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World realizes Google home page is 'illegal'

Rodney Sloan
Paris Hilton

And she asked...

Where do I find the google page? (lol)

South Africa launches formal objection at OOXML

Rodney Sloan

Re: More beetroot and a showa

"This from the county whos idea of a cure for aids is eating betroot, and whos president thinks you can wash aids off in a shower.

Surprised they are asked for their poinion, but then perhaps the OOXML requires 'speshal muti' ....

Anan on case noted wishdokta comes a visiting with his shambok :)"

Only some morons think eating beetroot is a cure for aids and it's not the president who thinks you can wash aids off in a shower. Most South Africans who are lucky enough to have an education think Zuma (the shower guy) is a fool, so please don't generalise. South Africa's IT industry is on the up and up and I think that is more in line with this article.

Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport

Rodney Sloan

You're lucky

Those living in London should be glad for the Tube. You might not think it works well or is very pleasant, but it's something many people would never get to enjoy.

Man cuffed for lamppost sex outrage

Rodney Sloan


"During their probe..."

Huge sea scorpion overshadowed humans

Rodney Sloan

Scorpion or Crayfish?

It looks more like a crayfish to me, which would make more sense since the tail looks nothing like that of a scorpion.


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