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Spam blacklist snafu prompts global gnashing of teeth

Mark Sadler

You've gotta love BT

Spoke to a BT techie about the issue yesterday and he told me that my mailserver was not configured correctly and was not accepting reverse dns requests... best thing is I was using their mailserver at the time!

Hacktivist tool targets Hamas

Mark Sadler
Paris Hilton

Lie back and think of Israel

Click here to be shafted in the name of your country!

My god, this is a brilliant way of building a bot net... who needs iframes or xp antivirus pro!!!

I think i may start some random 'organizations' of my own;

1) Anti-terrorism UK :

Help us fight terrorists by installing our terrorist attack application. When you install this program you will be joining the United Kingdom in the fight against terrorists.

2) Lower fuel prices for UK residents:

Install our application to send a request to the government to lower fuel prices

Hmmm. Its gonna be a lonnnng friday night.

Paris coz she's as dumb as the people who have installed to app

Police probe pirate-DVD detecting dog's demise

Mark Sadler
Paris Hilton

Trained to find Disks !?!

Only in Ireland.

Paris coz they're as crazy as she is!

Brown opts for morality over science on 'lethal skunk'

Mark Sadler

Trip to the Brain warehouse Mr. Brown!?!

Time for a trip to see Dr. Frank at the Brain Warehouse me thinks Mr. Brown...


They do replacement brains to combat the effects of cannabis...

Who knows, perhaps they supply replacements for people suffering the effects of pure stupidity!?!?

Lethal Skunk, WTF !?!

5,000 NHS records vanish with latest lost laptop

Mark Sadler
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Crack, Smack or both sir...

I know the area around this particular hospital. Its the sort of area where even the steel wheels on your morris minor aren't safe!

Whoever left the laptop lying around deserves shooting!

On a plus side, I can guarantee whoever stole it is only bothered about getting enough money to get off his/ her face so the personal details will be pretty safe.

The laptop will be formatted by the scum bags preferred PC nerd who just wants a nice easy job, something along the lines of;

'its password protected, i'm gonna have to format it & re-install windows... that'll be £30'

Smack rat sells laptop for £100 > pays nerd £30 > goes to dealer, gets wrecked, goes out and steals another laptop. Hey presto, the life cycle of a scum bag begins again.

Customers peel away from Orange broadband

Mark Sadler
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but sir, your router says...

I was going to have a proper rant here but I think i'd be boring everyone so straight to the point.

Orange broadband is crap!

Tech support are a nightmare to deal with. They have you running round in circles checking stuff. They say they will perform some line tests and get back to you (which doesn't happen). They have you run a few more circles, then they try and blame someone else.

My average connection at the moment (different times of day/ night) is 200-500kbps... yes, i said kbps 200-500 kbps... on their 8 meg package! (despite the router saying i'm getting 7524kbps)

Perhaps i have just been unlucky... anyone else as unlucky as me? I think the orangeproblems co.uk site says it all.

Never mind my coat, just give me my damn MAC code!

Exploding Flash catalogue rocks Dutch e-commerce site

Mark Sadler


That'll be all... Coat, Sharp exit.

California deploys dope-vending machines

Mark Sadler

Sorry, please make another choice...

I wonder what happens when the machine needs re-filing. Do they send someone from a top secret government grow lab?

Bet it ain't long before the guy gets done over!

'On today's news a government official was mugged in broad day light, thieves made off with fifty $10 bags of marijuana with an estimated street value of $999,999.'

Now then... cheap flights to America... hmmm

Yes! It's the USB retro-style vacuum cleaner

Mark Sadler
Paris Hilton

is the vac Playstation 2 compatible?

I notice Drinkstuff also sell a usb stealth switch which you can use to hide suspect windows on your desktop at work.


"even comes with an adapter so you can use it with your PlayStation 2!"...

as part of the pack you get a "• USB to PS2 Adapter". hmmmm !?!?


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