glass houses and all that. These days, it feels like "how do you want to take your poison?"

Nintendo sells metric %#@&-load of Wiis in November


But this is britain..

So we should be using the Imperial Fuckton.

Or is that now depracated.

OpenOffice update released

Thumb Down

And still...

Still, they manage to have completely failed to get the en_GB localised version (meaning the menus and UI in proper English, as opposed to just the dictionaries and stuff) up. Again.

It's been MIA since the update from 2.0.2 was apparently broken.

Businesses blind to the security risks of temporary staff


Other Way Up?

Actually, this surprises me, as historically it's always been the opposite problem. I've lost count of the amount of hours I've had to sit twiddling my thumbs because in order to do the job, I need access to X computer system, or Y set of documents, when temps don't get access to it.


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