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Tesla unwraps Model S

Olaf Silver badge

Tansatlantic tax

0-60 in 5sec, £34000.

It'll be £55k before they get it to Blighty. Exchange rates and junk.....

Might interest the people who drive top of the line Evo X if they can stick to the price.

Still would be better with a noisy V8.

LibDems want gov action on killer lorries of death

Olaf Silver badge

Driver error

So why not just prosecute the drivers?

Why is blaming the sat nav now the catch all excuse for doing something stupid in a car? It's not driving.

Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target

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Paris Hilton


They have to say 'probably' because it's impossible to prove a negative.

I wonder how the fundamentalists will cope with a non-threatening message. Probably blow the bloody buses up.

Criminals hijack terminals to swipe Chip-and-PIN data

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Black Helicopters

Chip and spin

Chip and pin was introduced to shift liability from the banks to the consumer.

It could have been more secure but they chose the cheap option at every turn happy with the shift of blame.

Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan

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Gates Horns

Why move to Vista when XP works

That's the point for me. What does Vista offer me above XP.

I have a desktop and a laptop both running XPpro.

Both have had rock solid stability.

Viruses and other nasties are held at bay by various bits of freeware and to date I've never had one that wasn't picked up before any trouble.

They are both fast and work in a way I'm happy with.

I have a free copy of Vista business which I used on the laptop for a month. After installing the second gig of ram is ran as fast (but no faster) as XP.

Battery life was significantly reduced. General use of the machine was more irritating even after switching off the Vista wagging fingers due to fans having to run faster and the constant disk access.

Other than eye candy, which I normally switch off, what does Vista offer over XP?

I never found a good reason to keep vista. I switched back to XP and I don't miss it.

Dissolving the plastic bag problem

Olaf Silver badge

Now if...

If he'd found bacteria that would eat plastic bags and produce petrol I'd be impressed.

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices

Olaf Silver badge

The truth

"Microsoft wants to ensure the RIAA has the best possible experience with Windows Vista"

MIT plans to roll out 'folding' car

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Gates Horns


"Pollution free electricity". Where does that come from?

So the big feckin smoke stacks at the power station 100 miles away doesn't count any more then?

Egg scrambles to fix network outage

Olaf Silver badge

Missed the point

Egg has never said it was closing the accounts because they are unprofitable. If they were up front about that I wouldn't have a problem as you say Egg is a business not a charity.

Egg however spread the word that accounts were being closed because those customers presented a risk and that their credit rating had dropped. This alarmed those customers who didn't do the usual credit harming activities like miss payments and go over their balance.

I don't know why they just didn't tell customers the truth.

Finance watchdog warns about being 'seduced' by IT partnerships

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Gates Horns

Wot Pete said.

Pete James put it very well.

Both parties cause projects to fail. Suppliers salivate with greed at the prospect of Government contracts and Local Authorities often act in an incredibly amateur and downright childish way.

And yes any modernisation of the process is hindered by vested interests.

YouTube biker clocked at 189mph

Olaf Silver badge


Says it on the YouTube site.

"zx10r wheel spinning at 180mph roads had hardly any grip"

He's speeding but not 189mph.

Olaf Silver badge

something funny?

It drops 20mph when he changes gear. Is he spinning the back wheel up to 189 without actually going that fast?

Police Complaints joins inquest into Darling data giveaway

Olaf Silver badge

So what about the Government Secure Intranet

It costs shed loads of cash. Is encrypted end to end and is the Government mandated method of moving sensitive information.

Part of the CPNI, the bit that was formerly NISCC, has produced some very good guidance on information security over the past few years. It would be nice to know that the Gov would pay some attention to it's own security geezers.

Did everyone like Darling's comments that the National ID card scheme would be much safer, "Coz it uses biometrics, and shit" (I'm paraphrasing). Nice to have it confirmed that those in charge really do know SFA about data security.


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