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White Hats splat Black Hat chats: Talks on home alarm flaws and Russian spy tools axed


It's time for presenters to keep their titles vague, and their identities a secret until they walk up on stage. No more of this publishing the details and names of presenters weeks in advance. Yeah, some people will get fired, but they won't be jobless for long after the bidding war to hire them starts.

'Untraceable' phone fraudsters eye your credit card

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RFC for SIF Protocol

There needs to be a companion protocol to VoIP's 'SIP' created -- SIF. Through the SIF protocol, you could select on option on your phone to have the caller 'Stabbed In Face'.

NGO attacks Apple's lack of action on climate change


Let's talk about power consumption...

I have two similarly-equipped servers in Colo. The Apple Xserve (quad-core, 3Ghz) consumes under 2A, the IBM p510Q, 4.5A. The Xserve could be a noisy neighbour at my desk. The p510Q sounds like a jet engine.

Focus on the power efficiency of their products and the impact to the environment, not the fact that a company has a dedicated 'green-washing' team of PR wanks.

Apple gets into mine-sweeping, missiles and storage


Has anyone bothered...

... to look at the patents they hold?

By owning the company, they own the patents, which allows them to use some (or, let's face it, all) of that technology in the custom-designed chips in their products.

Apple can now design their own chips (or license the patents to their vendors) and take advantage of PA Semi's technology, skipping the costly and annoying litigation step entirely.

Bell Canada chokes BitTorrent traffic on someone else's ISP


Maybe you're missing the big picture...

Today, it's P2P protocols. Tomorrow it's your VPN session. Then it's your TV episode downloads from iTunes that competes with their satellite television or VDSL offerings. Then it's your VOIP traffic from another provider. Then it's your SSH session.

It's anti-competitive, anti-consumer behavior. Bell specifically advertises a service that doesn't slow down during busy times... And now they're CAUSING the network slowdown.

If they're not fought on this front, we're all fucked in the end.

Top US engineer in piss-off-everybody car fuel solution


Cellulose Ethanol is a reality...

Us Canucks have already built proof of concept plants to convert farm waste into Ethanol...