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Windows 7 lessons - the must know before you buy

Rob D

Great argument

So your point is what? They now made this too quickly? You really think nobody had thought of win7 previously & been planning for a long time...?

Laptop Hunters snare Microsoft on Linux

Rob D
Gates Halo

good point but...

Doesn't the guy say that he wants the laptop to be functional? Liniux may but free, but I'm sure he doesn't want to screw around with config files for 2 years before he can use it.

Face it, Windows is usable, Linux isn't!

Hotmail is dead! Long live Hotmail!

Rob D

Come on!

ah come on! The new hotmail interface is good! It's a massive improvement, it's clean and it works really well. I must say I'm very impressed.

You guys just throw your toys out of the pram because it's MS.

And the centre of your desktop is...

Rob D


Hmm I can’t say I’m surprised. Why would businesses want to use online services currently? With MS Office you get a whole arsenal of tools for distribution, policy, management etc. SaaS can’t be taken seriously for anything else than sending a letter to granny!

What’s Your Agile Value?

Rob D

Missed the whole point!

Woah there! Aren’t you missing the whole point in your rant?! You’re trying to take the flexibility out of agile methodologies and re-define them to how it works in your world. The beauty of these values are that they can be applied appropriately on a per-team/organisation basis. Whatever allows a team to work well together, and to be focused on producing working software is a good thing. There are loads of implementations of out there, be it XP, MSF, TDD etc each with their pros and cons to be considered.

One of the key ‘agilists’ themselves, Barry Bohem makes this point in his IEEE paper “Get Ready for Agile Methods, with Care”. This explains that you can’t be dogmatic about agile methods – the correct implementation has to be decided depending on the team, the customer & nature of the project among other things.

Your alternative wording of the manifesto might work for you, but other project managers should implement this as they seem fit.