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Germans debut kitesurf-powered autonomous windjammer

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A size of football field?

That's a lot of ad-space, man! Let Google invest in it, let them advertise and help us protecting the environment! Hey, don't be evil, guys - buy some kites for pour ship-owners! If they manage to enlarge those kites, I’ll be happy to them in Google Earth!

BTW, what about zeppelins with kites? I mean, really BIG zeppelins with BIG kites (and with BIG ads, if you like)?

Opera hits Microsoft with EC complaint

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...it's all because of Silverlight. I remember a blog post of some Opera guy. He wrote that MS had agreed to support Silverlight in Opera. But when Silverlight was released there were only IE, FF, and Mac Safari listed. Now Opera files a lawsuit, and I’m sure they will add SL support for Opera. Now MS uses SL heavily on its site and I get pretty annoyed with the fact that I have to switch to IE to see yet another Halo add.

I agree, Opera is great for web surfing and FF for development. So I have both installed :)

China pretty chuffed with lunar probe

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It was the first thing I've noticed before reading the page! BTW, which photo is supposed to be newer?

Nigerian keyboard firm sues One Laptop per Child

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I used french keyboard this autumn. They got AZERTY layout with 2 shifts AND AlltGr. French told me they've got this layout for ages. I got a book about computers from 80s with a picture of a Japanese keyboard. There’re plenty of shifts. What about more Zillions from those freaky Asians, man? Just send’em email!

Cyber Monday® destruction tests Yahoo!

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Change! The! Title!

Keep! Exclamation! Marks! When! Write! About! Yahoo!. Change! The! Title! To!

‘Yahoo! Got! Tested! By! Cyber Monday!

Google opens Maps for editing

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We've got wikimapia.org and lots of other sites.