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3G iPhone not ready for the enterprise?

John Milne

3G why ?????

I have an original version of iPhone, cracked to work on any network, I travel all over Europe every month, it works great for e-mail, an absolute breeze.

I also have a 3G data card for my laptop (also Apple), there is so little functioning 3G everywhere, that you will be incredibly lucky so ever see in improvement in data transfer speed.

Personally, I will be upgrading my existing iPhone software to version 2.0 for working on any network, and I don't care about 3G as higher speed is a myth.

I have had cellphone since the technology started (Motorola mobile Brick) and all kinds of smartphones, the iPhone outshines them all.

Carphone Warehouse stares down BPI and UK.gov on three strikes

John Milne


Who is actually collecting the evidence ??, and is monitoring peoples Internet Usage Is that not exactly the same as illegal wire Tapping someones phone line.

Surely there should have to be the proof of breaking the law, before the AUTHORITIES can get an order to monitor an individuals Internet Usage.

Phorm to me, is clearly a breach of Individuals rights.!!!

Imagine if someone came up with a bright idea to monitor peoples phone usage, so they could target them services over the phone, it would never be allowed.

So why should they get to do it without control on the internet.

iPhone to get 3G in May 2008

John Milne


So Apple brings out an iPhone with an improved feature set and everyone buys another iPhone,

OHH, no other manufacturer has ever done that !!!

How old is you current phone ???

How often do you want to take official wedding photos with your phone ??

How often do you use it for more than calls and texting ???

I have a cracked iPhone on Orange in the UK, I travel all over Europe, and it hops between Networks / Providers the same as any other cellphone across 10 countries.

I had a 3G and to be honest I don't even notice the difference going back to pre 3G.

Why ??, HOW often do you video conference.

WiFi hotspots are everywhere, it works flawlessly which is more than I could say about windows mobile.

The email, contacts, and PDA functions with excellent UI, far outweighs anything else.