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How do you copy 60m files?

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Another Tool ...

This is an older tool but still a goodie ..

Karens Replicator

Btw, there is a way you can bypass the 256 character limit when transfering files:

\\?\<driveletter>:\<path> for local files or network drives

\\?\UNC\<server>\<share> for UNC paths (though i've never gotten this to work)

Here's an article in MSDN about this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa365247(VS.85).aspx

Ballmer's 'lost generation' note finds resonance

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@David Willis

"Well to be fair their current windows licencing agreement is a joke (you can only run windows on 2 processors, how's that work with a core 4 ?)"

There is a difference between cores and processors. You can have many cores on one physical processor, and you can have systems with many processors. The licensing terms for the Windows Client is specific to how many physical processors you have regardless of the number of cores.

Confessions of a sysadmin

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I'm suprised ...

...That you don't have SCCM implimented along with WSUS. On the patching front that would give you the ability to send WOL packets to the switched off machines (provided the NICs support WOL and that its switched on of course), compliance reports and installation deadlines so that patches that aren't installed manually by the user are automatically installed regardless!

Excellent Article btw!

YouTube rolls out Scientology double standard

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Mark Bunker

a.k.a WiseBeardMan

His words are Wise

His face is Beard

He is a Man

All Hail!

Rose Tyler beams back into Doctor Who

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@ Kenneth Chan

>>I'm waiting on UNIT to show up....

FYI, UNIT has been there the whole time ... you just have to pay attention.

eBayer punts Wii for £1m

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Dead Vulture

Check again ...

Looks like he's lowered his expectations ..... 500'000 now ...

wow .. heh ... just wow