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FAA to pilots: Expect 'unreliable or unavailable' GPS signals

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GPS timing in CDMA/EVDO system is used to synchronize pilot signals so only activity related to detecting neighbouring cells will be affected. Typically this means possibility of dropped calls on handoffs. But I believe 45 minutes is not enough to produce significant drift.

GSM is unaffected, UMTS/3G is unaffected. Not sure about LTE.

Ofcom sets out airport fees

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The step is 25 kHz not 25 MHz ..

China Mobile pleads for compatible iPhone

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Not really, they got SIMs

This is of course available on CDMA2000 1xRTT services around the world, too, it is called R-UIM and it is SIM card by any other name. Read more on Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Removable_User_Identity_Module

If your carrier haven't adopted these, well, sucks to be you.

Vodafone Access Gateway 3G

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Unregistered handsets?

So what happens to the unregistered handset when it comes near the femtocell? Is it not served? Does it mean that if this femto cell is installed in the place with existing macro coverage, unregistered handsets are actually worse off, because the femto will wipe out the weak signal from the macro cell and the handset will be left cold in the waters?

iPhone to get 3G in May 2008

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Unlimited GPRS? That's like BMW flogging adidas boots with an unlimited walking package...