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Sun unfolds 1TB of tape


For 37G's can we get good software?

For something as important as backup's, why does enterprise backup software suck so incredibly much? It's the worst part of Enterprise computing. If I'm spending this much, can I get software worth a *&%$#*&$@#*%&$^@#&*$^@#$&%*@#?

Academics kick off nuclear power war of words


accidents argument is sad

There are more industrial accidents than that in a year in all the coal plants, which spew enormous amounts of radiation into the air.

How about thorium reactors. I hear we have a few thousand years worth of supply for those.

Quick-charging electric cars could be round the corner


Li-Ions batteries dieing in one year

Is this not due to overcharging. It was my understanding that overcharging is what kills them and gives them short battery life.

Taiwan mislays millions of honeybees



GM foods are not the evil of the world. If you didn't know you were eating GM food, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. There is almost no difference from GM food, than from food altered through cross breeding, in effect, it's the same result.

ORG to enlighten music industry on DRM's limitations



"I would say that DRM is a misunderstood beast," he said, arguing that it can be used for a variety of ways of accessing music, not just total lock down.

HAHAHAH, only people who misunderstand DRM are the record companies themselves. The rest of us understand it pretty clear and simple. It's a steamy pile of brown squishy that only serves to limit what and how we can listen to what we buy, and to force us to have to buy the same material in multiple formats to be able to use it the way we are ALREADY legally allowed to use it.