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IBM Watson GPU cloud cluster Brexits from London to Frankfurt – because GDPR

Andy Bell

Re: Pointless And Political

Could this be another instance of someone wanting to be outside the EU but keep all the good stuff of being in the EU ?

A common data sovereignty landscape over a continent is a Good Thing. We didn't want this, and now we don't.

Tesla has made a profit. Repeat, Tesla has made a profit – $143m in fact

Andy Bell

Re: Leasing versus sales

Clue - its not a car company. It is a company using cars as a vehicle - pun intended - to drive alternative energy adoption. In 20 years there won't be Tesla cars but a whole solar capture and storage industry.

Daddy, are we there yet? How Mrs Gates got Bill to drive the kids to school

Andy Bell

"But make no mistake. Living in a capitalistic structure is a fabulous place to live." Said the wife of a billionaire.

"thanks for the fascinating insight into how Capitalism is fabulous for the top 0.001%" Said everyone else.

Shortages, price rises, recession: Tech industry preps for hard Brexit

Andy Bell

You'll have to go back a fair few years to find a better example of national self sabotage than the monmental self inflcited wound that is Brexit.

F-35 firmware patches to be rolled out 'like iPhone updates'

Andy Bell

The Spitfire entered service with guns that didn't fire at common combat altitudes and an engine that didn't work if the aeroplane was upside down.

Seemed to work out OK in the end.

Financial Conduct Authority wastes £3.2m on unnecessary Oracle licences

Andy Bell

Re: No general taxpayers money was wasted

I'm very interested to hear how the US owned corporate that employs a thousand UK taxpayers and spends over £50 million a year in the UK on IT infrastructure is a net recipient of UK tax money.

Microsoft changes 'Outlook Web Access' to 'Outlook on the web'

Andy Bell

At least i know what i'll be doing for the next few years

Explaining to cloud phobic security people that outlook on the web is really outlook on the premise....thanks !

7/7 memories: I was on a helpdesk that day and one of my users died

Andy Bell

A memorable day

I was on the 7 o clock from York to KX that morning..due into the station just before 9 if memory serves. We stopped just short of the platform and stayed there for an hour or more. It was the time before you had a internet connection in your hand, so the only news came via the PA system and i guess people calling on mobiles. Everyone speaks of the mobiles not working, but i don't remember that bit. Certainly mine worked when i sent a text saying "i'm not dead" to the now ex wife. Probably have been a bit more sensitive.

Eventually the train set off in the other direction back to York, we never actually set foot in London. York station was full of armed coppers. The sense of getting off the train in a very different country, only a few meters away from where i got on it will always remain with me.

After months of teasing, VMware finally allows us all the joy of six

Andy Bell

Re: Might as well move to a solution instead

Not sure how you define a "proper" implementation of vSphere 6...but we'll in due course have hundreds of hosts and many thousands of VM's running 6...and we won't be using local storage or NSX.

Just like you don't have to use all Windows features and MS products from the Windows ecosystem, you don't have to use VMware everything either.

NetApp dumps Filerview for new model

Andy Bell
Thumb Down

Setup in 5 minutes ?

"It's reckoned that a FAS array can be set up for the first time in around five minutes"

Probably the most pointless "new feature" in history.

When has anyone sat in a meeting with storage vendors and asked "its 13:00 now, if you haven't got me a LUN provisioned by 13:05 you are out of the door"

And its MMC, because Netapp customers deserve to have their OS choices taken away from them.

VMware's one-trick pony: Destined to be a platform?

Andy Bell
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Yes, stability

True, sometimes HA needs attention, same too for the Vcenter service, and DRS / Vmotion.

With a very few exceptions these can be resolved without restarting the host, or doing things with VM's that users can notice.

I can only think of a handful of occasions where a host has gone down causing the guests to startup on anothe host, and they have been hardware problems that no OS could have handled, and i've supported 250+ host environments.

It seems pretty stable to me.

Librarians redubbed 'audience development officers'

Andy Bell

Library ?

Thats such 20th century speak. Round our way they were renamed Learning Resource Centres years ago.

Demise of British tank industry foretold admitted

Andy Bell

30 years since a war was won with MBT's ?

So they are now irrelevant and we don't need them.

26 years since the Falklands, so in 4 years we can scrap those expensive ships then Lewis ?

Whats that Lewis ? They are useful in other ways ? If we scrap them we may find we need them at short notice due to some unforseen event ?

Well i never.

As for manufacturing capacity, the Sherman was the "best" due to numbers alone being a inferior design to British designs such as the Cromwell or Comet. This is an argument for having more capacity to design and make the things, not less.

Andy Bell

@ Dodgy Geezer, Tony

Lewis also needs to remember that the most effective version of the Sherman was the one rebuilt in the UK to mount the British 17pdr gun.

If you are looking for reason to buy American over design and building it at home, the Sherman is hardly the best example.....

MI6 agent's moustache falls off during TV interview

Andy Bell
IT Angle

Don't fear

I trust the bright orange clown wig stayed firmly attached.

Oh, and IT ?

US wireless pioneer to carriers: Don't be European

Andy Bell


He's saying that we need to go back to the AOL, Compuserve and (pre internet) MSN days where you saw that they gave you and were lucky to get hobbled access to everything else.

Because that worked out just fine for all those folks didn't it ?


We need a muppet picture.

Boeing chuffed with latest raygun-jumbo ground tests

Andy Bell

Is this ever going to be realistic ?

They are going to need as many as 10 to be airborne to cover the whole 360 degree space around the US. 10 airborne, all the time.

They are going to need four times that many at least in total to maintain the 10 in the air, due to maintainance demands etc etc.

Then they will need the specialist ground equipment at a number of US bases to support them.

I wonder what the total cost will be in the end ?

Eurofighter at last able to drop bombs, but only 'austerely'

Andy Bell

@ Stuart Van Onselen

No thats Iraq. Afghanistan via its then Taliban government assisted in the direct attack on a NATO member, who invoked article 5 of the NATO charter.

Afghanistan is a NATO and UN sanctioned action, so take up your "illegal" tripe with them.

And at Typhoon detractors. Exactly what major defense program is on time and on budget these days ? Even the F22 and JSF programs are being eyed jealously by US lawmakers looking to reduce costs and government pork. Neither is 100% safe.

Where would we be if the JSF gets canned ? Well, not so badly off, because we have an alternative.

Not we shouldn't have just bought the Rafale anyway, doing a good enough job for a much cheaper price. That way we could have avoided this Eurofighter and JSF boondoggle, and the French may well have bought a third carrier of the design we are using to operate them from potentially saving money there too.

Don't know why Lewis didn't mention that, its not like he's a US shill or anything.

Gordo's DNA database claims branded 'ridiculous'

Andy Bell
Paris Hilton

Ahhh - Precrime

Using DNA analysis perhaps it is possible to identify those with a tendancy to be dishonest.

We could then find then guilty of "precrime" and detain them, for thier own safety of course.

Paris, because she's not shy of sharing her DNA.

Navy sonar dolphin 'massacre' - the facts

Andy Bell

re naval sonar: wrong enemy, wrong century

You couldn't be more wrong. Iran and North Korea have some very capable submarines supplied by our good friends the Russians, its not entirely impossible that they may use these to threaten nearby shipping lanes. It may be worthwhile to have some means of countering that threat to our / friendly nations shipping. Doesn't mean anyone is going to sink anyone, but its useful to know that they can't even mount a credible threat thanks to the RN's capability in this area.

Unless you think it worthwhile to trust that other nations will pick up the tab for us, which would leave us in something of a pickle if they decide not to.....

Dead wife contacts Lancs man via SMS

Andy Bell

Colour me sceptical

Lets see some pics of said SMS messages on the phone in question, and someone from the mobile company confirming no SMS messages sent to that phone at that time.

Until then its just some jolly japer sending prank texts to this poor chap.

Cops hunt charred power cable thief

Andy Bell

Remember kids....

For a long time a knew a one armed young man who as a boy came into contact with a high voltage line. It took his arm, apart from a 3-4 inch stump and made quite a mess of the side of his torso.

I've got quite some respect for the power of power.

US buys in to QinetiQ's millimetre wave technology

Andy Bell

Don't be confused by the terms hot and cold

I don't think they are referring to thermal radiation. Like a radioactive emitter might be described as "hot" even if its not actually hot in the thermal sense.

Can we get a "story dumbed down" picture ?

Intel launches modular server platform for SMBs

Andy Bell

I agree

I deal with a few small organisations with less than 50 members. They typically don't even want to pay a full time IT person, never mind want to buy a blade server. Some don't have racks, much less care about server density.

Unless this is the less than 1,000 employees small business beloved of totally out of touch corporate types.

Village shaken by GPS-driven tank invasion

Andy Bell

@ John Macintyre

Well to be fair John the Army probably didn't want to have its transporation outsourced to the civilian private sector. I would imagine it was more or less forced into this by ever tighter budgets.

Funny thing the UK. When it suits we are happy to slag off the military, even if the corner cutting we are slagging off was not the militaries first preferance. When it comes to allocating tax money, we are just as happy to give them an ever decreasing amount as a percentage of GDP.

Omlette, eggs, cake, eating etc etc.

And before someone comes back with the tired old "well we shouldn't be spending it in Iraq" note that the military doesn't get to choose where to go. The politicians WE selected get that dubious honour.

Microsoft's Raikes leaves

Andy Bell

Bet Billg wanted to drag a Raike over hot coals

I'll be here all night.

Microsoft takes a shine to Logitech?

Andy Bell

I agree, not all MS hardware is rubbish

I bought a Intellimouse wireless explorer mouse 6 years ago and it still works (no internal moving parts you see)

Also the MS Sidewinder force feedback 2 joystick was so well built it aquired legendary status amongst Flightsim players to such an extent i was able to sell my working 5 year old model for almost as much as a paid for it. The prices on ebay actually went up when they stopped making them new.

Logitech joysticks on the other hand are pretty terrible flimsy items, only good for occasional use.

EMC reapplies iSCSI storage warpaint

Andy Bell

iSCSI is growing up, that doesn't mean it stays bargin basement

The iSCSI solution mentioned in the first post by mvrx is not itself able to challenge the reliabilty of a tranditional FC SAN.

A traditional FC SAN solution aimed at the low/mid range such as the Hitachi AMS200 is capable of five nines reliabilty in one box. It has dual everything, even controllers.

A commondity iSCSI solution based on standard PC server hardware would need to provide 99.999% reliability with two such boxes and have replication between the two, by which time the cost difference has narrowed somewhat.

I've deployed a few systems of each type and can see where iSCSI will encroach on the traditional FC SAN, but people need to get out of the cheap-as-chips mindset lest iSCSI never be seen as rock solid as a mission critical SAN needs to be.

US Army plans robot planes operated by non-pilots

Andy Bell

A10 cancelled ?

To the chap who said the A10 was cancelled, not sure about that. Last i heard it was not only still in service, but being upgraded to the A10C, for onward service into the next decade. The first A10C rolled out this year.

New BAE destroyer launches today on the Clyde

Andy Bell

Never has so much been got wrong by one person

Without a doubt the most inaccurate, slanted, biased, and downright wrong article i've ever read on El Reg.

I hope the editor doesn't let you near a defense story again.

In addition to the merciless debunking already handed out, Sea Dart / Wolf performed well enough in the Falklands scoring many kills, and forcing the surviving Argentine aircraft to fly so low that often their bombs did not have time to arm. Do you think they were skimming the waves to look good on camera ? Or because if they went over ~200 feet within range of a T42 they were dead ?