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BBC gives itself a gold in 700Gbit-a-second Olympic vid sprint

Philip Birch

Good job

The coverage on Freesat was excellent. I was a bit surprised to find it on freesat since all the publicity I saw only mentioned Sky. It seemed an opportunity to plug a free to air platform was missed.

UK's tax-funded boffinry to be published FREE for all

Philip Birch

Double hit

University already have to pay for the journals and now we have pay to publish as well. I can't see what's wrong with simply putting the PDF on our own website like many people do already. Google usually finds them.

Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

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I wonder what the job was when he got to the top. Change the light bulb? Dust?

Firefox 3.0 ekes ahead of Internet Explorer 7 in Europe

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Firefox is doing really well in Antarctica. It gets 100% of the market. Well apart from those months when no one seems to be using the internet down there.

Why is the iPlayer a multi million pound disaster?

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The faster way

I was using the iPlayer until I got Virgin and it's catch up tv service. It gives instant playback of most BBC and others. No downloading and no PC to have to sit in front. It's worked so well I stopped using my beloved PVR.