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US Army in $50m video game upgrade


War Games?

"Game After Ambush can also hook into the Army's real-world computer battle command systems..."

QUICK! Someone find Matthew Broderick!

Stormtrooper helmet sales still legal in Britain



One could say that he has bumped his head, but successfully made it through the door.

Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat



...the guards were offended that anyone would wear a t-shirt sporting the Optimus Prime from that pathetic excuse for T transformers movie.

Google to build 80,000 foot radio tower?


And on the 8th day there was Google.

...and seeing Google, and their incredibly incredible tower of radio-ey goodness, the Lord smote them, for the Lord wanted the sandpit to [him|her]self.

MS + Yahoo! = Microhoo! - Official!


I prefer MicroYah!

And I feel it is a gross oversight that it wasn't included in the poll.

UK media consultant dupes 2.4m randy YouTubers

Jobs Horns

And the Reg has learnt this lesson too...

Hence the subtitle containing the phrase "Hot Girl Sex"... and attracting young men... ahem.

Oz admits $85m p0rn filtering FAIL


@David Wiernicki

Dave... mate... as Patrick Ernst intelligently pointed out, if Aussies were afraid of sex, we'd have adopted the filter. It's huge failure can only sensibly be interpreted as an invitation to the rest of the world to get over here and get freaky.

I wonder how many more times the fabulous Mr Rudd will be made to look bad by the backwards policies and projects implemented by the previous government. Who was that guy anyway? John something or other...

- Matt

Google in mass 404 land grab


Give me a break

Everyone is going on about principals, and that's great, but come on... get real. Google aren't doing any harm whatsoever, especially considering the limitations of the effect (Google toolbar installed, 404 page < 512 bytes)

Google is clearly trying to help, albeit with their brand name in full view. They are providing a service, and they are not withholding or changing any of the information being passed to the user by the web server (ie: page not found, 404)

Rogers, however, is actively lying to the user, and that is the big difference.

Teen hacker re-unlocks Apple's iPhone


What a stupid thing to say...

"Bernstein Research estimated that 1 million iPhones, or a full 27 per cent of the handsets sold to date, are running on unauthorized networks. At that rate, Apple could lose $1bn in revenue over the next two years."

Have you not considered that *maybe*... just maybe... some of those 1 million users would never have bought the iPhone if it wasn't unlockable?

It should read like this:

"Bernstein Research estimated that 1 million iPhones, or a full 27 per cent of the handsets sold to date, are running on unauthorized networks. It is estimated that Apple has made $XXX due to sales of unlockable iPhones; an unexpected bonus for the companies bottom line."

Megan's Law snafu fingered in rapist's murder


Sad lack of Darwinism

We're master of our domain, us humans. It's a pity, because I'd like to think people that stupid would have died out by now otherwise.

I can console myself with the fact that they're only American.

Google preps magic GDrive


Silly Cade

There is no such thing as offline in the universe of Google. (I'm not really joking either)

UK firm 'recalls' 575 knee implants


I prefer this subtitle

WTB: Giant magnet