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iPhone crashing bug could lead to serious exploit

Jobs Halo

@ AC 4:53

lololol indeed it is. Keep em coming, always good to giggle....

Cyber security minister ridiculed over s'kiddie hire plan



" As Ferguson points out the war in the south Atlantic happened a year before the first TCP/IP based wide area network became operational"

So are you suggesting that hacking can only happen over a TCP/IP WAN? ...... hmmmm.......

Irish politico in Facebook jub-rub outrage


Couple of nice policies....

At last, a human being running for the people!

Oh and, search for her on Face Book.... very funny :)

IR35 tax is a huge failure


Well done .... NOT

OK - so now its been made public that its a waste of time and money right? Well done. Now why does anyone with even half a brain cell think that the tax will just be scrapped? Hello!?

It will be replaced with a far more effective tax that doesn't have the loop holes.

Nice one... NOT. Some things should stay hidden.

Vodafone Magics up a little Google glitter


Would you want to be publicly related to HTC?

As they have the worst build quality to mankind - at least in my experience, 4 HTC phones, all hardware failed - would you want to have HTC branding on a device if you could avoid it?

Mines the one which will never have another HTC device in it ever again.....

Apple prepping 32GB iPhone 3.0?


@AC "if it takes decent snaps and "

At 3.2mp you can keep your money in your pocket. What high spec phone these days comes with anything less than 5???

Zune phone specs spied


Oh my days ......

"a 3Mp camera would be included as standard"

Dont these companies ever learn? Im guessing also that it wont be WinMob 7 as its multi-touch? (zune could just be the branding they are using)

Sikh coppers request bulletproof turbans



Pick the parts of a religion you want and the parts you dont .... like it!

Hot young guys whip out their throbbing iPhones


@ Gregg

"Incidentally, why do they have to be iPhones? Can normal people not take naked photos on their phones?

Aaah, yeah, that's right - the Apple clan are the "beautiful people.""

Really? Looking at girlswithiphones i'd disagree!

I guess with those crap cameras there wont have to be much scaling down eh ;)

London gym floors hoodies with Chav Fighting classes


Thanks Reg, ... really thanks :-(

My current office has a very serious meeting going on and I stupidly followed your link and started watching the vids - its been very dificult to keep a straight face and not burst into tears of laughter. :)

iPhone's Wi-Fi problems cause heated speculation


"Not fit for purpose"

Just return it under the "Not fit for purpose" clause under Sales of Goods Act.

Ryanair may charge cattle to use the bog


Pound a plop?


KTM: electric dirt-bike out next year


Very nice ... but misses a point...

Im sure like many other we welcome the advances in electric engines and it would be great to get the vast majority of bikes on to electricity.

However, not all bikers will go for it. I for one won't. There is nothing on earth (Including your Aston or Ferrari) in my opinion that comes close to the sound of a big, fat, race v-twin.

The coat? Its the one with the armour in it covered in RSV-R stickers.

Samsung's Omnia touchphone goes HD

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Sadly AC, you are correct

Its Symbian and has very little in common with its great WinMob relation.... sadly.

Analyst predicts cut-price, updated 3G iPhone models


What the hell?

"A market analyst’s drawn-up a list of *potential* features that *he’s* claimed *could* be included on an upcoming cut-price iPhone."

So some bloke, probably in a pub, is just guessing and managed to make the news?

I can't believe this is a "story" reg, seriously poor.

Virgin Media trials longer bandwidth throttling


Cue the moaning about VM

Ok. I'm sure there are by now many moaning posts about VM. I won't join them, I think they do an ok service. I do however object to them suddenly changing "the rules". Surley this should be a contract change?

On a side note, when are OFCOM going to spank these so called "unlimited" claims that are instead covered by FUP's?

Infant calls cops to dad's dope plantation


Maybe there was someone kidnapped?

Maybe they have to assume the person making the call had been cutshort by kidnappers and so have to search the house in case the call maker is now tied up somewhere in the house?

Conficker seizes city's hospital network


Hasn't cost the public money?

"The trust argued that the consequences of its decision making had not cost public money, "just time and effort by the IT teams"."

Oh .... and I though that WE the public paid the IT staffs wages... I wonder who does then?

Wireless HDTV set for 2009



". . wirelessly to your set top box? You mean your not already? PS3 and TVersity, nuff said."

With comments like that, you should stay annon.

We can all stream but we want to replace the hdmi cable with wireless and NOT lose quality - yes you do with Tverisity or any other solution as you simply do not have the bandwidth.

p.s. don't need to be a ps3, many devices can do it as you do.

NASA will give away old Shuttles for free


So you can't just re-sell it then? :(

Damn! I was gona buy this (sort of) and stick it on Ebay!

Starting bid .... i dunno a few mil

Delivery Charges .... 42mil

I think you get the idea

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008


@Emo -- sssshhhhh!

Let them have the swords, bows and hack n slash leveling that requires hours upon hours of boredom.

Dunno about you Emo but I don't want Eve-O to get much bigger. With the new stackless IO n stuff Eve is performing like a dream for me and there is always a big fight brewing if you want one! I'm happy training skills whilst I'm at work and off-line, getting home, jumping in a ship and shooting someone ..... yaarrr! And then there is the billion isk (read dollar/pound) scamming that happens, the politics, the wars, the empire ganking .... a real game! :)

Seriously though, having tried WoW I think they had a great level of complexity (or rather, not) so that the masses could get on with it. The relativley low specs required was always going to help and the forumla of hack n slash had proved a win before. Good on ya Blizzard!

p.s. don't start ranting about hack n slash compared to mining, only idiots and newbies mine.



And finding your missing a months worth of training, marooned in the deepest, darkest depths of Stain having forgotten to renew your clone and its location :-))

Virgin Media opens bandwidth choke for 50Mb launch


Same old whingers....

Post after post after post ......

Your reading an IT news site so im guessing your IT literate yet, many posts here seem to understand that ftp/news programs/general download managers usual come with a scheduler. Why is it so dificult to use these? Thats all VM want and seems fair to me.

I'm happily downloading 10 to 20gig files and don't have any problems scheduling this whilst im at work or asleep, after all, why would I want all my bandwidth sapped by downloads when I might actually want it for game playing/fast trailer downloads etc?


a VERY happy 20meg user.

Ofcom rules on Clarkson strumpet gag


Did it really?

Common sense just prevail? Think i'm going to have to read this again .... and again....

American 'football' goes 3D


@Rubgy by AC

Yes there was MR AC:


HTC Touch HD Windows Mobile smartphone


Poor manufacturing

Now I am a Windows fan boy, that I will admit but .... HTC devices build quality is awefull. Truley awefull. EVERY htc device I have had has had to go back to repair at least once and they include: Blueange, TyTN, TyTN2 and now a TD. I now currently use an Omnia and despite the low res screen this is simply awesome - im tempted to try and import an Omnia-T (800x480 screen in Asia). I also had a Tosh G900 which was excellent and also had an 800x480 screen, over a year ago! Sadly though the Tosh started getting a bit long in the tooth and didn't have newer stuff like GPS etc.

HTC? NEVER again, no matter the operating system (Google) or badge (Sony) on the outside, no point, it will fall apart within month.

Warrington first to get Virgin Media 50Mb/s


What a bunch of moaners....

Oh my days, why is it so dificult to kick off your HD/BD pirate downloads when you go to bed? You then get up the next morning (6-8 hours later) and you have all the films you need!? Of course, you can always do this when you go to work as well.

It's not throttled all day, or even the majority of the day. All VM want is for you to schedule and spread out your downloads. Why is that unreasonable?

Or you can swap back to ADSL2 and by the time it gets down the copper to your phone line you will have ..... 16meg, if your lucky? And I guess you could call this "legacy" throttling which is permanent.

"It depends which "size" of broadband you're on, and is only measured during peak hours (4pm - 9pm)."

Taken from http://www.techdigest.tv/2008/03/virgin_media_sp.html

If you don't know how to schedule, then please feel free to look it up an app in google.

(and yes, im a VERY happy user of VM previously NTL previously Telewest)

The coat? Oh yeah, its flame proof!

Europe takes aim at BBC licence fee



Im glad at least you picked up on the fact that the Beeb want this money to enable them to develope HD content/new tech etc.... seems most others didn't and just wanted to rant about the license. Shame really.

And yes, your right, a good proportion of Sky's HD is upscaled ... can't argue with that. However, they were still doing HD (proper) waaaay before the Beeb thats using our license fee to develope new (actually by the time they get to it "standard") tech. Sky, being run like a proper company is pushing the boundaries and creating software/hardware and programing that people didn't know they needed - until they get it. The beeb on the other hand is being run like any other goverment/x-goverment company and taking forever to do anything and is incredibly inefficient with its money and time.

Btw: I have 2 HD boxes on Multi-room and if i remember right my monthly is about £80ish. I guess, can be called a Sky Fanboi.

But if people want to rant about the license then fair enough, so will I. I will happily pay to subscribe to any channels I want to watch. And that includes the Beeb *IF* I want to use them BUT it is no longer a license is it? Your being FORCED to buy it even if you don't want the Beeb.


do what!?

"But opponents of the proposals say they would hamstring public service broadcasters exploiting new media technologies."

Do me a favour!

Sky have been pumping out far more HD material and (afaik) well before BBC ... without its "unique" funding. And when did the Beeb release a sky"+" box or did i miss that major event??? All the beeb had to do was get on top of HD whilst other companies (Sky/Virgin/Telewest) had to get on to the channels and create suitable receivers and they all did it well in advance of the "uniquely" funded bbc.

Samsung Omnia 16GB smartphone



Yes mate, every Omnia has to but according to Samsung this may also change with the new firmware this (next?) week.


Gota love fanboi's ... and what about Today plugins?

Whats wrong with hacks? Oh wait, you can't do anything like that on a Jesus phone can you, so you wouldn't know how great they are. When was the last time you flashed your JesusPhone and removed loads of apps you don't need, making it faster and giving you more ram? Clueless bad designs? Fancy backing that up or just like making random statements.

Gota love Apple fanbois eh?

Dear Mr Reviewer,

why do you, like so many others to be fair, not actually explore phones properly? Yes, I think we can all agree Touchwiz sucks however, what you seem to have missed completley is the Today screen plugins Samsung offer as well. These are by far superior to Touchwiz gadgets. Try them out ... you will be suprised!

As I currently own a Touch Diamond (Anyone wana buy it?) I can say that I 100% prefer the Omnia to the TD. The TD sucks on battery life, can be laggy (even after mine had Swiftblade 7.5 ROM) and skips/lags on music playback - known issue HTC refuse to admit. I do like the "in your small pocket" design of the TD but with an extended 1800mah (and just about usefull charge) battery it then becomes bulky. The Omnia is just about the right size for me and slips into pockets easy. I have to say as well, sitting here in the deepest parts of T5, the Omnia gets a much better signal than the TD as well on 3g.

As for storage, I think I have some 2000+ songs on mine and ALL of Europe and Florida maps for TomTom .... and thats without a memory card. Do that with your Iphone or TD!!!

There is one word of caution though with the Omnia's, device.exe service (links to all the device drivers) keeps grabbing all the CPU and appears to create "black screen of death". This is a known issue by Samsung and should be patched out next week in the UK.

Only wish they'd put a hardened glass touchscreen on this device, you don't need a stylus anyway.



Sorry fanboi comments aimed at Giles not Alun.

G1 Android launch pictures leaked?


Shame its HTC

... guess it will be HTC's usual build quality which is frankly awefull. Shame, they do such a good job of packing in the tech, they forget how to QA the physical hardware.

On the flip side, I am looking forward to this to help push the user experience in the way the JesusPhone has. Windows Mobile devices are being challenged and thats a good thing - look at the Touch Diamond for example, the Omnia and the soon to be Asus Glaxy7. None of these would be as "good" as they are without the JesusPhone pushing them. I hope Google can do some unique and interesting things as well!

(No I don't own an Iphone, I am a WinMob user through and through, I just think the Iphone has helped the market develope)

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills


Just buy a motorbike

No front number plate. Job done.

Naomi Campbell pleads guilty to assault


Couldn't of happened...

... to a nicer person.

Shame the captains and crew got it in the neck for BA Logistics and BA Baggage Handlers screwing things up....

(the baggage system worked fine btw, it was the two teams above that messed it up)

3G iPhone not ready for the enterprise?


Oh my days ...

these Apple lot are tight fisted right hand shakers aren't they!

"I've been on the £35 PM tariff since I shelled out £269 on launch day, my mate bought his at the same time but decided on the £45 PM tariff. By the time this 3G model launches next month he'll have paid £80 more than me over the space of 9 months in terms of PM charges yet I'll have to pay £99 if I want to upgrade whilst he'll get it free."

So the new phone is costing (effectivley) £19 and he's getting upset???? OK so, he probably had a few more minutes+text that he didn't need and wasn't going to use anyway.

Keyboard PC design recalls Amiga era


BITS: So much speculation and only ONE right answer! @Roger Thomas

My God! How many people here appear to have no idea what 8/16/32/64 bit actually means!

So far only 1 of you has it correct: Roger

"The Amiga was not an 8 bit computer. It used a 68000 processor that was 16/24/32 bits. As in 16 bit memory width, 24 bit address lines and a 32 bit CPU core."

And I ask, whats "386SX-like" processor mean? The 680x0 range were built by Motorola and were nothing like the x86 range.

I'm guessing that I'd be right Roger by saluting a fellow 68k Assembler programmer 07

To me, this looks more like a C64/Amiga hyrbid in design.

Now, question for you all, why was it called Amiga? Clues: think co-processors and chipsets

BAA boots Vulture from T5 frequent flyer club

Thumb Up


Biometrics is for domestic passengers only. You won't have to give them going to USA or Japan.

ICO queries Heathrow T5's huge fingerprint scam scan



Domestic flights - no fingerprints, no fly. No ifs, no buts, no nothing... you won't be allowed past ticket presentation.

US woman spends two years on boyfriend's toilet


And another couple.....

Sounds like things were going a bit down the pan for her and she must of been a bit round the bend!

Microsoft admits big delay on Home Server bug fix


@mixbsd & AC

Why dont you go and learn about it, its far more than a NAS box.

Portsmouth student peeled in potato laptop scam

Paris Hilton

Far too many Darwin contenders out there

Another example of this: This weekend I had a guys come round to buy my Gumtree advertised car. He was up for taking it without checking the paperwork, getting in the car or even taking it for a test drive.

I had to force the guys to go for a test drive with me and practically ram the paperwork down his throat. Aparently I had a "nice family" and we appeared very "trustworthy".

Too many people need protecting from themselves....

Paris? She'd of looked great in a bikini on the bonnet

Mesh Ultimate Q8 Tri-SLI gaming PC


@ Steve Foster

Exactly! Im surprised the reviewer missed the flexibility this allows rather than restrictive 3.5" bays.

Software glitch hits Heathrow T4 baggage system


@David and Anon Coward

@David: what did you expect? There are far less Business and First passengers.

@Anon: No, they are not security cleared.

The people I feel sorry for are the people who HAVE flown half way around the world and expect to xfer onto a BA flight that leaves from T4 to complete the trip..... ooops!

Investors cheer Toshiba plan to drop HD DVD


@John Stag

"At best these new video formats are only about 50% better than existing DVD.

Wake me up when there's a video format which makes me stop dead

and go "Wow!". Until then these are just expensive DVDs."

i'd suggest your using/been shown some pretty rubbish stuff. My PC/surround system connected to my Sammy LE46M87 playing either BD or HD (Gota love LG Combi drives eh!) look and sound stunning.... totaly totaly stunning.

And thats on a mid-price 1080p TV!

After I move house, the next purchase for me is a 1080p projector.

Vodafone USB Modem 7.2


Whats the big deal?

Most of us have had HSDPA mobiles for months and months, whats the big deal?

I've even streamed the cricket from the Beeb and played Eve-Online on the Met line on my laptop using my TyTN and now Tosh G9 (both T-Mobile).

Warner to back a single HD disc format?


who else is downloading firmware to update purchased hardware presently?

My motherboard did.

Guess what. The only updates it contained were for "improved blu-ray support". Didn't need any updates for HD.

Just to note. I don't actually care which format wins as I have the dual format drive from LG.

US HD DVD player sales pass 750,000


Why choose? Get both!

I don't understand this.

In my opinion, with the price of HD/Blu-Ray readers for PC's at an all-time low, why not get both, plug them into your media system and its a win win situation!?

Yeh ok, so your now going to say not everyone has a pc? I'm betting as early adopters, we all have and that a good majority of those will be plugged into our LCD/plasma's.

Atari may hit reset button again


Atari's greatest ever move, Commodores greatest failure

a cheap built in midi interface. If the A500 had included one, there would of been no success at all for Atari.

"Really? I thought the most annoying sound of the 1980s was made by Amiga owners, who used to come out with inane shit like "STs are cr4p"."

Apart from the midi interface, they were inferiour in every way.

Sad to see Atari go though, big chunk of computing history.