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Mystery virus attack blows Qatari gas giant RasGas offline

Snot Nice


See title.

Rare AutoCAD worm lifted blueprints from Peru, sent them to China

Snot Nice

Competitive advantage?

What current / recent infrastructure tenders have Peru offered? Have they publicly disclosed near future plans?

China is a beast; they do not play by the same rules, take a look at Africa.

Falling share price exposes NetApp

Snot Nice

Chris, how many shares in NetApp do you have?

See above :)

Apple seeks permission to kick Kodak's corpse

Snot Nice

Re: Re: Re: eengleesh

James @ 03:27: "Thanks for the vote of confidence Steve. Nice to see some people do still take the time to read the comments fully now a days."

James and Steve, you both fail. Nice to see some people do still take the time to read titles, thumbs up Richard.

Apple fined $1.2m for flouting Italian warranty law

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Stolen, remote-wiped iPhones still get owner's iMessages

Snot Nice

Oh dear, do you really think filling your disk with zeros seven times constitutes a wipe?

Epic fail sir, all you data is mine.

iPhone 5: Apple 4S, pundits 0

Snot Nice


So this is why Apple's attack dogs are so vociferously chasing Samsung around the globe.

Apple *know* they have nothing better in the near term pipeline.

Should Samsung score a victory in their any of their cases, this could be very interesting indeed.

Judge puts Assange behind bars ahead of extradition hearing

Snot Nice

There, fixed it for you


Microsoft takes on Wet Willie's to punt Windows 7 in Paris

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For the love of God someone please pass me a bucket.

Make your party 'more creative'. Twister and baby oil.

British troops get nifty techno-gunsights

Snot Nice

@ Sillyfellow

Are you French?

That is all.

Ageing Google supersizes its search box

Snot Nice
Paris Hilton

More fun to use!?

Me thinks young Marissa needs to subscribe to Cosmo.

Hmmm any danger I can watch? ;)

Microsoft pimps bogus Windows 7 'launch parties'

Snot Nice
Big Brother


Bless, APK aka Alexander Peter Kowalski wants to create a commercial application to block sites based on the hosts file.

Boo hoo for you Alex as you have optimised your app using an illegal address of 0. Not exactly a dotted quad now is it ace.

No wonder he is pissed, but Alex, instead of continuing your drivel on here I suggest you use your (quite considerable) free time to do something constructive. Seeking help would be a good start.


Hilton's mum enjoys One Night in Paris

Snot Nice

Pure class

"who takes time out from her punishing schedule only to worry Rick Salomon's spam javelin."

Nuff said.

Server saboteur gets six months

Snot Nice

Serves the cnut right.

That said, Pratt-Read did indeed make a prat of themselves for not changling the passwords blah blah

Servers buckle as Congress rejects $700bn Wall Street bailout

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Thumb Up

More importantly....

.... the BOFH has a spokesman!? I've gotta get myself one of those.....

US boffins develop self cleaning gecko-foot glue

Snot Nice
Dead Vulture

tsk tsk

Geckos do not gambol! They scurry.

Oh dear, maybe someone was fantasising about cute little lambs....

Oracle scans BEA code for GPL and LGPL

Snot Nice


Due diligence. Numpties.

Apple keeps critical security fixes to itself

Snot Nice


My Apple is rotten to the core :(

Runs to get coat, mittens and Biggles cap with flaps down....

Before I dash, @James Butler. Ours it a thankless task.

Microsoft on the hunt for 'serious' Windows flaw

Snot Nice

@ Vernon

security through obscurity


Leopard security bug puts Mail users at risk

Snot Nice

Enterprise Security!?

Surely this should have been filed under Bootnotes……


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