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Apple designer Sir Jony Ive holding up iOS 7 development: Report

Chris Donald

Flat n boring look?

Please please DON'T copy MS with the world's most boring, least data dense crap flat interfaces. Shockingly I LIKE the skeumorphic stuff, at least it follows some reasonable design principles giving cues as to what to touch/not touch and it's far nicer on the eyes than the flat boring (yes I said it again) metro crap.

Why a whole screen is required for a messenger (MS) I don't know but the flat look deserves to be quite short lived, at least in the forms I've seen so far. If Apple follow it, I'll do everything I can to avoid updates. Yuck.

HTC profits PLUNGE 98%: Pins hopes on HTC One, 'Facebook mobe'

Chris Donald

HTC One - lovely phone

This is a bit of a shame because losing HTC would mean Samsung and Apple are the only big players around (ok, so there is Sony / Nokia I guess)....

I chose my HTC One - preordered it because it has a very high res screen (468ppi) and I read a lot on whatever device is in my hand.

They made just one mistake, no memory slot.

But it's a very competent, solid phone and it definitely deserves to succeed - though I would urge HTC to get OUT of the trend of no mem card slots. Silly silly choice.

I chose it over Samsung S4 and similar - its a better screen.

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro gets laptop-level price

Chris Donald

Too low spec, too high a price

I'd forgive a higher price, but for the low specs.

Maybe Android can't run visual studio-which I need but it does have a 2500*1600 screen. Ms want me to accept far lower resolution, low storage (for a windows device!) where most is used by Windows with its winSXS folder bloat, a measly amount of ram and average processor speed?

I'd hoped to find a device suitable for visual studio. Not for heavy development either, just simple f# console stuff, light vb and c#, and casual tinkerings with ILasm-I'm learning these and a tablet I can do it on would be a god send.

But the specs on offer for the majority of my savings are deeply unexciting. Ok, I'm not the masses, just a developer playing with stuff. Have to confess though, win8 itself isn't exciting but for the very shallowest of reasons. I hate the new look :).

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul

Chris Donald

I like, but I hope...

Their iPad 3 and I'm using it now, but I hope they take a sharp downfall, just for a while. Because this is arrogance and worse. It's a dire day for freedom of competition and no one should have this much commercial power. It's the extreme end of capitalism where it is actually a bad way to do things.

We will all pay for this in a various ways, our technology culture will be poorer and less innovative for it and arrogant secure companies dictate far more than they innovate. For these reasons, Apple needs to tumble, but only long enough to realise that this is bad for the future. Then wake up and focus on doing good stuff again, minus the vulture pack of lawyers and bullshit.

This isn't a comment on quality but of ethics.

Microsoft RTMs final Windows 8 and Server 2012 code

Chris Donald

Right tool...

After using it on the laptop, for half and hour, I'm not upgrading on anything that isn't touch focussed.

Having said that, I am inclined to try out and go for a surface pro if any good. To date my experience of new things is generally good. I hated apple but put aside prejudice to look at a tool for a job. The iPad 3 is excellent for reading and convenient computing of the less productive sort. Can't fault it. The surface appeals as I may be able to code on it in vs studio :)

And metro is bloody terrible, horrible, poor and well I come off the fence when I say diabolical for the desktop. It's simply the wrong tool. And it does break some design rules regarding usability of course. Interested in surface, uninterested in win 8 desktop.

Brit global warming skeptics now outnumber believers

Chris Donald

Re: Also

How does science increasingly show there is a creative force?

I do not believe any specific aspect of genuine scientific research either shows this or even has any meaningful way to attempt to.

Belief is seductive, it has to be, it is an emergent property of brain architecture and is necessary for us to operate. If we could not believe and connect up possible cause and effect, we couldn't learn. The flip side is we have the ability to learn and believe harmful or nonsensical ideas. Also, we are influenceable, we have to be, for social cohesion.

Hate the metaphor, but computer design means viruses can exist. Cell biology means viruses can exist. Mental base structures means memes can exist, these can be hooked easily into multiple levels of mental machinery including emotional ones. Making such ideas a potential part of identity, therefore an attack on these can be felt as an attack on the self.

Climate change was pushed as a real scenario, in panic and emotion much more than pure science. As such it has the duel evil of a cult like emotional hook and an apparent scientific reality. Faced with that, it is no wonder that it became a foundation of a scientific religion deep enough to effect politics.

James Lovelock admitted he was alarmist. What he forgot to add is emotion and cult tactics are best sellers.

Non of this disproves any real science here. Though I do believe our own sun will effect us far more deeply than nearly anything we can do. Except maybe nuclear war.

Don't bother with that degree, say IT pros

Chris Donald

Why a class to learn about a class?

I don't connect with the idea you needed a class or a lecturer-at least in person-to get these ideas.

My own skills are rather rudimentary and syntax frequently makes me a Tourrettes sufferer. However, the concepts themselves are frequently well explained in many books, many articles and not a few videos.

In addition, for VS users, DevExpress refactor product or ReSharper (and similar) is a massive help. These things suggest refactorings that often caused me to find out what they were on about. Very bloody handy.

I'll miss out on big corporate work I'm sure as I don't pay the papers due respect and have none. Fine with that, I never got on with larger structured establishments in any case. It's interesting to note the two points of view that this article divides us into however. For years, I've been surrounded by other IT guys-any programmers were usually cleverer at it than me (still are)-and without exception these were all home grown types.

The one uni guy I knew, I was also training on stuff.I was 17 :). So, my bias isn't obvious :).

Chris Donald

Self taught, self adapting

Given the choice, I will pick out adaptable, self taught and self driven people any day of the week. Divergent thinkers who've got the discipline to sit and learn the principles and practices of a profession (or three) get my vote.

Critical use of the internet, of proper books, peer reviewing the knowledge sources used and of course-the main staple-direct personal trial, error, review (after Tourette's attacks ad infinitum) I have found to be rather effective.

Using the Dreyfuss expertise scale, I'm competent at coding. Refactoring necessity, principles of reusability, contracts, coherent classes all make some sense to me-and some I can use :). In addition, it's obvious where my own gaps are and what to do next to fill them in. So grasping a new bit is easy enough, it's just a time/effort issue.

All of it, fitted in, when i needed it, in the last two years-around a dozen other (non programming) roles and tasks of a new job.

Books used? Code complete, pragmattic programmer, the inevitable collection of MS books on specific technologies/kindle books-then onto deeper principles themselves-the theory I would have picked up at uni.

Time invested-4-8 months of actual work, few hundred pounds of books-and software.

The profit ratio in my very early days-i.e. now-of programming and developing is rather high. And I'm not servicing a student dept.

So, tongue in cheek here, it's also an IQ test.

Is the lady or gent in front of me, looking for work, clever enough to do it themselves with resources like I used-or did they waste a number of years and 5 figures to do it the long way?

Cynical perhaps but learning to learn is another time/effort and appropriate materials job.

I can't think of a sterling reason to use a University for my future education requirements-though I'm honest enough to admit, I'll use the products of some of their cleverest bods...the books and other stuff they come out with.

ICO lets police maintain ANPR location secrecy

Chris Donald

Social responsibility..

Let us take social responsibility a shade further. How about facebooking and otherwise sharing each location in an easy to access manner. I'm sure there are dozens of developers who can knock up an easy to fill in map-or perhaps use a google maps thingy to mark them all down.

Reckon someone did that already-too obvious. Simply circumvent the authorities "right to silence"-with the public's right to speak.

However, I do think that genuine, basic law enforcement is helped by these. And I hate them on principle.

Over the top police state style stuff. Never liked the nanny state, in any form.

VW to eliminate worst road hazard: drivers

Chris Donald
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I'd prefer to own it

Technology may probably overcome all the obstacles, if the demand is there.

What I'd dislike is to share; I'd rather choose and own my own intelligent car, hell, teach it tricks :).

Lets not end up with a form of vehicular communism, please? Otherwise we'd probably have dead boring, yawn making cars, shared out to all and sundry, vandalised in various ways by the usual twat minority.

How extreme is your pr0n? Depends on your lawyer

Chris Donald

Very sad, very stupid

Labour allowed the moralistic whinge bags of the UK to win and bought in a bullshit pile of crap law that serves only to line the pockets of lawyers at best, achieving nothing, just appeasing holier than thou ****holes that need to get a life.

There isn't any good arguements supporting this law, just moral nonsense that means nothing and is thinner than the tissue I use to wipe my nether regions. Some vague clap-trap about reducing abuse. Sorry, doesn't fly. You can't prove shit about how adults produced a film with other adults. Camera tricks, special effects and other techniques screw up the process of proving how.

Yes, there are individuals that must be protected. However adults who wish to play, with other consenting adults are not those.

I hope the new government will trash this pointless, pious travesty of a law-in addition to getting rid of "possesion" bollox; instead focussing on the production of genuinely abusive material-that of minor, punishing the hell out of anyone proven to be PRODUCING the shit.

UK.gov to scrap new staff training rights

Chris Donald

Seems a strange choice to cut

Seems an odd choice to cut, though of course, the conservative element is known to be influenced by the more elite folks. Like Directors.

That might be skeptical of course. And I do want the Coalition to succeed-the labour nannies were way, way over the top.

However, I can't help feeling that its a choice that reduces options a little for workers.

Personally, I would not work for a company that didn't offer a reasonable level of staff development, as it would be pointless to me.

To condradict myself a little, perhaps its not something the government should be regulating in the first place. If a company doesn't value training on its own, that says a lot about the company in question, imposing artificial rules on them will not change that fundemental set of values, meaning the legislation would be paid lip service too.

No point in pointless laws.

Extreme porn law on the ropes

Chris Donald

Yoinster-100% right.

This law is pointless-pure control freakery of the highest, moralist and panic monger induced order.

An umbrella law thats a great excuse for having a pop at people. Thought up by idiots in response to twats, enforced moronically.

I hope it dies a death and fast. Waste of resources in every single possible way.

It also takes away attention and time from searching for the genuine danger-the sources of childporn. THOSE should be the only real focus for porn police-the evil f**kers who MAKE childporn.

Caretaker faces jail for putting abuse images on boss's laptop

Chris Donald

Hope the arsehole gets a very long sentence

There is a case here for getting rid of the public right to know names until a charge is proven. If we could shed that bit of unfair nonsense, then it would make it harder to fuck up people's lives with false allegations.

I never understood why everyone has to know immediately when some accusation is thrown at someone. Surely the public only have a right to know when such a thing is proven.

Apathy kills Google's new-age Wave

Chris Donald

Never understood it..

I got used to Facebook, halfway used to Twitter (as in seeing the point-I barely do still), and like Tumblr for simple articles that look silly posted only on FB.

However, despite using other Google software for years, the Wave never actually made sense. It never broke over the rock of my understanding or made a splash in my online life.

Can anyone explain where your meant to go or what you are meant to do with this thing? :-).

DfT denies deliberately misleading on speed cam stats

Chris Donald

Great for the UK

Get shot of Autonanny the tax collector. About time too.

Lazy policing with little to commend it.

The Swiss must be incredibly blase or foolish to allow themselves to be policed in such a horrible, automatic fashion. Big thumbs down from me.

You could be banned in seconds with crap like that. I sincerely hope they all vote out the entire thing.

Microsoft should starve on radical penguin diet

Chris Donald
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Experts and predictions...

I'm just curious as to the ratio of expert predictions that have actually (mostly) come true and those that haven't.

Especially when it comes to this kind of arena, markets. I have a niggling feeling, that they're inaccurate more than accurate.

It would be nice if the retail cost of the gear came down for sure.

Emmerdale shoves jam rags in innocent kiddies' faces

Chris Donald

Excellent list...

I have to thank Adrian for giving me an extra laugh on this one. Jam Rag was good enough, the added bonus being the outrage of the moronic, sappy nanny types that complained.

To add such a delicious helping of aforementioned **** biscuits has made my morning. Ta very much.

I love it when folks that support censorship are provoked towards a stroke...

Australian Senate censors print link to cartoon

Chris Donald

Can I cite Godwin's law yet..?


No-else got there yet, despite the eventual appropriateness of equating this level of censoring stupidity with Nazism.

If anyone ever watched V, I also see the blackbaggers turning up one day too. Australis will get there first that's all.

I don't believe for a minute that the vast majority of Ozzies want this nannying bullshit-so I can only ask the question, Why the hell aren't you voting these frikking moralist wankers OUT?

I have my fingers crossed on the UK Government, whom I sort of voted in. I want them to succeed and hope they'll keep the larger majority of their promises (repealing laws etc).

The previous Government was supremely vulnerable to the media's call for law change based on stupid single examples. This led to the UberNanny and CCTV state here.

BT hikes call charges

Chris Donald
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Win friends, influence clients, Keep customers..


So this is the plan. We are going to reward people who've been loyal customers for years or even just months. Either way, we show we care about their custom no matter how small.

After our lovely £1billion profit, we must raise our prices.

That's right. We didn't make enough, so all our lovely, faithful followers, please be happy to contribute a little more to our coffers.

We know you won't go to the competition or consider any cheaper alternatives. We know you love us so much that actually, a little shafting won't bother you in the slightest.


RIM nemesis slaps patent suit on Apple, Google, Microsoft...

Chris Donald

Stupid troll companies..need disbanding

Get shot of them. There's no justification in having a company merely to ruin others via the courts. So they should be made illegal, if there's no product of any kind then a judgement against them for "patent trolling" needs to be made viable. Sue THEM for attempting to cause problems for others. If a company exists just to cause court cases then it's not a valid company. Merely a rabid dog.

Phorm's losses top $100m

Chris Donald

Not sure I've been happier to see FAIL

Than this. It's possible I've been more pleased to see a company lose-however, I prefer to see success so it's unlikely.

Well chuffed that the intrusive w**kers have f'*d off due to the law being sensible in their case.

Council of Europe condemns teen-bothering Mosquito

Chris Donald
Thumb Down


If I was bothered by one on public property where I wished to be, I would discreetly destroy it. Simple as.

Mature? Nope. I can hear the frequency and am fedup to the back teeth of annoying music in various shops as it is. Why the hell should I put up with nannying bollox like this?

It's proof that society as a whole is fragmenting in places-teenagers shouldn't be "seperated" out from the rest of society, no more than old folks should. Ridiculous nonsense.

If a private business uses one of these-they certainly won't get my custom and if they manage to annoy me-I will make sure they know about it, whatever the legalities.

I'm not exactly fond of indiscrimate restrictions and enforcement at the best of time. This is one time where I hope a business fails-this one.

Google vanishes Android apps from citizen phones

Chris Donald

Some folks really want to be nannied?


I didn't realise that there are genuinely folks out there that think to be nannied is a good thing :P.

Sorry but I'd rather take care of my own uninstallations than have some company decide for me that I might not be competent to sort it out for myself. IMHO that nanny needfulness hasn't done the UK much good...yep, that might seem a bit like joining two slightly unrelated things together, but to me requiring a 3rd party to look out for me like this is definitely heading in the direction of less personal responsibility+choice and more "please I need some nannying..."

:-) :P

Chris Donald
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So that's three companies to avoid..

I hadn't realised that Google had gone the way of Apple and made it possible to dictate what I might have installed on my phone. Same goes for the Amazon book removal thing.

I really care less about the bullshit justifications too. I either get 100% personal choice and control of what I install (of what's been developed of course :P) or I'm not interested. The idea that the developer of the OS can dictate to ME, whether I can keep something I chose to install is frankly disturbing. So consequently I'm definitely and firmly staying 100% away from any vendor that operates such kill switches. Sad disappointment to see Google go Apple style.

Bad move. Don't care about your bloody good intentions..the flaming road to hell is paved with them.

Foolish control freaks.

Australian firewall wobbles under pressure from all sides

Chris Donald

Premature sigh of relief?

At last some sort of common sense might be rearing it's head? I loathe the police/over controlling, protectionist, pure as fuck moralising state notions of the various nanny-crats that we've had to put up with here and what I've been seeing elsewhere.

To see this kind of bullshit getting serious opposition and being chucked out is fantastic.

The "freetard" nonsense is just a red herring and a pile of crap to boot. On a side note, piracy was never a genuine threat (but a great "target") the world of music/films/games. Folks doing that weren't gonna buy anyway regardless of the whining from the various copyright plonkers out there.

I have my fingers crossed in the UK that a more logical, reasonable philosophy will prevail in our new government now that we've got the nanny-crats out for a while.

The Ozzies nor the world ever needed such paranoid clap-trap as government firewalling and controlling of the net. Freedom is far far more important than some moralistic nonsense that says we must be curbed, controlled and protected at all costs.

The old lines of "we must think of the children" need to be seen for what they are..an appeal to paranoia in order to excuse excessive control creep. The folks that need to think of the children are the parents that need to be real, responsible parents that do NOT require a bloody government nanny to do their job for them!

Getting your head around mainstream mind mapping

Chris Donald
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Works well-with fineliners..

Done this since I was 14-preferred nice coloured fineliners and interesting paper of all sizes though. Buzan's Mindmap book describes this process nicely-cheap enough second hand on Amazon. Disagree 100% with the "messy" notion. Just means you organise your brainstorming some.

Software has a place, I found it good for outlining essays/reports or any length of work beyond a short page.

For notetaking, it's nice to have mindmaps/quasi mind maps and old fashioned bullets to hand. More tools.

Brits not turned on by mobile internet

Chris Donald

Too slow, too pricey

For me, Britain is too far behind on this. It's not quick enough, or useful enough with the price that it's at right now. My own perception is it's simply too slow, too expensive. A comparable flat price and near broadband speeds would tempt me for sure.

EU cybercrime strategy backs law enforcement Trojan

Chris Donald

Keystone cops fiasco alert!

How stupid are these control freaks?

Personally I'd spend time if I caught such a sample figuring out how to make it useless. It would certainly get broken very very fast. False information being returned might be the least of their worries. This idea is the perfect way to screw up a reputation or two as you'd get a Keystone cops fiasco of false arrests and cockups based on the information returned.

Idiots-they need to get their lust for control under control!

Wireless browsers shut out of the Olympics

Chris Donald

Ridiculous needless nonsense

Is it truly that important to the IOC to have this kind of restriction in place? Wouldn't they rather have more viewers of the Olympics rather than less? The idiot who decided to push this kind of block needs putting out to pasture asap.

Ohio table-shag man gets six months

Chris Donald
Black Helicopters

The judge is an idiot

And camera user an arsehole.

The table humper was silly not to have hidden himself from the real pervert-the guy jacking off whilst recording him.

Seriously-who does that? Records someone elses jackoff technique and then presents to the police?

Sorry, I'm biased-I'm a car guy myself and would go postal on a voyeuristuc prick looking to get me jailed-though admittedly I tend to close the garage door !

The judge needs to reconsider or sentence the cam welder!

Think tank slams paedophile paranoia culture

Chris Donald

Stupid idiotic scaremongering government need to step back

big time and stop with encouraging paranoid law making. There is a balance surely?

A good friend of mine, father of 6 kids told me that now he would not look after his friend's kids even fir a short time thanks to current bullshit. There are folks that see a pedo round every corner (related to the idiots that see a terrorist in every foreign accent)

Soon we will all be compelled to take in depth psych tests with a polygraph etc to have our own "citizen" card. Courtesy of the "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear"* brigade!

*Rallying cry of dictators and tyrants everywhere!

Caribbean firm circumvents BD+ copy protection

Chris Donald

Good. It's about time the movie industry learned

Stuff wasting resources being dictatorial and controlling. I'm happy that there are bright people out there shooting down DRM tech. I don't want to be told I MUST spend hundreds of pounds extra just to watch HD movies purely because the industry have dictated you *must* use HDCP. My rather decent monitor doesn't have it.

I should be able to buy HD movies and simply play them. On any damn screen I choose. Not only that, I should be able to buy movies from anywhere in the world, and play them. No restrictions.

It's their need to control and manipulate the market that sets my teeth on edge and presumably many others too.

I don't believe in free movies as in downloading them-I prefer to go pay at a cinema. I just believe I should also buy without restrictions and bullshit.

Well done Pirates of the Caribean :)

BT pimped customer web data to advertisers last summer

Chris Donald

I'll be leaving them then..

If they are going ahead with this, why the hell should I pay for their service.

Anyone know if using Tor would screw this up for the assholes?

Virgin Media trashes patent infringement accusations

Chris Donald

Hope Virgin sock it to 'em good..

It'd be very nice to see patent trolls spiked and skewered legally and to lose all their ill gotten gains in the process.

Perhaps I should have written up and patented my own stuff and then trolled Mercedes and other car companies LOL (Proof that anyone can think of stuff).

Ten years ago, I discussed over a drink ideas for an infra red laser automatic speed cruise control with sidelooking ability to detect white lines and cars coming up the inside and outside (for overtaking). I was shocked when it came up a few years later LOL.

Perhaps a few good oddball patent numbers would have made me rich by now?

Would that have been remotely fair? LOL.

Small print is ignored and needs a rethink, govt study says

Chris Donald

Can't legal documents be interesting to read?

Can someone explain to me why we need dead dry passive language for this stuff?

Whether it's legal documents or small print, the language is dull, and tough to read.

Is there a legal requirement that you must have boring language to describe terms and conditions?

I pity lawyers, judges and anyone working where they must understand this written shitepile that passes as standard legal terminology. I'm sure that actually we are allowed to use plain descriptive language.

The iPhone: Everything you needed to know

Chris Donald

It's easy.

Until a decent deal is offered, it's quite easy to ignore as a choice.

No 3G and expensive, restricted etc means that I don't need it.

It's worth waiting some months for your chosen network to be able to offer you one on a sensible normal contract at the same cost as any other phone.

Also worth waiting for it to reach version 2 as well-3G, top end camera and unlocked.

That's what I'll do. Actually, even then it's questionable :-).

UK gov advisor proposes 'licence to smoke'

Chris Donald

Nanny state rules ok.

Yep, an avid supporter of the nanny state.

In combination with insurance companies I reckon we are headed for a seriously cotton wool wrapped existence.

This man is bonkers. Totally blatty-and I don't smoke.

Too many restrictions, too many rules and too many totally idiotic do gooders in the world.

Besides with 6 billion people on the planet do we really have to make sure populations go up and stay going up?

Sorry but it's up to me if I wish to take risks with my health-not up to some idiot without his own life.

Hitachi halves hard drive head size

Chris Donald

Anyone..how far can they go?

I was gobsmacked to realise I had something relying on quantum tunneling in my pc! Shows my education level..

So um, how far can they go info density wise? I mean when you reach the point of lining up individual electrons, is that the limit?

100Gbps Internet2 is ready

Chris Donald

Capacity..always gets filled

Its a law like Moore's law or E-mc2.Rubbish (R) multiplies at a velocity relative to the capacity of the medium to accomodate it.Something like V=R*C I think...

It once took me a year to fill 100mb. It now takes me a month to fill 500Gb. So...with 100Gb or even a nice slice of, buying 4 1TB drives is just puny.

I just wish one really sizeable UK network would get out of the selling the least for the most game...I'm sure we'd all have 10mb up and down then at least.

CSA 2.0: defaulting dads to have travel, ID, life switched off

Chris Donald

More nanny state rip off shite.

Yep, it's true, if this crap happens we are simply being gently led via "good intentions" towards a dictator state...a police state if you like.

If you don't believe me, have a think about the kind of government that would seriously interdict on people's personal freedoms with ever increasing "justifictions" of the do-gooder kind.

Very few dictators will have started out by saying, "I'm going to be an evil sadistic control freak". Instead they will have had quite deep sincere "good intentions" for their country. It goes wrong when you try to control the population too much.

Are we individuals or simply numbers for the state to dictate to. This lot needs kicking out rapid. Both sides of the house!"!!

Jet-powered go-kart roars onto eBay

Chris Donald

The line about giving the speed cameras the finger just had me in stitches..

Maybe it´s because I´m on holiday elsewhere, but the image of setting off every UK robotic tax collector at Mach 0.6 is really funny.

Of course, I don´t think I´d sell it as a vehicle...rather I´d sell it as a cure for constipation!

Man claims to have made love to over 30 cars

Chris Donald

Yay..true fame

Well, since Friday I've gone worldwide. It wasn't deliberate, but hey the zenith has to be my favourite online mag :-). Nice one.

I really really should collect the best of these verses, comments, insults and jokes though. Some are simply CLASS :)