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Samsung fires up 128GB SSD massive attack

tom carbert-allen
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less energy efficient MLC???

doesn't look that way to me, those figures are low enough to beat any existing unit in laptops. Just have to wait now to find the minimum write length so we know what the small length random write performance hit is...

Monitor your data center with a coffee mug-sized server

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over priced

I use tiny home routers which run linux for this task, for a hardware cost of around £40 a piece, for this price I install two in each rack (bottom and top) were the redundancy overcomes the cheap nature of the hardware (although I haven't seen one fail yet).

Replacing the firmware with a more capable distribution is a 15 minute job and configuring monitoring application another 30 minutes. The major bonus on top of cost is that you can monitor anything you like without having to hope for vendor support, I even wrote scripts to monitor a closed access control system based purely on observation of expected traffic patterns.

Even if you don't have the skills to make this unit yourself, you can hire a good contractor (Iike me :-) to make you one of these at home and post it to you for less than the price of this unit, they copy it as many times as you like yourself.

3 calls foul on T-Mobile price promise

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3 is well cheap

i got the three 27 quid 1100 tarrif on special offer for £20! (not just for x months either) and got a 3g usb stick for £5 a month (half price when got with phone) oh and i switched the missus too a £15 a month at the same time to get an extra 2000 free mins each way between us.... did i mention they thru in £40 free accessory voucher in which i got a 2gb micro sd card, second battery and car charger?

remind me again why t-mobile is cheaper (they were good to me but i left them for being too pricey and blocking IM, rtsp and voip on the 3g service (oh and recompressing pictures to fucking shit) even though they promised me when i ordered it nothing was blocked

3's CS are Indian (the two i have spoken to have been great though) but i don't care as i probably only call once a year... saving hundreds of quid is worth it

Naomi Campbell banned from BA flights

tom carbert-allen


"We deal with cases on an individual basis and take appropriate action where necessary."

they obviously don't feel giving cases back to passengers is either appropriate or necessary, at least until a few days have passed anyway.

Vyatta blows out Cisco routers with study

tom carbert-allen

features ahoy that no one uses

Ok's so Vyatta aren't matchins every feature on Cisco's. But come on, how many people actually use these features anyway? And even then, in most networks you will find a few over speced cisco's doing very basic routing, these atleast could be Vyatta if not the edge routers aswell.

I have used it in a small two office company network with 2 internet connections at each site and 2 interconnects between the sites and found it perfect for that customers needs. Saved them about £15,000 compared to the qoute of another contractor who qouted on cisco kit, of which I pocketed some and donated some to vyatta. When we later installed VoIP and more VPN stuff later, all the features I needed were there, just added a four port gigabit card to each box and the networking side of the upgrade was done and tested in two hours.

Another great reason for using Vyatta is that you can install a two box redundant system and STILL be WAY cheaper than a single cisco system. No more downtime or maintenance window to make changes to it....

Oh and another one, I dont have to wait for a box to arrive before I can do an install. I always keep generic x86 servers in stock, so now I can do same day router installs too, in the past I have waited 4 days to get a Cisco.

Google gets into green transport policy

tom carbert-allen

Barrirers to acceptance.

Hybrids are expensive as they have to be filled with batteries which use chemicals only found easily in some countries and need much work to use. If we switch to batterries for all cars we will quickly be in the War for Batteries instead of the War for Oil. We need a cheap solution and available solution to portable energy sotrage.

The next barrier as the PP said is the look. I think the best solution to this is to convert existing well loved cars to new energy sources, seperating the power train and the user interface in assesments.

If hydorgen isn't ready then compressed air should be strongly considered. It's far cheaper than batteries and doesn't require any exotic materials. Using an automated air tank exchange and slow charging of the tanks in the filling station it's very efficient too!

As for supply, we need to be using more renewables, not just wind (idiots complain about noise) and PV cells (too expensive and not enough kw/m). Stirling engines are simple, cheap and efficient and can be heated from geothermal or various configurations of mirrors. Fusion will come online soon enough too.

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

tom carbert-allen

dis-appointed you even asked! UK all the way

What happened to the reg? You haven't hired some sort of marketing team have you? Cos i'm with Bill Hicks on that topic, they are all evil! (just like your Logowatch feature suggests)

I also CAN'T BELIEVE you suggested that this would reduce your management overhead either. Are you some sort of noob that does any of this stuff manually? If you had a properly scripted system to run the lot it would surely be a one off cost?

You really have dis-appointed me with this amatuer approach to a simple issue that many hobyists have solved by them selves years ago. Surely behind the scenes there is nothing more than some templates, database of articles with atributes which shows on which template on which domain?

Electric cars may not be solution to all world problems

tom carbert-allen

Air Car better than battery car?

There is another technology you have missed in your assesment of alternative fuels/energy transmission. Compressed air can be used as an energy storage medium in place of batteries. This has many advantages.

Carbon fibre air tanks are much cheaper than batteries.

Air tanks can be re-filled millions of times without loss of performance. This also means the tank exchange stations idea is more feasable than battery exchange. (would you exchange your £30,000 battery rig for an older one with less performance just because it's charged) (infact, we already have an infastructure for safely exchanging empty for full compressed gas tanks [butane/propane])

No rare metals or chemicals needed in production (the dependancy on lithium producing countries is a very big problem in the electric car dream)

Pretty safe. Spillage not toxic, not flamable. Although compressed gas can cause an explosion due to the rate of expansion upon rupturing a tank, we have many decades experiance handling it safely. There are many designs to allow a bottle to rupture safely inside a holder without any casing being ejected (even at 15,000psi)

Green energy production systems like wind and wave power can be setup to compress air directly instead of generating electricity to then run a compressor. This is actually cheaper than building electricity producing wind turbines and rellies less on copper etc.

The engine is farely simple and can be scaled to all aplications we currently use ICE for. You can even have one on each wheel. Re-generative breaking is a doddle. Even car cooling can be run by taking the cooling effect of the expanding air.

There are some issues that need to be worked on, but if a developer threw some money at the idea it's nothing that can't be solved easily. EG

No heating, electrics for lights etc - this could be solved with an air genorator or by using electric brake energy reclaim into batteries instead of air. Or you can even use the cold from the expansion to work a heat engine to make electricity.

The demo cars I have seen on te interweb are not very powerful - add more tanks, higher pressure, more cylinders in engine

Fast charging causes heat - Exchange stations and overnight charge remove this problem, slow charge much more efficient. Or fast charge heat could be used to heat buildings.

Just thought I best keep you informed of all the options!



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