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Nokia 'actively looking' at own netbook

Dave Cozens

Nokia need to get on top of build quality first

Recent problems with lens covers and gps hardware with (for example) the N97 are even less likely to be tolerated in the netbook market.

Do a search for "N97 lens" or "N97 GPS" and you'll see what I mean...

Nokia exec denies Symbian Maemo swap claim

Dave Cozens

I'd rather see a comment on the self destructing N97

And the way the lens cover thoughtfully scratches the lens for you...


BBC redesigns and 'widgetizes' homepage

Dave Cozens
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It's a bit chunky...

...and it'd be nice to be able to remove stuff you don't want altogether - like CBeebies for example.

But it's quite nice...

Wikipedia COO was convicted felon

Dave Cozens

how would they know?

>If she had embezzled funds from Wikipedia, then that /would/ be a story ...

If she went from book-keeper to COO, who would know? They've obviously nobody else looking at the books...

Watch this space for the audit results...

Inland Revenue boss quits over 'major ops failure'

Dave Cozens


More importantly, if bank details have been compromised and money has been fraudulently taken from folks bank accounts who is liable for that money?