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Nokia boards Silverlight express


Has to be better than FlashLite

I have used JavaME in the past for devices. While it is limited in what it can do for mobile phone form based applications - what is available worked great.

FlashLite, mentioned as an alternative in the article, is nothing short of buggy crap. It's no fun writing the same application 4 times trying to find the API's in FlashLite that don't fall over on the device when in their device emulator it worked just fine.

Hopefully Silverlight and/or JavaFX will provide some much needed improvements in this area. Cautious optimism....

Inventor of revoked payment patent says UK system is a joke

Dead Vulture

What a joke...

I can't agree more that this patent fails on all 3 areas discussed, especially the complaint about obviousness.

The article seems to paint Ingenico as a big evil entity, but the patent application really is obvious and I don't see why everytime I want to eat at a restaurant I should do my bit to make this 'little guy' rich for stating the obvious. I'd be more inclined to see the patent troll painted in a bad light...

Yep, the patent system is a joke. But in this case it seems to have slightly redeamed itself.