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Acer: Android netbook coming in Q3


What about linpus?

The netbook concept is a good one. I have an AA1 running linux and fragile screen aside I am very happy with it. I would like to see more development of the linux distros they already have than work on developing something new.

Massed x86 ranks 'blowing away' supercomputer monoliths


Was this a paid for advertisement?

I don't see any balance in the article.

Acer extends Aspire One netbook line with 11.6in model



Will we be able to avoid having to pay a windows tax and will Acer still be supporting Linspire or some other flavour far into the future?

Brussels: Old-school lightbulbs to be gone by 2012


Every little helps.

You can't look at each change in isolation. Lighting is low hanging fruit. It will be easier to push for bigger changes to behaviour and technology with a victory, even a small one already under people's belt's.

2008's top three netbooks


Aspire is cheaper than review suggests

I have seen the AA1 for £171 on Amazon.co.uk and PCWorld has it for £176. What would this do to it's score?

Harvey Keitel to experience Life on Mars



Oh for the love og God why can they not watch the orginal?

Agile development - can’t scale, won’t scale?


There is Agile and then there is Agile.

My company announced internally that it was adopting an Agile methodolgy after having gone through several stages of CMMI and I got yet more forms to fill out for every state of the development cycle.

Sometimes managers hear great buzzwords but don't get beyond the first paragraph.

The PSP: what's its future?


Open it up

The abilty to run homebrew, even if sony had to vet it first (if only to check it for virus/malware/stabilty) would be nice.

A second thumbstick would be mean that FPS should finally work on it but that might be a bit awkward on something that small (imagine trying to strafe, turn and shoot at the same time).

Memory sticks being cheaper would be good.

Touch Screen? Might take it into DS territory but there's things like the learning french program that I would like.

More downloadable games.

God makes you stupid, researchers claim



Sometimes I forget that people can't read my minds. When I was quoting Einstein I wasn't saying his ideas on quantum mechanics are right, I was just trying to point out that one of the most brilliant people who has lived for the last two centuries believed in God. That’s an outliner who’s pretty far out there and hands up who has written papers which revolutionise mankind’s understanding of the universe?


Anyone else miss cake club?

Didn't Einstein say God does not play dice with the universe? I wonder what he would say about this research. I'd be interested to know if the researchers looked into the backgrounds of their subjects to see if there could be other causal factors such as wealth.

Skeptical about skeptics.

Acer trumped Dell in Q4 07 world laptop sales


I have bought an acer

Excellent machine (5920). Only bad thing I have to say about it is the amount of bloatware that comes preloaded and is on the recovery disks as well.

Baidu sued by Chinese copyright group


New strategy

On the grounds of common sense it's a bit daft but as they can't get to the pirates directly they're lashing out at anyone they can get their money grubbing hands on. They get the search engine to do their job for them too. One hell of a business model. Lawyers must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Paramount, DreamWorks rip up HD DVD release list

Thumb Down

Why the hurry?

Presumably they've already spent a lot of money on getting the releases ready and the discs have already been pressed. Why not go ahead and try to recoup some of the cost?

There's still a lot of HD DVD players out there still. Looks like the current releases are all there's going to be.

MS axes Xbox 360 HD DVD drive


It’s all about priorities

Sony promoted blu-ray in the PS3 at the expense of the gamers (a delayed and more expensive machine) cause of a bigger picture i.e. it’s movie business. Microsoft isn’t as hurt by the loss of HD-DVD as Sony would have been by blu-ray.

Essex youth's cop headbutt heads for YouTube

Dead Vulture

I fought the law and...

I am surprised that no one has mentioned the thickness of the skull of those involved given the scenario.

Official: Toshiba discontinues HD DVD



The only way we ever would have known if HD or Blu-ray was better would have been to see all studios release all their movies on both formats. Given the expense of blu-ray players and movies it's going to be a long while before I think about buying one.

'Suspicious comment' provokes LAX terminal evacuation


What did he say?

I'd be curious to know what he said that provoked that level of response.

Price, not format war fears, holds back Blu-ray, says survey



If the cost is putting people off when there is a price war going on between the formats, what's going to happen if HD-DVD does fall by the way side? Can't see Sony and the movie studios cutting the price any further if that happens.

iPhone-friendly mobile digital telly tuner demo'd


How successful were dedicated mini-TV's?

It's difficult enough for me to get a descent signal in my bedroom on my portable TV. What's this going to be like on the move?

If it's any better I wonder if there would be a market for the technology to be bulit into portable TV's (if the image quality would hold up to a 14" screen too I suppose).

HD DVD player sales share slumps


More and better information needed.

I'd still like to see information from other markets and does this include the free titles that are often bundled with HD-DVD players?

Also as the add on for the xbox is a dedicated player it should be included in the sales. If someone buys it there's nothing else they need it for.

BTW, what ever happened to glu-ray?

US HD DVD sales hit new low



I guess I should have read the article more closely but in smaller markets small shifts in numbers can have a disproportionate effect plus this is only in the US. How did HD-DVD fair in other markets?


People spend less after Christmas Shocker!

How much did blu-ray sales fall by in the same period? Given what Sony has already done to it's almost ready guv-ray I'll be buying in DVD what I can't get in HD-DVD.

Samsung SGH-F210 mobile phone


One problem not covered in the review (if you are left handed)

I was able to try the F210 in a shop several weeks ago and I noticed that it was very awkward to open in my left hand, it appears to swivel clockwise only. If it weren't for this I'd probably buy one.


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