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cPanel, Netgear and Linksys susceptible to nasty attack

Graham Gold


If only there was a browser with it's tabs running in seperate sandboxed threads, that would provide protection for the average less than computer savvy user who is likely to remain logged into one site while surfing another!! Oh wait, there is, Google Chrome!

Now, if only every browser done that, a whole class of vulnerabilities either go away completely or become much more difficult to exploit!!

Tattooed Swedish devil girls sexually molest cyclist

Graham Gold

Poor bloke

Didn't know if he was coming or going...

Unisys to build its own stealthy cloud

Graham Gold

All well and good but...

When will they update their CIFS/SMB implementation in their NX/Services windows integration product for MCP, or start keeping up with RFCs for TCPIP etc? Always rushing to develop and market their latest baby but don't keep the basics up to date on existing platforms! Which as a customer of theirs is bloody frustrating!

Google opens Maps for editing

Graham Gold


Let us edit street names they have gotten blatantly wrong! I know of several streets with incorrect names in google maps/google earth!

Lost HMRC discs pop up on eBay

Graham Gold

Here's another one... (I didn't do it, just found it by searching ebay for "25 million")