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Microsoft set to reveal Windows 7 pricing mid-June


Vista SP2

SInce this is really nothing more than Vista SP2, it should be free or cost-of-media to anyone who owns Vista.

If they try for full-whack pricing on those individuals unlucky enough to be owning Vista already, well they have only themselves to thank for another round of abysmal sales.

No amount of Apple-bashing will overcome *that*

Ballmer disses Oracle's decision to buy Sun



I think Microsoft has "sponsored" way to many Russian software projects over the past few years

Microsoft draws fire for taxpayer handout


why not?

>it won't benefit the 5,000 laid-off Microsofties who won't be crossing it on their way to work.

Why not?? Are they not able to use shovels?? was their retraining somehow deficient??

Palm unfazed by Apple patent threat



Apple has a bunch of patents and so does Palm but no-one's rushing to court. The patent landscape has changed a lot over the past few months so everyone's trying to figure out the new terrain, including Apple.

I'm not a patent attorney (thankfully) so I can't decipher all that stuff. But if reports are to be believed then Apple seems to have a reasonable case. If Palm believes that too then they'll offer to settle -- Apple might or might not accept.

They're both big companies and aren't into the "sue the deep pockets" thing.

Any good lawyer will tell you that going to court is the last thing you want to do, and will try his/her best to avoid it. Sometimes you can't. If he/she doesn't tell you this, find a *good* lawyer.

Authors Guild to Amazon Kindle: Shut up



These folks remind me of a famous book called Moby Dick. I'm just not sure about Moby, though

Seagate kisses Maxtor goodwill goodbye


maybe, maybe not

It's also possible that Seagate is writing this off now because just about all companies are taking a bath. Bad results everywhere.

They have to write it down eventually but doing it now means their future results won't take that hit.

Just maybe.

Memo to Microsoft: Enough with the SKUed Windows


Apple also

Apple also gets paid when people with Tiger buy a copy of Leopard, etc. It's not just the "get it on the machine" thing that is, actually, more common with WIndows. New OS purchase for existing machines is a substantial chunk of revenue for Apple

Apple scores 'power connector' patent


simple answer

Much as I thought yesterday, looking at the shape of the other end.

No - you can't fit any interesting body parts into it as it's way too small.

It's the 12V plug part of the Apple airline adapter




It looks to be the adapter for the airline (Empower?) plug, judging by the shape of the other end.

Dunno what's patentable about that tho'

Airbus A380 bows out of Air Force One competition


Big A380

Maybe the runways are OK, but the taxiways are not (as well as the terminals). Air Force One seems to park away from terminals, but you can't park it on the runway!


"Duh" for different reason

Folks, have a look at how many airports can handle A380.

That was quick, because it's not many.

Having an Air Force One that can fly to only a few airports in the U.S. and worldwide just doesn't seem like a sensible plan.

Of course, Airbus didn't draw attention to the airport size/weight requirements in the PR piece.

Now, A340 might be a contender and that would be the U.S. vs. Europe issue. But not A380. That was a dumb idea from the start

Official: gadgets not responsible for Qantas jet plunge


just as well for Airbus

If the "laptops were responsible" story HAD been true then it would be curtains for Airbus. Absolutely NO-ONE would fly on their planes again.

I can believe that various devices might cause interference with navigation (not for sure, but some could). But a mid-air upset ? No way! I can't imagine that any certification authority (FAA, etc) would allow an aircraft to fly if the flight controls were subject to laptop interference.

And it's totally irresponsible of Qantas to have made such a suggestion.

Microsoft starts stoking hype for Windows 7



Maybe they'll agree that Vista was just a beta version and give Vista-buyers the "final" version for free. Not likely, knowing MS.

The only way that people will pay money for it is if MS did what Apple did and built a new system on a new base. But we know they're not doing that. So this is just the same sausage, churned a bit more.

Yahoo! shoots DRM servers, swallows keys to tunes


time for RIAA to step up

RIAA has been pressuring everyone to accept DRM and here's their opportunity. If DRM is viable (I personally don't think so) then Yahoo can turn over the servers and RIAA will run them. This is just validating your PC, not every song, so it's a very light load.

If RIAA then does not step up, then what does that tell us about their attitude to DRM ?

AT&T and Verizon thrash rivals with $16bn spectrum swipe



Google didn't lose - d'oh. It forced the C block to be open, and didn't have to actually pay. Only bid to the reserve. That's really smart.

Leopard security bug puts Mail users at risk


limited bad

It's unfortunate if this has in fact returned.

But it is fortunate that Mail is sandboxed and so the scope of the bad should be limited