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'Windows 10 destroyed our data!' Microsoft hauled into US court

Mary F

Except when it deletes the windows.old file

When my internet connection had an issue, (following a new modem the day before), I found on my main PC that a troubleshoot followed by a reboot fixed it. So I did the same on my laptop ... too late I realised it may have been "Restart and Update" .. spinning dots scenario from the Win 10 Anniversary update ... system restore "couldn't find save point" (another known bug) and though I could get into safe mode and back up that day's work the update completely screwed up this time to the point where even the distro created at the time of the Win10AU wouldn't install either. I tried a second time and the Windows.old folder has now also disappeared.

I sympathise that unlike Apple they have 15m+ combinations of hardware to be compatible with. However I'm not the only one faced with either (another) 2 days on the 'phone to Microsoft or paying for tech help (when I've finished moving home).

Not a happy customer. (Case law in the UK, dating back to the mid-90s also states that software must be "fit for purpose").

Firefox broken Jar vuln. menaces Gmail

Mary F

Shame you left out the NoScript advice

The ONLY fix currently available is the NoScript plugin according to the US Cert advisory (www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/715737).

I know NoScript can be a pain on some sites - I've even (*shudder*) had to revert to IE to use some of them - but I value my security over the issues, particularly as my kids use IM, mySpace and other social networks so much.

btw the original report on this was made by Jesse Ruderman in February. Why has it taken so long to not produce a fix?