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Transition roadable-plane/flyable-car prototype on show


Cheaper skycar coming soon

For a cheaper option see http://skycarexpedition.com/about_skycar.php

It was on static display at Goodwood Fesitval.

BAA boots Vulture from T5 frequent flyer club

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I'll be there Sunday

If the promise of a queue free airport is true, then it will be worth it. It you're flying to America or Japan then you will be fingerprinted and iris scanned anyway, so letting T5 do it as well is a small price to pay.

Sat Navs

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Consider one with TMC

We bought one for Christmas last year, and it's saved so many in car arguments it's worth it's weight in gold.

TMC (Traffic Master Channel) is the real-time accident and traffic congestion data that is transmitted over FM-RDS. You get a receiver module (that normally needs a little FM aerial) that decodes the data, and passes it onto your sat-nav, so that it will route you around problems.

Look at the Navman units, as their TMC includes a lifetime subscription, and the module is only about an extra £40. Most other manufacturers only include the first year subscription in the module cost, then charge £15-£25 per year after that.