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Microsoft architecture chief: Google Wave 'anti-web'

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The guy who invented the pox that is LOTUS NOTES bitching about interactivity with anything else? What a laugh.

As for Wave, as an email admin, I say 'about time". I've long thought that sending discrete little email packets across the interwebs is reaching its limit, and services where you connect directly to message in real time are the way it's going to go. Reading messages can be as asynchronous as you like. This will solve a lot of the problems with the open nature of SMTP.

'Della': Dell's very special site for women

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How am I supposed to buy my friggin' servers?

(Actually, we haven't bought Dell for years - I'll just trundle off to HP, thanks)

HTC Touch Diamond 2

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Who cares about an "app store"?

I don't know what it is about Mac-lovers, and their insistence that there should be an "app store" or a "iTunes store" or something else owned entirely by Apple, and that can only be accessed using their software (and/or hardware).

The point of a reasonably open device is that you can buy apps from *anywhere* that sells such apps. So if you spent 5 seconds googling "windows mobile applications", you'll find any number of sites and vendors offering WM applications, including MS's own offerings, various freeware, and the excellent pocketgear.com or wm6software.net.

But if you prefer only buying what Uncle Steve lets you have, fine, go to it. Don't pretend it's a desirable "feature".

Toshiba Tecra M10 14in notebook

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Sounds pretty much exactly like the *extremely average* M5 I have at present, except with somewhat updated componentry.

What gets me is that for its feature set (average), it weighs a ton, and the battery life is crap. And even with the relatively heavy chassis, the build quality isn't that great. I keep having to replace or tighten the screws underneath, and it's a bloody creaky thing (not as bad as some, but given the weight, you'd expect better). I like the keyboard, but that's about it.

iPhone beta OS cracks before release

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Simple solution

Get a friggin' phone that you don't need to jump through ridiculous contortions to get the things you want working.

Seriously, if you don't like it, why the hell are you using it?

Brutish SSH attacks continue to bear fruit


The whole point of fail2ban

...for those of you who it obviously escapes - what if you need to have your SSH available to a large number of hosts? What if you need to support a number of users who might connect from multiple locations? What if you need to SSH from a shared machine that may possibly be compromised by another user being an idiot? What if you need to SSH from a NAT'd address space?

IPtables is fine if you have a limited and reasonably static number of machines you need to connect from, and those machines have static IP addresses, and no-one else has access to them. Otherwise, fail2ban is a useful tool. There's nothing wrong with a combination of those approaches, say, denying connections from all networks but the NAT'd one you use some of the time, but still using Fail2ban in case another one of the thousands of hosts on the NAT'd network is compromised.

I can say Fail2ban also the bees knees when it comes to monitoring SMTP connections, and cutting off dictionary and bot connections quickly.

Mozilla considers dumping Firefox support for Win2k, early XP


Most of the people *you* know are on 98SE?

Christ, who's that then, gran and pop?

AC the last, Mozilla are saying they're *not* dropping support for XP in the near future. Did you not actually read the article?

I saw that the people who make CDEx are intending to waste their time in developing a new version compatible with Win 95/98 - I'm sorry, there are still the old versions of the product that work perfectly well on those platforms. If you want *new* features, there becomes a point when you need the appropriate platform to run them on.

If you're happy with Win98SE, you should be happy to run FF1.5 on it (or FF 2 - I haven't used Win98 since about 2000, so I don't know if it runs). If you don't want new complicated features in your OS, like proper security, then why do you need them in your browser?

I do think an app vendor should support the last OS platform at least, so maybe if Win 7 is released, they might be justified in releasing "FF4" with no XP support. But I would expect the 3.x line to support XP for at least the next couple of years.

Naming the Palm Prē: Strategy Boutique OD's on joss-sticks

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Stupid name indeed

For what it's worth, the long bar over a vowel is a "macron". Of course, the only language I've seen with an e-macron is Maori. Maori does not have any "pr" sounds.

So not only is it a stupid name, it's even more stupid than Motörhead in terms of useless and unpronounced diacritic marks.

What wank; "straight to the point" indeed. It looks like a nice device, but that macron has almost killed it for me. It was bad enough when I thought it was an e-acute. Jeez.

/Paris, for obvious reasons (wank, pretentiousness, total ignorance)

Linux chief calls for FAT-free Microsoft diet

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Don't know why these devices use FAT anyway

Presumably you're not trying to read them using anything other than the device itself, so why does it need to be readable by anything going?

If it's for loading new files and firmware, none of these things have a drag-and-drop interface AFAIK - you have to use some kind of loader software to get the updated gubbins on there, so I'm sure they should cram some kind of FS driver in there if required.

Moderatrix quits El Reg: Latest

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"- You really don't need to conclude that I'm a misandrist because I deplore some of the attitudes towards women on display here and there. It doesn't compute. If I'm ever roused to go "oi" then it's a specific beef, not a generalised swipe, and it's about the opinions and the individuals, not the gender at large. Misandrists hate men. I don't."


a) Don't talk such sexist tosh, you morons

b) All men are testosterone-poisoned Neanderthals, and should not be allowed out of the house unescorted due to their ungovernable urges to assault and rape women (or anything that stands still long enough), and I wouldn't let one of them touch me with a bargepole... or any kind of pole...

Only one of those statements represents misandry (hint: not a)

Which desktop Linux distribution?


No-one's asked the question

How about updates for Linux distros that you can deploy to the environment without each and every machine connecting and downloading them willy-nilly.

As for the comment that Windows has "multiple distros", c'mon, at least the basic OS and commands are the same. So what if XP Professional has more widgets than XP Home. No different to installing Red Hat and configuring the web services components. But try running your RH package upgrade commands on an Ubuntu system... or configure services... or setup the display.

I tend to agree that crap about OMG change to the desktop is often a bit of a red herring. Sure, that 1% of users will never be able to feel their way around something if the background colour changes, but just because a few are noisy doesn't mean that the vast majority of users have those problems.

Mozilla hangs fire on Firefox 3.5 till June


At ACs

Dear morons,

#1 Works fine on my XP workstation. Did you bother recreating your old poxy FF profile?

#2 You've been able to set the search/address bar back to the old behaviour forever. Maybe if you googled and got yourself into about:config, you might be able to figure it out. Personally, I like the feature.

Obama's BlackBerry still hackable, warns Mitnick


Where's the proof?

Leaving aside whether or not el Prez is using a Blackberry or not, come on then, Mitnick, where is the proof of a properly-secured Blackberry being compromised?


(It might happen one day, but it hasn't happened yet... and sure, anything is possible. Duh.)

Dear Obama: Please consider open-source a waste of your time

IT Angle


I work for a govt department - we use RedHat Linux. We run Windows with an AD inside the network as well. I don't know of any govt depts here in Oz that don't have some Linux dotted around somewhere (particularly at the network border, and often on appliances).

So, yeah, whatever, the best tool for the job, eh?

'Lenny': Debian for the masses?

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*applause* @ Doug Glass

Too right. If you want to experiment with low-level OS or programming skills, great, fire up the Assembler or Lisp and have fun. For the rest of us for whom the computer is a tool, or, god forbid, an appliance, we'd rather spend time actually *using* it.

And given the fact that this distro apparently still can't get to grips with Nvidia (without pissing around in config files, by the sound of it), I'll be giving it a miss.

Feds: IT admin plotted to erase Fannie Mae

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Yes, where is all the sabotage?

I've never seen an example of sabotage either, except for the inadvertent kind, in the 11 years I've been in IT. Mind you, I've never worked in the US.

Belkin boss 'extremely sorry' for cash-for-good-reviews plan

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Works for me

I like Belkin products. They've always been reliable for me, more so than the Netgear crap, and I've only had one problem when a 3-year-old wireless router blew up. Belkin support (in Oz) shipped me the next model up free of charge within 3 days. Can't complain about that kind of service.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


Sexism = fail

So, Julian, "I provide support to lots of females who are just as feckless as this with Windows installed! "

I work in an organisation that has a 70%+ male staff, and let me tell you, they're just as moronic, Windows or no Windows. And resent being told how to fix their cockups by a *woman*. The poor widdums, it must be hard for them to be so emasculated by someone who knows what she's doing when they don't.

National Safety Council seeks total* cell-phone driving ban


Passengers aren't as distracting

Actually, there has been more than one study done that shows that passengers are less distracting than a mobile call. Firstly, there are more pauses in a conversation when someone is right there with you compared to when you're talking on a phone. Second, if the driving conditions become more hazardous, normally the passengers will shut up - or tell you to pay attention to the road! They have a vested interest in your not crashing, unlike the person you're chatting to on the phone. Also, dealing with the device, even hands-free, is another (slighter)distraction. There are any number of accidents caused by people adjusting their radios, even.

That being said, no-one seemed to have these concerns about CB radios. Is there an intrinsic difference there?

Sun MySQLers barred from Oz

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I dunno, I can't help thinking there must be a bit more background to this. I wonder what the exact content of the denial of the business visas was.

It may be they didn't provide the appropriate documentation:

Personal attributes and business background

Your personal attributes and business background must be relevant to your business activities in Australia. You may be asked to provide:

* evidence of educational or professional qualifications

* evidence of current employment and your role during your visit to Australia

* details of previous contacts with Australian business people or organisations

* documentation to show that the company you work for is an actively operating business

Examples: business registration certificate, annual report.

Purpose of visit

You may be asked to provide evidence of why you need to visit Australia on business. Evidence may include:

* a letter of invitation from the host organisation in Australia

* conference registration details

* your employment contract

* a letter from your employer stating the reasons for your visit

* your itinerary with contact details of the business parties involved.

However, unless they're expecting to get paid for the conference (and perhaps they are), I don't know why they just didn't get a standard tourist visa. Why fork out the $100 for a business one?

Speeding Oz teen may face 'gorillas in the mist'

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Get your hand off it

"the first lie of feminism"; the idea that feminism and female are synonymous"

Actually, most feminists in English-speaking countries actually understand the difference between "feminist" and "female" - show us an example of where someone doesn't.

What I don't understand, since it is not a phrase I've ever encountered in English, is what "rule of feminism" means. Are you talking about a matriarchy? I don't know of any of those in any first world country. Sorry.

Pointing out examples of misogyny - ie. contempt for women - is kind of what feminism is all about. But I don't know of any feminists who claim that *only* feminists are subjected to misogynistic attitudes and behaviour. Hello, cart, horse?

Finally, I don't call everyone who disagrees with my point of view using non-existent logic a "misogynist" (except where they're being that *as well*) - I just call them a trolling idiot.

/Paris, because she knows all about idiocy

UFO damages Lincolnshire wind turbine

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Assuming that our anal-probing overlords have similar driving habits to human beings, it was a male little green man who was at the controls - male drivers are 70% more likely to be in a serious crash (even correcting for distance driven).*

/Paris, because the idiots making the sexist "jokes" could only ever hope to score with the, er, less-discriminating females.

*Of course, this may be considered to be a "minor" crash, since there don't appear to be any injuries or fatalities, so in that instance, there is a greater likelihood it was a little green lady instead.

Google picks up third spot in spam-friendly shame list


Gmail spammers

@AC, about 10 seconds of searching the Support area gives you this form to report spam from Gmail accounts: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/request.py?contact_type=abuse_phishing

Or you could try the old-fashioned and still-conventional method of sending mail to abuse@gmail.com.

SanDisk's faster netbook flash



Apple have finally come across the concept of backups, and you use them as a *reference*? ... "completely automated backup, like Apple's Time Machine, is even simpler. "

Yeah, and so was NT backup, 10 years ago. The only thing "simple" is that Time Machine backs up all files by default. To not backup the crap you don't want, you have to start configuring. Most backup software is the opposite - you *select* what you want. I wonder if Apple have patented this wonderful technology yet - that the "Select All" option is *pre-selected*. Stunning innovation!

Windows for Warships™ reaches Royal Navy frigates


US Navy

Despite all the references to the now 10-years-out-of-date Yorktown malarkey, the US Navy has been running on Windows for years with no problems (well, other than that of their present Commander-in-Chief).

BusinessWeek hails quantum porn engine

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Yeah, it doesn't matter how many pages they index if they're all the shite shopping and "review" sites, and Wikipedia knock-offs.

I never did get a reply to my ranting at them by email about their using a completely irrelevant and presumably copyrighted image to represent my site. Obviously they don't care about legalities either.

/still Paris's level. At least the pr0n is easy to find

Cowon iAudio S9 PMP

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I'll be getting one. My D2 is getting a tad tired, so yay for upgrade time. Only drawback is no SDHC slot, so I'll wait for the 32GB.

If I wanted wifi and email on a device, I'd get a PDA or a smartphone. This is a music player, not a communications device. If you're into device convergence, great, get the iPhone or a Sony Ericsson Walkman jobbie.

While I've had my niggles with Cowon firmware as well - yes, OGG playback in order is somewhat annoying - at least they do regular firmware releases. I do hope the release firmware on this one is decent. I don't use playlists - I use folders - but you can create them using a PC media manager when the device is in MTP mode.

The comparison with Honda Legends and BMWs is just ridiculous. The Cowon devices are capable of so much more than iPods, and have much better sound. Now they've solved the "sexiness" quotient, I think we do have an iPod-beater on our hands.

Final note, the device works great with all the major OSes. I use Linux mainly at home; it's all good with Amarok and the usual media players.

Register Hardware revamped

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Very gaming guild website circa 1998 with all that black, but oh well. And again with the ridiculous fixed-width!

At least I can find the link back to the main reg site now!

Economists: European ancestors are what make you rich


These morons should read Guns, Germs and Steel

...or a look at how colonial European societies dominated the others.

Also, lumping in Oz and NZ into that pie graph is really irritating. Australian indigenous population: 2.5%. NZ indigenous population: 12%. It makes a difference.

Nine in ten emails now spam


Stop it at the source

As others are suggesting, ISPs should block access to port 25 from their consumer networks (including consumer networks sold to businesses with static addresses), and enforce authentication before submitting email. That cuts out all the bots right there (bots don't have an auth mechanism!)

As for those morons who spam us with their "home business" setup, as soon as an ISP sees unusual traffic levels from an account, disable it. Simple.

SPF is handy for us corporate mail senders. It doesn't cost anything, there's nothing easier than whacking in a wee TXT record in your DNS, and I really don't see why the majority of organisations aren't using it already. Also, organisations should do simple things like have proper forward and reverse DNS entries for their mail servers, and use properly formatted emails!

Some of the measures I could take (such as blocking mail from servers that use non-existent HELO server names), or (more severe), blocking mail from hosts that have dynamic-appearing rDNS names (CPE-123-456-789-111.isp.com) are useless because of lazy admins. I don't *care* if "CPE-123-456-789-111.isp.com" is a valid rDNS name that belongs to a business - it still looks like some home machine that's been compromised by a bot. What's wrong with an rDNS that looks like a real server? "mail.example.com" seems so quaint these days.

2008's top three PMPs


Forget the A3 - check out the O2

New Cowon product, with a touch screen, and all the usual Cowon goodies, with up to 32GB flash memory on board and the SDHC card reader. http://www.cowonglobal.com/product_wide/COWONO2/product_page_1.php


Aussie protests over Great Firewall

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Just remove the "wom"

"One, the overtly socialiast government is striving to control access to what it deems acceptable (whether legal or not);"

Funny that, since the policy and initial motivation for the idea came from the LIBERALS/Nats. Of course, this Labor govt and their holy churchgoing leader promptly jumped on the bandwagon in case it lost them votes from the religious fundies. Any non-Lib govt with balls would have quietly retired the policy once elected under the rubric "too difficult to implement and ineffective, and we already provide free net nanny software to parents", but then it's one that Kevin07 still seems will Save The Chilluns.

Apologies after teacher's 'Linux holding back kids' claim


ur doing it wrong

"Take subversion for instance - please take it...it is the worst fucking piece of shit source control ever developed by any species anywhere in the known universe..."

You obviously haven't used Visual SourceSafe, then. Thank god we've just migrated.

Wisemen bring Jesus Phone (free) cut-and-paste

Jobs Horns


FFS. What a hack-job, in the worst sense of the words. So much for Apple's wonderful ease-of-use, eh?

Netbook SSD usage to fall under 10% in 2009


What are you smoking?

If you want lots of storage, get a real computer. I waaaay prefer to have an SSD, despite the limited space, because if I drop the thing, it keeps running. Happily.

If I want to store days' worth of movies and suchlike, my 500GB USB HDD caddy is just fine.

Why port your Firefox add-on to Internet Explorer?

Gates Horns

IE7 Adblocker

IE7Pro has been mentioned - and yes, it blocks ads, very nicely. As for making IE "just as good" as Opera/FF, think again. It blocks ads and (optionally) flash well, and recovers the last tab session. That's about it.

Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover

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Can we leave out the irrelevant editorial

"Whether it removes the naked prepubescent or not, the Foundation will receive an uncensored Web 2.0 tongue lashing. Wikipedia isn't a user-generated utopia. It's a cultish self-contradiction that can't help but undermine its own ideals. "

As others have said, seriously, WTF is up with that statement? No one, other than perhaps Jimmy Wales, is professing that Wikipedia is a utopia. But "cultish" and "self-contradictory"? I don't see what's "cultish" or "contradictory" about my throwing up articles about the NZ Women's Rugby Team and a governor of NSW in the 1800s. It's a *resource* of variable quality (some parts excellent, some parts crap) contributed to by the general public, with all the strengths and drawbacks that implies. Get over yourself.

That statement really detracted from an otherwise decent news article.

'Faith-based' investment firm fingers holiday's most sinful games


Army of two?

"the firm claims there's unmentioned but "somewhat homo-erotic undertones between the two main characters" in the third-person shooter, Army of Two."

I thought that was a *movie*, not a game? Chaps in uniforms, bunks, "standing to attention"?

/mine's the one with the sticky "homo-erotic" DVD in the pocket.

Danish IT chief 'on the run', suspected of fraud


*Where* is the company registered?

The last I looked, "Polynesia" is not a state - it's a region comprised of several independent states. You might as well say a company is registered in "Europe", for all the information that gives you.

Boss frogmarches bound employee to cop shop


All the Mail readers are out today

To the most recent "hang-em-high" commenter

1. Restraining someone from going about freely, including using restraints, is "imprisonment". You don't need to be locked up in a place called a "prison" for it to be so.

2. It's false because the alleged perpetrator had not been found guilty of a crime in a court of law. Quaint notion, that. Innocent till proven guilty, and all that tosh? Even if the thief admitted the crime before being convicted (not the case here), they still have not been *found guilty*. People admit crimes because they're nutters too, or duress (hm, being tied up is fun), but they're not guilty. That's why we have courts.

3. No, it doesn't matter which way his hands were *tied*.

4. The boss didn't report the crime, so how the hell does that give the police a chance to do their jobs? You can also sue people in the civil court for losses. You also get insurance payouts and the like if you report the crime, so doing so using the official channels is to your own benefit.

As to what is "morally correct", in Saudi Arabia, it's morally correct to stone "adulterous" women to death, and to chop peoples' hands off for theft. Perhaps that would suit some here as well.

And as has been observed above, but making such an exhibition of the supposed perpetrator, you just killed off any likelihood of that individual being tried fairly. No judge in the land would allow such a case to go forward.

Srizbi spam botnet in failed resurrection



The simplest solution is to enforce authentication to the submission port for consumer ISPs. If port 25 is blocked and your client needs to authenticate to 587 to submit mail, most of the problem with bots magically goes away. Of course, it doesn't help for machines that are compromised by viruses that affect the mail client, but those are comparatively rare.

Aussie government muffs plans for internet filtering


About time

For the Greens to actually say this is a ridiculous idea. And perhaps Labor will give up now that they might not be able to ram it through without their support (haven't done the numbers yet).

As for the Sex Party, yeah, get back to me when they actually get someone elected.

As for "First past the post at least keeps the fringe elements (aka nutjobs) out of office", what utter bollocks. Anne Widdicombe springs to mind (unfortunately).

Net provider accused of coddling crooks yanked offline


Certainly made a difference here

60% drop in the amount of attempted spammer connections in the last 36 hours here in Oz. Pretty impressive.

Ubuntu 8.10 - All Hail new Network Manager


Installing applications with point-and-click

@Charles Orton-Jones - open up Synaptic package manager, do a search for the software you want, right-click, mark for installation, apply, done.


Windows 7 early promise: Passes the Vista test

Gates Horns

Killer app

Hey, I've seen a major advantage this Windows version has over even XP. Is that a *real* image crop control in Paint? OMFG!

Still, I think I'll stick with Paint.Net.

Fancy nipping for a quick two-thirds of a pint?


Works fine in Oz

I like the measure, actually, commonly called a "schooner" here (depending on which part of Oz you're in). A pint can be a bit much to drink if you have a limited amount of time, or you're drinking a premium beer (>5% alcohol), but a half/"middy" barely wets the sides. I still drink pints when it's the weaker stuff, or I'm not in a rush, or it's not too stinking hot (a pint goes lukewarm in the 40 deg heat after about 5 minutes) - schooners are good the rest of the time.

But Australian pubs don't always (generally?) serve pints - you get schooners, pots/middys and in the old days, there was a "pony" (small size for the ladeez, <170ml). The standard sizes are middy/pot = 225ml (half pint), schooner = 425ml and pint = 570ml. Unless you're in South Australia. And a middy's a middy in NSW and Canberra, while it's a "pot" in Victoria and Queensland.

In South Australia, they're wimps, and call the middy the schooner, while the schooner (425ml) is called a "pint". A real (metric, 570ml) pint is called an "Imperial pint" in Adelaide.

No-one's suggesting getting rid of pints in the UK altogether, so get a grip, and if you find another measure "confusing", try living in Australia, mite.

NZ chaps' sperm not quite up to scratch

Paris Hilton

@ACs #5 & 6

Funnily enough, I'd rather have a PM who can actually run the country, not one that baboons like you happen to fancy.

Paris for PM, eh? Or maybe John-boy and Winnie really *are* more up your (cough) alleys?

(I also agree with AC #2 - it's because kiwi guys are getting more real lovin' than their antipodean Aussie cousins - the pumps are running a bit dry)

Google says sorry as Gmail plummets out of the cloud



""This is not a temporary problem if it lasts this long. It is frustrating to not be able to expedite these issues"

Ohhh, did the big mean Google cloud not give you your mail for a whole day? Ohhhh dear. As others have pointed out, you get what you pay for. If you have a big enough organisation that you need mail clustering with full site failover capability, then you'd better implement it. Or purchase real services from real businesses like Fusemail that offer failover and 5 nines support.

(PS, I use Gmail as my primary *personal* mail addy, but I'm not going to run a business using it)

Firefox 3.1 beta arrives with JavaScript booster turned off


Why was that old chestnut posted

Jesus what are the mods on? That stupid "European English" thing has been around for at least 10 years.

As for English language versions, I totally second "US English" and ("International") English as language options. Us colonials spell proper too.

Canada sex shop heist shafts proprietress

Paris Hilton

The German stuff

There are some bloody awesome sex toys made by an outfit called FunFactory in Germany. Groovy designs, nice colours (not fake-penis pink), top quality silicone (not cheap hard plastics), and powerful little motors. At least, so I've been told. *cough* They also cost significantly more than the cheap crap, and have a recognised brandname, so obviously the thieves had no clue, whether it was for self-entertaining or on-selling.

Paris, because she probably doesn't know about FunFactory toys either.