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China slams 'dirty' America's 'clean network' plan, reminds world of PRISM snoop-fest exposed by Ed Snowden

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"nationalise any American company doing business in China."

China holds $1.1trn in US government paper. Cancel that in response. See what tit-for-tat on gross stupidity does?

Geneticists throw hands in the air, change gene naming rules to finally stop Microsoft Excel eating their data

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"Symbols must also only contain uppercase Latin letters and Arabic numerals, and cannot be offensive or derogatory."

So how exactly should I abbreviate my new gene dicovery. Cytosine: Upper Nasal and Tracheal?

China slams President Trump's TikTok banned-or-be-bought plan in the US

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Re: So you've missed out the big detail.

"Trump has demanded a cut for the treasury of any deal, due the fact he is forcing the price down.

Its gone from protectionism to racket[e]ering."

I'm surprised he didn't ask for personal commission, to be honest.

Aviation regulator outlines fixes that will get the 737 MAX flying again

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"A combination of the system being very difficult to deal with and the pilots not being appropriately trained."

Or having magical knowledge that wasn't in the manual, and wasn't mentioned by Boeing so as to make sure that pilots didn't need recertification. But sure, blame the pilots for not knowing about a system that deliberately wasn't mentioned to save Boeing some money and hassle.

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Re: $19bn

Last I heard Boeing lawyers were trying to force the compensation trial for killing a bunch of people to be moved to the lowest-paying area on the planet they could find. They aren't called shareholders because they share.

If you're on invite-only tech-testing scheme, take care with Amazon's Alexa-powered answer to Google's Glass

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Re: Go right ahead. "...take care..." is an understatement.

"@nautica "Glasshole", eh? Here's a Bill Hicks Quote for you:"

A Glasshole is someone wearing Google Glass, not any old glasses.

IT giant CSC coughs up $2m after helping New York City bill Medicaid for child therapy rather than insurance cos

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Re: Pity they were caught

Wait, this is the tyranny that was paying for the treatment, despite people having insurance for it? Surely something more tyrannical wouldn't be handing out dollar bills?

First rule of Ransomware Club is do not pay the ransom, but it looks like Carlson Wagonlit Travel didn't get the memo

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"The bullying tactics used by these ransomware groups are making attacks even more expensive, and they are not going to stop any time soon, particularly within the current climate."

Yeah they are. Just make paying a ransom a criminal offence, punishable by, say, ten years in prison for the CEO. Sorted.

Australia to force Google and Facebook to pay for news and reveal algorithm changes before they whack web traffic

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Re: If you require them to tell you exactly what algorithm they use

I understand your point, but if you are a lynchpin of the Internet economy, and search engines are vital, then you maybe shouldn't be allowed to be completely opaque about how you rank things.

To see that search engines are completely necessary, not using one is the equivalent in the real world of not having signs on any shops anywhere. So if you wanted to find a particular shop, you would have to knock on every door to find out if it's a shop, and then which shop it is. Once you know where the shop is you can find it again, but finding a new shop is essentially impossible.

Thus search engines are a fundamental, and entirely necessary, part of the digital economy. As such, high levels of regulation should be applied.

'I'm telling you, I haven't got an iPad!' – Sent from my iPad

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Re: Which is why I always turn off email sigs...

"The recipient is under no legal requirement to do any such thing. In fact, if they decide to forward it as a BCC to the entire Gmail, Apple, AOL, Microsoft, & EU email owners as global spam, there's not a damned thing the sender can do to stop it."

Unless your name is M. Markle. Then you can go to court to sue a newspaper for printing the contents of said communication.

Boeing confirms it will finish building 747s in 2022, when last freighter flies off the production line

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Re: Older 737s have problems too

"Pre-MAX 737s have a problem after being stored for a while"

That's not really a problem. There hasn't been any worldwide event causing lots of planes to be stored for a while, so this shouldn't come up.

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Re: Sad to see the queen of the sky’s go but won’t be flying in a 737 Max

"I do think that modern engineers could learn from that 1960s approach."

IANAE, but I think the 1960s was great for mechanical engineering, but it will only get you so far. None of the designs of that era is good enough for new expectations of efficiency and noise levels. For that you need a merging of mechanical and electronics engineering, so we are in a <1940s era, where we are yet to perfect this approach.

Chinese ambassador to UK threatens to withdraw Huawei, £3bn investment if comms giant banned from building 5G

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Re: Of course Huawei are independent of political pressures

"Sorry Huawei, not your fault your Government are lying fascists."

Finally! Someone who doesn't spell it 'facists'.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: From the dept of redundancy dept

"Ban this company that we promise that we don't control and we'll make them leave"

I did wonder how this private company that absolutely doesn't have any state influence at all has the Chinese ambassador making corporate announcements for them.

Google allowed to remember search results to news articles it was asked to forget. Good

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Re: If only there were the idea of a spent conviction?

"But with increasing numbers of jobs doing vetting, those convictions will still show up, just later in a different step."

In the UK at least, unless you are a job where enhanced vetting is required (and not if you just feel like it) spent conditions are not disclosed. Or at least that's my understanding.

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Re: Suing the wrong party

"3 thumbs up & 1 thumb down"

There is a certain individual who has taken it upon themselves to downvote every post I make, about every topic and at every time. I came to this conclusion when every single one of my posts got at least one down vote, even entirely innocuous ones.

I therefore tested this theory by placing a post on a week-old news article, at the bottom of page 2. Sure enough, a few days later, a single down vote appeared on it, along with the one above.

I think this individual perhaps needs a course of therapy.

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Re: Suing the wrong party

"It would be more effective and rational to sue the host of the relevant article in order to get it taken down."

Because that worked so well for the recording industry.

FYI Russia is totally hacking the West's labs in search of COVID-19 vaccine files, say UK, US, Canada cyber-spies

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Re: Why aren't we making all research open-source in the first place?

"Why aren't we making all research open-source in the first place? "

It more or less is, but the hacking is for in-progress stuff. There's also still a desire for stealing things even if they will become public domain.

Here's one example: suppose you hacked the Synairgen and University of Southampton servers, and you had a week's extra notice that the interferon beta drug would be successful. You could make a lot of money on the stockmarket.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: Why?

"there is money to be made in being first to market with the vaccine."

To a point. No country is likely to let stand some tiny Russian company that suddenly patents a Covid vaccine a few days before a well-known research team patents the same one.

DavCrav Silver badge

"What? are we at war with eurasia again? Did I miss a memo?"

So you think Russia isn't trying to hack Covid research? Why would it not?

Brit unis hit in Blackbaud hack inform students that their data was nicked, which has gone as well as you might expect

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"Because protecting our customers' data is our top priority, we paid the cybercriminal's demand with confirmation that the copy they removed had been destroyed."

Yeah, I'm sure they did.

VMware to stop describing hardware as ‘male’ and ‘female’ in new terminology guide

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Re: Kill the orphans!

"I'd have killed him."

You mean you would have tidied him, surely.

UK surveillance laws tightened up as most spying demands to be subject to warrants

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Re: ???

"so just ask Royal Mail? WTF have those dinosaurs got to do with anything? I'm not sure what I've missed here but I hope its something...."

I seem to remember that the Royal Mail has its own police and prosecutions team for historical reasons.

Shocked I am. Shocked to find that underground bank-card-trading forums are full of liars, cheats, small-time grifters

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"This admin, however, regularly received payments for credential goods from users then proceeded to ban the user from the site without delivering anything."

I'm sorry but I found that genuinely funny.

Only EU can help us, pleads Slack as it slings competition complaint against Microsoft Teams

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Re: Slackbot is the worst

"They shouldn’t lump teams in with office to try and kill slack."

They don't need to. Slack is shit.

UK.gov admits it has not performed legally required data protection checks for COVID-19 tracing system

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Re: what charges...

"Don't forget how PPE is counted 10,000 boxes of tissues with an average content of 100 tissues per box = 1 million items of PPE"

Also gloves were counted individually.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: what charges...

"Because "PPE, what's that?""

If you have read the news today you would find out that the NHS missed out on deliveries of masks because the French company that was contracted to supply them were visited by the Chinese government, who convinced them to renege on the contract and supply them instead.

SoftBank: Oi, we paid $32bn for you, when are you going to strong-Arm some more money out of your customers?

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"Arm wouldn't provide an academic core they could pull apart in an open way, so they made their own."

Didn't anyone learn anything from Microsoft?

€13bn wings its way back to Apple after Euro court rules Irish tax deal wasn't 'state aid'

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Re: Obscene

"There's only one way to describe such abomination: utetrly obscene."

There's another way: wilfully corrupt. It wasn't a bug in Irish law, it was a feature. Calling it a loophole when it was desgined with exactly this effect in mind, is wrong.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: Good

Must. Resist. Temptation. To. Correct. Insure. To. Ensure.

It's no good. Every time.

Trump gloats, telcos weep, and China is furious: How things stand following UK's decision to rip out Huawei

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Re: What about Huawei's 5G Patents...

" I'm sure Huawei will be reviewing the terms of their usage and potentially withdrawing them from the 5G patent pool..."

Surely you cannot withdraw patents from FRAND after agreeing to it? It would kind of make the whole FRAND thing meaningless.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: A sad day

"Really is a sad day, when an overseas government, or indeed, one single person, can dictate to UK companies what technology they can deploy."

From the article:

"The starkest words came from the China state-run Global Times. In an editorial, the English-language daily said it was "necessary" for China to retaliate against the UK, "otherwise wouldn't we be too easy to bully?"

"Such retaliation should be public and painful for the UK," it added."

I assume you mean this?

Look, Trump is an utter twat, and Boris is as useless as he is an utter twat. But China is threatening 'public and painful retaliation' for not buying products from one of their companies. Even the US doesn't do that if people buy Airbus rather than Boeing.

Also, you can always tell what China is up to, because it's usually what it accuses others of. In this case, it accuses the UK of 'bullying' China, by not buying some routers. This new use of the word bullying (I have apparently been bullying McDonalds for years now) means it's them who are simultaneously bullying and gaslighting. As usual.

It's handbags at dawn: America to hit France with 25% tariffs on luxuries over digital tax on US tech titans

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Re: If the French law really is carefully targeted to hit only American tech companies....

"[T]he U.S. Department of Commerce investigation"

It's not an investigation. It's looking at a law to see how you can make it out to be so unfair on the little guy, where the little guys are trillion-dollar companies.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: Just Your Average Iranian Guy

"But yes just forget to mention he was Major General Qasem Soleimani and not just some poor innocent Iranian guy doing his best to make the world a better place."

Killing a murderer without any legal framework is murder. Oh, and ten people died in the attack, so it's a mass murder.

DavCrav Silver badge

"carried out any renditions"

No. He murdered that Iranian guy though, of course.

Cornish drinkers catch a different kind of buzz as pub installs electric fence at bar

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I'm pretty sure deliberarely electrocuting someone is a criminal offence. The landlord is surely guilty of...battery.

And before anybody starts that battery is the use of force, I'm pretty sure electromagnetism is a force.

You call Verizon. A Google bot answers. You demand a human. The human is told what to say by the bot

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"Whether through voice call or chat, customers will not need to go through menu prompts or option trees; they simply say or type their request, and the natural-language recognition feature finds the best way to assist them. No stilted speech or robot-like commands," Verizon claimed."

Had this for years at my bank. You don't tell it what you want 'in your own words', you learn what the keywords are and just say them. 'Payments', 'Balance', 'Transfer', etc..

We've paused Sigfox roof aerial payments, says WND-UK, but we'll make you whole after COVID

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Re: How's this...

Unfortunately not. You need a steady supply of brains as otherwise the zombies starve. Clearly, from the guy who only just realized that you shouldn't just stop paying your creditors without warning, brains aren't something they have in great supply.

TomTom bill bomb: Why am I being charged for infotainment? I sold my car last year, rages Reg reader

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Re: As I read that

"I was signed up to a repeating monthly subscription, for a product I'd never bought, in a car I no longer own, using payment details I'd used to buy one off map updates in 2016."

This is more like me buying something and the company saying "We checked our records and we have a past resident of $HOUSE as $NAME. Shall I just go ahead and charge them?"

Privacy watchdogs from the UK, Australia team up, snap on gloves to probe AI-for-cops upstart Clearview

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Re: Opt out ?

"I don't understand how posting my photo on social media can mean I no longer have copyright over it"

You do still have copyright, although if you posted it through a company they might assume copyright, take a non-exclusive licence, or something similar.

"if I post a copy of someone else's copyrighted work they can sue me."

This is like saying 'if I leave my laptop outside the house with a 'this is free' sign outside then that's fine, but when I take someone else's laptop and do that, I'm suddenly a criminal'.

Shopped recently in a small online store? Check this list to see if it was one of 570 websites infected with card-skimming Magecart

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Re: 40000

"None of them are well known and most have names that will not inspire potential clients."

I noticed that umbro.com was on the list. I know that's not Dutch, but that's a global brand.

Linux kernel coders propose inclusive terminology coding guidelines, note: 'Arguments about why people should not be offended do not scale'

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"Also for the chop ?

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World"

At least some good will come of this then.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: scaling

"Etymological arguments do not scale."

Yes, I too was wondering what on earth this meant as a sentence. It's rather like saying 'scientific arguments do not scale'. As it's easier for ignorant fools to spread nonsense than people who actually know what happens to explain it properly.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: I'll just leave this here

"If you can't see the difference in the celebration of someone who actually bought and sold slaves"

He was an imperialist, not a slaver. It's kind of difficult, being born in 1853.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: I am obviously a horrible person and possibly racist...

"No, you should be apologising for flattening off the peaks of your audio to make it sound "louder" instead of just choosing a level for each channel and sticking to it, so that the final mix doesn't "clip" in the loudest part, even if that sounds "quiet" to you. Good recordings should obey the superposition principle. Turn off your compressors and limiters."

This is a really irritating thing for me. Digital music has all of these possible data points at the lowerend of the scale, and very few at the top (as it's done logarithmically, more or less). So rather than recording it quietly and then turning up the volume, it's recorded loudly and with very little fidelity.

DavCrav Silver badge

Re: No problem with most of it, but...

"Because "prototype" has already been bastardized."

What about archetype? It's much better than source. It also translates well into a few other languages, which source doesn't as it is overloaded.

July? British government could decide to boot Chinese giant Huawei from the UK's networks by this month

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"IMHO the pressure from the US side is intended to open up space in the UK market (and others ofc) for their new 5G players who can’t compete with Huawei on cost, or even on price:quality."

But this is the weird thing. Banning Huawei means that we go with Nokia and Ericsson. The same happens for other countries. CIsco are too far behind at the moment, and 5G contracts are being signed now. So US companies don't benefit so much.

DavCrav Silver badge

"And while Huawei is trying to persuade the UK that it's an independent private entity, with company director Sir Kenneth Olisa describing it as being what BAE Systems is to Westminster, those pleas have fallen on deaf ears. "

Ah, right. So Hauwei is heavily intertwined with the Chinese government, so much so that they will quietly kill off fraud and bribery investigations? Gotcha.

When a deleted primary device file only takes 20 mins out of your maintenance window, but a whole year off your lifespan

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Re: Did you really say...

" Did you really say... "A master device file"? "

Out of interest, what does MBR stand for nowadays? Main boot record?


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