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Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only

peter ashworth

when users start to get less work than they used to ...

what happens when they cannot afford the monthly fee anymore ....

i for one do not like renting software, i like to know it is there when i need it, end of ...

Apple stalks execs in the cloud

peter ashworth

i think MobileMe was not given the needed final push to get it right, and i am annoyed that they have removed certain elements of it that i was using regularly

iCloud is based on the presumption that we will be using Apple apps as THEY see fit, something i have not done, and i am now trying to work out alternative ways of not having my data removed by the enforced update next summer

i do not want to be told how to use space on the iCloud - give me space and i will use it in my own way; but try and limit how i can use it and it is already broken

Neal's Yard Remedies its supply chain

peter ashworth

wasn't this just an ad for Sage?

i too gave up before the end of the video, but i did watch over half of it, and fundamentally it seemed an advert for Sage products, without examples of use, to any how-to's - was this article done to get Sage to buy two adverts and is this the future??

Apple to splurge $275m on mobile ad broker

peter ashworth

who the hell wants advertising?

this is a backwards step, and a BIG mistake

one of the things that has caused the TV experience to be so crap (apart from the atrocious programmes that is) is the incessant ad breaks, which become increasingly more frequent and longer

i rarely watch LIVE tv anymore, it is more chilled to tape and watch it later when the ads can be removed

to flood the internet with ads whilst the medium is still struggling with speeds, download limits and badly designed pages too full of irrelevant links is asking for trouble

a BAD MOVE Apple, trying the Google angle on for size is a DUMB MOVE

Intel: tweak Nehalem's nobs to hit high notes

peter ashworth

so when are we going to see the manual?

if Intel set the chips a certain way, that may not be providing the best performance, then what the user needs is a manual to suggest beneficial tweaks

so......... where's that manual?

Virgin hijacks empty pages

peter ashworth

Virgin hijacks empty pages

and that opt out is not working at the moment

i am a virgin media customer, but when i tried to go to the link this article posted i was REDIRECTED to a page which said it did not recognise i was a virgin media customer, and to try again later


Brown to Sugar: 'You're hired'

peter ashworth

Amstrad was worthless in my honest opinion

ever wonder why Amstrad is not a major player in the computer business??

both the hardware and the software were absolute RUBBISH!!

in my honest opinion Sugar should have been arrested at the time for selling sub-standard goods

the OS was nonsensical tosh

he admitted later he did not really know what he was doing but he could work out that if he bought various components and fitted them in a box he could make a profit

and boy, did he!!

Go, Brown, go!

peter ashworth

another No 10 petition ...... please pass around

whilst we are on the subject of getting No 10 petitions up and running i have just had one approved myself, this concerning the actions of the credit card companies who seem fully intent on going against everyone who is trying their best to deal with the credit crunch in a fair way (even if they have been coerced by the govt)

please check out, and sign if you agree, this one -


Apple banishes Macs to old folks home

peter ashworth

my G4 is STILL running well

i have been using my dual 1GHz G4 tower every day for over 6 years, i have replaced the video card, added 2 x 250Gb HD's and added a USB 2 pci card

...... and i work on 2+Gb photo images

it may not be the fastest machine on the block by any means, but i am not the fastest retoucher in the world, and the only time i am kept waiting is when i open or save these files

i think i will be saddened when i replace this, my first mac, with one that will (hopefully) be the G6

even my original flatscreen 17" monitor is still in daily use!

Home Office to hand out more Tasers to police

peter ashworth

tase the Home Office guy who ok'ed this

i feel that before anyone can legitimately ok the use of the taser, they must be given a whack from it

only then will they have th right to approve it's use on others

the restricted usage as mentioned will surely weakened as the years go by

Apple unsheathes Jesus Phone 2.1

peter ashworth
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since having updated to 2.1 i have been unable to successfully sync, repeatedly getting "unknown" error 13213 - result


this is total rubbish, and it makes me feel MAAAAAD

BT targets 10,000 data pimping guinea pigs

peter ashworth

reported to ofcom

this sort of thing really annoys me so i have just reported it to ofcom, and the guy i spoke to certainly seemed interested to hear about it, saying it was the first he had heard of it

now to contact the data protection bunch who have been renamed ICO at ico.gov.uk

Apple cuts UK iTunes prices

peter ashworth

now for Adobe and it's products across the world

still fuming that Adobe a products are TWICE what they cost in the USA (the most subsidised country in the world).....

Top government boffin urges rethink on GM crop ban

peter ashworth
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less people for future future

the only way forward is for there to a REDUCTION in the planet's birth rate, that will mean less pollution, less food requirements, etc etc etc

why is the idea of forcing the world to grow/eat patented food a good idea in ANYONE'S book (unless they work for the 'manufacturers' in some way)

yeah, bugger off King, you have the wrong answer to the wrong question!!

Met Police to pilot Tasers

peter ashworth
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this is a very bad idea .........

and anyone who really befieves that the Taser should be introduced to this country should agree to be Tasered BEFORE his request is taken seriously

also believe that ANY policemen who carries the Taser should be Tasered AT LEAST once a week

that will make them aware of what a dangerous piece of offensive equipment they carry

while we are at it, why not also give them light hand-guns, you know, just ones that really bruise someone but cannot kill them????????

what idiot thought this one up?????

BT forgets to bill for internet access

peter ashworth

0870 should be already illegal anyway, and BT should not be making any money from them

i understood that the 0870 premium rate numbers were going to be outlawed, and in my honest opinion, they should have NEVER BEEN ALLOWED

they are simply a way of mutlinational companies, and those who cxopy their dubious habits, to charge secretly (until you get your bill, that is) for their 'free' telephone advise/help/customner service, whatever they like to call it

it is immoral, and the sooner the expected ban comes into force the better

Buddhist video game aims to teach morals

peter ashworth

of course violent video games cause violence................ so make peace games

anyone who seriously believes that the availability of violent, morally-corrupt video games does not subvert the comprehension of youth to society, is missing the point.

imagine, for a moment, that you are a child again. what your parents surround you with, is taken for granted as being good for you (there are many variations in this scenario so bear with me on this). you are given food, you eat, you are given love, you accept it, you are punished, you try to avoid doing the things that caused you to be punished.

now imagine being given things that give you pleasure, but at the discomfort of others around you, with no come back.

what do you suppose the result would be?

a young person who will strive to do kind things for others?

or a young person who will take pleasure in hurting others?

to me the increasing pleasure and tolerance (by youth) in violence on the street, seems to indicate that being offered violence as a form of entertainment has confused the moral development, and only when it is pointed out that this thinking is totally WRONG, can progress be made

the arrival of this video game, from a buddhist, is the first step in letting ADULTS RETHINK THEIR TOLERANCE OF MORALLY DUBIOUS 'GAMES' and to start to ban them outright, or at least put a 21+ age limit on them